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    Let’s review: Trump signed the Omnibus Bill, which he did NOT want to do. It had funding for Planned Parenthood but it also had $755B for the military. He stated he would NOT do this again. The Democrats had promised that if he’d sign the Omnibus Bill now, they would give him the Wall funding by Dec. Now comes Dec, Trump wants the funding, the Democrats basically said, F*ck You! This is the root cause of the stalemate and I do not blame President Trump one tiny bit! The Left are LIARS and I would no more “open the govt now and we’ll talk about it” than I’d trust a drug addict in a drug store over night. Trump2020
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    Thanks for the input; I have been reading the Constitution and am reading it again. My memory and understanding is not what it used to be. I have contacted Judicial Watch and as requested, sat in a couple of courts while they were in session. At first, I did not understand it when the Judge stated that the Constitution did not have any authority in his court. I took some time and studied the problem. When I walked into the Courthouse, I noticed that the Flag was on the pole. Yes. I was in the US of A. In the court room, the flag was to the right of the Judge's chair where it was supposed to be, to the Right of itself. It had a gold fringe around the flag. OK. So what? I found that there are three flags of authority for the US. The first flag was authorized by President George Washington in 1791. "The Civil Flag of Freedom." The Stars are blue, the field is white, and the red and white stripes, all 13 of them, are up and down, not sideways. This flag, before the time of FDR, was flown on Custom houses, and the Coast Guard Ships and Buildings. We were not at WAR. I made the attempt to get one of the Civil Flags. Sat in front of the Computer, went on line, and looked.. I found one, made in Germany. The second flag we all know and see on flag poles in front of government buildings. It is named, "The Military Flag of Freedom." The third flag, I have been informed by a friend who is a Doctor of Jurisprudence, said that the Military Flag with the Gold Fringe is not an American Flag. It is a flag indicating Admiralty Law. The Law of the Sea. Water. ( The Statue o f Liberty in in the harbor of New York. Right?) He also said that the Government does not want to call its attention to Admiralty Law. So they call it the UCC. The Uniform Commercial Code, indicating that the US is a Corporation. FDR, in 1933, filed Bankruptcy. Yeah, the US Corporation is Bankrupt. Our Courts are Bankrupt. Does that mean that the President does not need to call for a State of Emergency? We have been in a State of Emergency since 1933? Ever since I studied this material, I have wondered when, if, we would get our Constitution back? Our Freedom Back? I do not call it Liberty. A Sailor get Liberty from his ship. However, he must return to his ship. He is not Free. There has been some Conservative people on the Boob Tube that have said we will not, as conservatives, win another election. The Socialists have taken over. In the last election, they have the state of Nevada. Californians have moved into the state of Nevada. I did not mean to be this windy. Lowell from Dayton, Nevada.
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    Things I see, hear and contemplate: Until Mid 2018 I had a family member in Military Intelligence. Yeah! I hear things. I also listen to others and read a lot. Some of it I think about and some of it is pure stuff emitted from the South end of a North bound Bull. Why do I hear that we have been invaded? Are being invaded. Not by just the so called Caravans. I see videos of train loads of white UN Vehicles being taken where ever they are being taken within the US. I hear fellow shooters say they were in Mexico and saw hundreds of Tanks with red stares painted on them close to the US/Mexico Border. I hear of the Mexican gangs, the MS13, whatever they are called, are in our US Cities. Some have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border and ordered released. Groups of Chinese have been apprehended crossing the US/Mexican Border. UN Peace Keepers are living in the US. They do not seem to care that we know they are here. A good number of the Military, with equipment, are being deployed at the US/Mexican Border. I do not think they are there for the so called Caravans. Muslims? There are compounds of Blacks, turned into Muslims, here in the US. The FBI know where and how many. The Middle Eastern kind are hare too. The US does not really have a Southern Border. I know what the Constitution means concerning the Militia. Being a person who has documented twenty-two men who fought in the American Revolution, in direct decent. has some idea what our Founding Fathers meant when they included the Militia, the people, in the Constitution. I know that today, the homeland government thugs are doing what the Constitution says is the duty of the militia. What say you? Lowell from Dayton, Nevada.
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    Good Morning , i am currently located in Las Vegas with intentions on moving to WV in the coming months. While I am here in Nevada I would like to be apart of this extraordinary movement to protect our Country and our President. I am not a veteran , never been in the military, but most of the people I associate with are military, so I know about loyalty, commitment, dedication and most of all honor. I have Fire Arm , Survival and First Aid training, I am proficient with most fire arms. I am not a wanna be warrior. I am not looking for a fight but I am willing to take on the responsibility to protect my family my friends my Country and my President.
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    Hell yes! Female VA State Senator Open Carries On House Floor — Calls Gun Her ‘ERA’ https://amp.dailycaller.com/2019/01/17/amanda-chase-virginia-open-carry-era
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    Right on, fight fire with fire... President Trump doesn't back down, doesn't take any shit. Awesome!
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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My President! Hey @SpeakerPelosi TWO CAN PLAY YOUR GAME! You set the rules! 🇺🇸🇺🇸👌 Sleep in the bed YOU MADE! #MAGA2020
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    Reducing your visual signature is an important part of stealth operations and activities. This is important day or night, regardless of the technical capabilities of your opponent or the eyesight of your prey. Understanding the different camo patterns ensures tactical and sporting needs are met. RELATED STORY Fibrotex Wins US Army’s $480 Million Next-Gen Camo Netting Contract Visual signature might include several factors, such as shape, color, texture, pattern, reflection, outline or the orientation of each. Weapons present visual signatures with similar factors, plus the flash and smoke from firing and dust or debris blasted from near the muzzle as the gun is fired. An adversary can use each as a target indicator, or your prey might recognize them as a threat. The human outline is distinct in the animal world. A two-legged predator in a landscape populated by four-legged creatures is recognized as an immediate threat to all but apex four-legged predators. Using camouflage to break up the human outline and blend in with the terrain and vegetation is a technique as old as the concept of predator and prey. Camo Evolution From covering ourselves with animal hides and rubbing soot or dirt on exposed skin, we’ve elevated personal camouflage to an assortment of clothing, gear, paint, tape, webbing, netting and every other imaginable material available in dozens of camo patterns. Also, you can instantly apply camo face paint in multiple colors and remove it almost as quickly. This multitude of options means you can select camo tailored precisely to the environment of your next mission and the conditions at the moment you embark. By studying the natural world and reviewing battlefield successes and failures, we’ve learned to become almost invisible. The past few decades of camouflage development and refinement have brought some challenges, too. The increasing prevalence of image-intensifying NODs has forced militaries to understand the requirements of camouflage in daylight as well as low light. Military and sporting camo patterns have similarities but are usually designed with different constraints and requirements. General-issue military camo patterns must be effective in many environments and conditions while presenting a professional appearance and enabling the identification of friendlies. But manufacturers can tailor sporting camo patterns to terrain, vegetation and the season of their intended use. This often leads to sporting camo patterns that look like components of the environments in which they’re designed to work. Camo patterns marketed to Eastern hunters often feature the twigs, leaves, bark and branches of the woodland habitat of whitetail deer. Camo marketed to Western hunters might include images or representations of rocks, sagebrush and coniferous trees of the elk woods or antelope prairies. Goals for Camo Patterns Camouflage is most frequently designed with one or more of three goals: blend, break up or disrupt. Blending patterns mimic the predominant colors or patterns of the environment where they’ll be used most. A classic example is one of my all-time favorite patterns, the original Mossy Oak Bottomland. It blends with the colors and textures of the hardwood forests so common throughout the southeastern United States during the dormant season. Viewed from more than arm’s length, Bottomland takes on an almost monotone look, however. It has two shades of brown, but there’s no real attempt to use contrasting elements to break up the human shape. Bottomland blends with a specific environment during a specific season, and it does so well. Realtree Max-1 is another sporting pattern that attempts to blend in but adds contrasting elements to help break up the human outline. Long marketed as the Western hunter’s camo pattern, Max-1 has somewhat fallen out fashion but remains extremely effective. With multiple mid-tone brown colors overlaid with contrasting depictions of sagebrush and evergreen boughs, Max-1 does a good job of blending, with accurate colorization and an appropriate amount of contrast. Breaking Up Outlines Camo patterns designed to break up the human outline usually have large contrasting blocks of color or patterns. A recent example is the Cipher pattern from First Lite. Cipher uses large, irregular and contrasting areas of colors and shapes to prevent the wearer from appearing like a large monotone blob. This is the downfall of many blend patterns like Bottomland. Cipher works in many environments but uses primarily brown tones to work well in arid regions or wooded areas during the dormant seasons. Because Cipher is a breakup-style pattern, the colors aren’t as important as they would be if the pattern were intended to blend. All Season All Terrain camo, is an older pattern that might not be as fashionable as it once was. Still, it’s effective as ever. ASAT breaks up the human outline and disrupt the ability of game to distinguish individual parts of the wearer. I’ve often explained my affection for ASAT like this: Other camo patterns attempt to look like something, but ASAT attempts to look like the nothing between somethings. Rather than looking like a tree, bush or rock, ASAT attempts to become part of the negative space between. It makes parts of the human form confusing to an animal’s eye. I admit, ASAT is not pretty and doesn’t use high-tech printing techniques to create shadowing. It also lacks photorealistic elements, but it flat-out works. Ready For Battle The standard in modern military and uniform camouflage is the MultiCam pattern from Crye Precision. Although the U.S. Army adopted a slightly older and demonstrably less effective version of MultiCam known as Scorpion (the Army would say it’s a separate pattern) for political and legal reasons, MultiCam is the foundation of the free world’s modern camouflage scheme. Also, Western militaries have adopted MultiCam outright or worked with Crye Precision to create their own slightly unique proprietary variant. Further, Soldiersystems.net covered those domestic and international issues extensively if you’re interested in the controversies and facts. MultiCam is a highly versatile and effective blending pattern that excels in most temperate environments. It is also effective in some semi-arid and arid regions. It’s as effective at night as it is during daylight. MultiCam features mostly mid-tone brown and green colors with light and dark contrasting elements that reduce the “blob” effect. As a result of camo testing throughout the globe and military interest, MultiCam is offered as a family of patterns. Also, specific variants perform in arid, tropical and arctic regions. A black variant creates a distinct and professional appearance for law-enforcement tactical teams. With more choices than ever, it’s easy to find a tactical or sporting camo pattern that works for you. Whether you choose a blending, disruptive or breakup pattern, your concealment will be enhanced tremendously. This article is from the 2019 issue of Stealth magazine. Grab your copy at OutdoorGroupStore.com. The post Understanding the Different Camo Patterns for Tactical and Sporting Uses appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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    They think a massive caravan will overwhelm our borders. Their entry point is California. The new Gov will probably throw open the fencing and welcome them all in!🤬🤬🤬
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    Then: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 and now: WOMEN’S MARCH CHANT: ‘AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!’ — OCASIO-CORTEZ ACCUSES TRUMP OF ANTI-SEMITISM “Five, six, seven, eight, America was never great!” https://www.infowars.com/womens-march-chant-america-was-never-great-ocasio-cortez-accuses-trump-of-anti-semitism/
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    Asylum is for when you are in danger in your country, not because you want a job. Thus just p!sses me off to no end! The MSM is not reporting this so we need to do it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    there not African American bro...its pronounced American...that's all...but I know whatcha mean bro.
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    This is a Twitter thread from Gary Rubini. Excellent analysis 2. Nancy Pelosi - "The First female President of the USA" 3. why Nancy Pelosi was so eager to fly away from the country? with other 92 persons (Dem reps, +families) +a lot of luggage? why on a Military plane? why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane? 4. Nancy wanted to be sure to have "Pelosi allied" Military guys as crew, perhaps? 5. why Pelosi first stop was Bruxelles - NATO headquarters? "the Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leaders" "and key allies" Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany). Rothschild cabal Macron (France), DeepState cabal (UK) EU boozey Juncker 7. "prior to the John F. Kennedy assassination in Nov 1963, the Entire Cabinet was flown to Tokyo, Japan." "at the time of the JFK assassination, the Entire Cabinet was out of the country" -same pattern with Pelosi and Adam Schiff? -preparing a new Nancy Pelosi Cabinet? 8. why Pelosi wanted to fly away at all costs? why Pelosi wanted to fly away with Adam Schiff, plus other 6 Dem congressmen, plus 85 family members? during a Gov't shutdown? isn't it weird? 9. is this a DeepState plot to assassinate Trump and Pence and replace them with Nancy Pelosi as President of the USA ? 10. we know from a trusted source - Dr. Dave Janda - that there have been "a dozen of assassination attempts on President Trump" cc: Dr. Janda @docdhj Aug 2018: 11. be sure to watch ALL the Dave Janda video, before moving on. a Treasure Trove of information. also on John Brennan and DumbyClapper 12. and - as some of you pointed out - we have this: "# PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter" President Pelosi ??? what does it mean? a "message" to co-conspirators? 13. why Trump blocked Pelosi trip at the last minute? 14. why Trump announced an "important speech at the White House" scheduled for today, Jan 19, 2019? 15. why the Presidential Alert System has been running several tests in the last days, all over the Nation? coincidence? 16. Enjoy the show 17. and I want to thank my (confidential) source who has given important tips and inputs this early morning. These inputs helped me to Connect the Dots and were decisive in writing this Thread. Thank you! (you know who you are) 18. remember this: we see ALL we hear ALL we have it ALL so: no worries. President Trump knew about the Pelosi-DeepState coup attempt well before it even began. Keep this in mind. 19. and appropriate counter-measures were immediately put in place by the Trump Team. Think Mil. Intel. Think Marines #USMC President Trump is VERY well protected. 3 layers. not only the Secret Service. 20. there is NOTHING the DeepState can do to harm the President. NOTHING. so, again: you don't need to worry. everything is under control. 21. why do you think Trump wrote this tweet? date: Nov. 17, 2018. 10 days after mid-term Elections. why do you think Trump was "endorsing" Nancy Pelosi? do you think Trump is stupid? Think... . [image] 22. Nope. Trump isn't stupid. how do you catch a Fish? 23. by Nov 17, 2018 the NSA had already intercepted the Pelosi-DeepState plan for the Coup attempt. and promptly informed President Trump. Trump & his Team prepared the bait to catch #Pelosi and her #DeepState co-conspirators. 24. Mil. Intel, NSA, and #USMC were put on alert, since then. every communication to/from #Pelosi & her #DeepState co-conspirators was intercepted by the NSA. We see ALL. We hear ALL NSA >> Mil. Intel >> Trump Team 25. the NSA intercepts every cellphone, phone call, text message, email, internet activity, GoogleDraft, of EVERYONE, all over the World. every word you type on the internet, rest assured the NSA has it, since the very moment you type it. 26. every information is collected and stored in huge NSA Data Centers in Maryland - Ft Meade, and in Utah. and I will not write about the NRO capabilites. the NSA is bigger than the CIA + the FBI put together. take a look at the parking lots at Ft. Meade HQ. 27. if you want to know more about the NSA, you can read James Bamford's excellent book "Body of Secrets" (published in 2001) and do research on NSA Echelon (though the NSA has much better SigInt systems since several years ago) We see ALL We hear ALL We have it ALL 28. Since the very moment the Pelosi/DeepState Coup plan was initiated, Pelosi & Co. were royally scr*wed. the NSA informed the Trump/Mil Intel Team. The Trump Team alerted #USMC Special Ops and had them ready for Action. and the Coup was neutralized. in utmost SECRECY.
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    Your not just seeing things brother, we have many different kinds of invaders, some you would never guess are and their allise make no mistake; are not our friends. We have been effectively captive for 86 years now and they are getting ready for something big but not telling us anything, That usually indicates it's against the people as history proves. If you haven't noticed the push for over reaching laws, dissolving our constitution and criminalizing the belief or practice thereof? They mean to rule us and our people are letting them.
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    X22 Report on YouTube stated Trump is the most protected President in history. He has the Secret Service, his own personal bodyguards and Military Intelligence. He does not rely on the CIA for info but on MI. Yes, the Left are in their death throes and we are seeing it play out. Supposedly BHO & the real HRC are at GITMO now. We may never know The link referenced in this Q drop. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2018/02/11/former_cia_director_john_brennan_investigated_for_perjury.html
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    A shutdown is what we need as it has proven the people should get off their ass and do something for their country, the same goes for the lazy dependent mass who rely on the government to feed and house them, maybe if they are shut down long enough they just might see the need to move out of mommy's house and get a damb job like the rest of us.
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    The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently awarded a five-year, $12 million contract to SIG Sauer for its TANGO6T 1-6×24 Second Focal Plane (SFP) Riflescope. The contract also includes SIG’s ALPHA4 Ultralight Mount. Moreover, the contract states the procurement sends the combo to Special Operations Forces, according to SIG. RELATED STORY FIRST LOOK: The Suppressor-Ready, .300 BLK SIG MCX CaneBrake “The TANGO6T riflescope line combines ruggedized MIL-SPEC810-G mechanical systems and HDX high definition optical design with advanced electronic technologies,” began Andy York, President, SIG SAUER Electro-Optics. “We are firmly committed to supporting the Department of Defense with this riflescope to provide greater adaptability, increased lethality, and enhanced target acquisition for our Special Operations Forces.” SIG Sauer TANGO6T 1-6×24 SFP Features Firstly, the TANG06T utilizes a second focal plane and an anodized aircraft grade aluminum tube in Flat Dark Earth. Also, the riflescope features an M855A1 Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) illuminated reticles. Additionally, the reticle delivers holds for CQB to medium engagements and an ultra-bright red Hellfire fiber optic illumination system. The system provides fast daylight target acquisition, a locking illumination dial, throw lever and a laser-marked scope level indicator. SIG designed the ALPHA4 Ultralight Mount specifically to use with the TANGO6T riflescope. Also, the mount fits standard MIL-STD-1913 rails. Moreover, SIG machines the ALPHA4 from 7075 aluminum and hardocoat anodizes the riflescope. SIG claims the resulting mount is both lightweight and rugged. “We are honored to receive an additional award for our TANGO6T series of riflescopes for use with our elite forces, and be recognized for our commitment to providing equipment that performs and adapts to the most critical mission requirements,” added Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc. “We are also very proud that we were successful in our first submission for our ALPHA4 Ultralight Mount, and that it was recognized for quality and durability through this award.” The five-year, indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity, firm-fixed-price contract runs through July 2023. SIG plans to build all units in its Wilsonville, Oregon facility. For more information, visit sigsauer.com. The post SIG Sauer Awarded DoD Contract for TANGO6T 1-6×24 SFP appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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    His 1st point is historically factual but not possible until we get funding for the govt, stop passing Continuing Resolutions to fund govt (military, social security, etc) for short periods of time. His 3rd point isn’t even worth hearing because the foundation is in error. Trump didn’t offer Amnesty, he offered a temporary solution (3 yrs I think) so they’d be able to work and study while Congress did it’s job of passing a new Immigration Law. His 2nd point is right on target! Wish I could record just that section and share the hell out of it!
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    Now this is my kind of woman! She has more cojones than most of the guys in that assembly! 😉
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    Don’t really care for rap but I will support anyone who supports President Trump!
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    Trump postpones Pelosi's trip 'due to shutdown' after she called for State of the Union delay 🤣🤣😝 https://www.yahoo.com/gma/trump-cancels-pelosis-trip-due-shutdown-she-called-194010565.html
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    We are loosing ground ladies and gentlemen, double time, hell I'll settle for single time let's do something!
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    FORT BLISS, Texas – Sgt. Trey Troney credits training he received from his unit’s medics after the soldier saves a man’s life following an accident on Interstate 20 near Sweetwater, Texas, Dec. 22, 2018. RELATED STORY WATCH: Loose Round Triggers Unexpected Discharge for Army Shooter Troney, 20, was on his way home to Raleigh, Mississippi, a small town about 1,085 miles east of Fort Bliss, for Christmas when he saw the accident at about 2 p.m. and pulled over. Seeing Jeff Udger, of Longview, Texas, slumped over the steering wheel of his truck, Troney asked two other men to help him pry open the door. Udger had a bad gash on his head, and Troney took off his brand new “Salute to Service” New Orleans Saints hoodie and wrapped it around Udger’s head to help stop the bleeding. At this point, Udger was still conscious enough to make a joke about it, Troney said. “Well, this is Cowboy country, so I don’t know how I feel about you wrapping me up in a Saints hoodie,” Udger told Troney. Soon after, however, Troney noticed that the left side of Udger’s chest wasn’t moving, and he realized Udger had a collapsed lung. Troney ran back to his Jeep, hoping he still had some first aid supplies left from the brigade’s recent rotation at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. Sure enough, he had a Needle Chest Compression, or NCD, and an Individual First Aid Kit, or IFAK, so he grabbed them and ran back to Udger. Soldier Saves With Ink Pen While his training made the use of the NCD second nature for Troney, he had to think fast after the NCD needle was too small to reach into Udger’s collapsed lung and relieve pressure. Finding a ballpoint pen, he had an idea. He tore off the ends of the pen and took out the ink so it was just a hollow tube. “I took the NCD and put it right in the hole and kind of wiggled (the pen) in with my hand in between the ribs and you just started to see the bubbles come out of the tip, and I was like, ‘OK, we’re good,'” said Troney. The state trooper who had just arrived asked, “Did you just put an ink pen between his ribs?” “I was like, ‘I did,'” Troney said. “And [the state trooper] was like, ‘he’s on no pain meds,’ and I said, ‘oh, he felt it, but he’s unconscious. He lost consciousness as I was running back to my Jeep because he had lost a lot of blood.'” When the ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later, the paramedics credited Troney with saving Udger’s life, and the state trooper bought him food at the truck stop up the road. Still, Troney said he was afraid Udger might try to seek legal action if he had made any mistakes. To the contrary, Udger, as soon as he recovered enough to respond, has been contacting government officials, the media and Troney’s chain of command — all the way up to his brigade commander, Col. Michael Trotter — and telling them how thankful he is for Troney’s actions. A Grateful Patient “In an urgent situation (Troney) showed amazing patience and continuous care,” said Udger in an email. “He kept talking to me and acted as if the situation was no pressure at all.” In a phone interview, Udger said he is glad Troney left behind his email address so he could contact him. He has also offered to replace Troney’s hoodie. Troney said the loss of the hoodie means nothing to him and there is no need to replace it. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, said Udger. Troney, a field artillery cannon crewmember assigned to Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, said the medics made sure Soldiers knew the basics of combat medicine, and often reinforced and extended that training in between Howitzer fires in the field. Also, in El Paso’s 100-degree heat in the field, they would trade coveted DripDrop hydration packets for demonstrated knowledge of combat medicine. “We train over and over; it’s like muscle memory. Not to sound biased, but at 2-3 … they’re some of the best combat medics that I’ve ever met,” said Troney. A soldier practices needle decompression of the chest, during Combat Lifesaver training. CLS is a course designed to teach non-medical personnel lifesaving, time-sensitive skills for use on battlefield trauma. The course mainly focuses on stopping arterial bleeding and clearing blocked airways.Ready & Willing Capt. Angel Alegre, commander, Btry. C, 2nd Bn., 3rd FA Regt., 1st SBCT, 1st AD, said he has worked with Troney for about a year and recently became his battery commander. Knowing Troney, his actions at the accident scene do not surprise him, he said. “Put simply, he is a man of action and excels in times of adversity. It’s what he does best,” Alegre said. “Sgt. Troney is very attentive and places great emphasis on all Army training. To be available when needed as a Combat Lifesaver [Course] qualified [noncommissioned officer], and especially to have the IFAK readily available sitting in his vehicle, many could say is nothing short of a miracle.” Troney has set the example and represented the battery, the battalion and the brigade very well, Alegre said. “I will speak for all when I say we are very proud of one of our own, one of our best and brightest, being ready and able to answer when called upon to help someone in need,” Alegre said. Soldier Saves by Helping Others Troney said he has been in the Army for about three years and the incident taught him how his training can help others outside the Army. “I was in a pair of jogging pants and a T-shirt on the side of a highway and somebody’s life depended on me slightly knowing a little bit [about emergency medical care],” Troney said. “It wasn’t anything crazy [that I knew], but to [Udger], it was his world.” Troney said one of the things Udger told him in an email will always mean a lot to him. “Young man, you will always be my hero. Continue to give back to this world and the people in it. You truly will never know when you will make a life-changing impact to someone.” Troney said he learned from the incident that you never know what a person might need. “You’re just there and you might have what they need,” said Troney. “He needed an ink pen to the ribs. Luckily I had an ink pen.” Story by Wendy Brown, Fort Bliss Garrison Public Affairs. The post Soldier Saves Man With Collapsed Lung Using Ink Pen appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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