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    My days of running around in the woods with my rifle are over, I have just too many injuries to be of any use to a group of war-fighters. However, my brain is still working and I do have some experience with militias and other volunteer groups. It has been my experience that volunteer groups (of all types) tend to be chaotic things, with people coming and going and infighting and egos getting bruised and all that. It really is a big problem, and I have spent many hours over many years trying to figure out a way to make a militia, or any volunteer group really, actually come together and function harmoniously. This is what I have come up with. THE FIRST MISTAKE MILITIAS MAKE The first mistake militias make is emulating the US military. It is perfectly natural that we should do this because how else to form up a group of war-fighters? But the militia is not the US military. I am going to repeat that, the militia is not the US military and the US military has as a part of its culture something that is pure poison to a militia, or any other volunteer group, but I am going to limit these posting to just militias. What is that poison? The poison is the idea that "Rank Has Its Privileges". Once again, the militia is not the military. In the military, rank does has its privileges. When the Colonials were forming the Continental Army, they did what a lot of today’s militias are doing, they copy the military of the home country. Have you ever thought why an army of a country that believes that all men are equal would allow certain members to have extra privileges? For the Colonials, their home country was Britain. In the British Army, at least back then, rank had it privileges because only those with privileges could have rank. The British Army sold officer commissions and only the rich aristocrats could afford them, and they were already privileged when they join and they kept that privilege after they joined. The American Army copied them and so rank still has its privileges. The U.S. Military can enforce the privileges because they have legal authority over its members. As a militia leader you only have conditional authority over the people that follow you. Think of it this way, there is a recruit going through basic training, let’s say he is in the Marine Corps at Parris Island and a drill instructor orders him to dig a hole and he says, and “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” I think we can agree that this recruit is going to have a really bad day. He can be punished because the Drill Instructor has the legal authority to do so, it comes from the Constitution through the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff all the way down to the Drill Instructor. Now, let’s say you are in charge of training militia recruits and I am a recruit and you tell me to dig a hole and I say, “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” What happens next? The answer is that I go home and you dig the hole. You have no legal recourse to stop me from leaving. Your authority is conditional, you only have it on the condition that I am willing to obey you. I have seen people get positions of rank or leadership roles time and again, and the position goes to their head and it poisons the group because they are more concerned about being important than in doing important work.In a volunteer group, when someone starts to think they are more important than the rest of the people, you are going to end up with a lot of people pissed off. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? The solution is to change RHIP to RHIR. Rank Has Its Responsibilities. The only proper way to keep the poison out is to understand that leadership in a militia is just another job that needs to be done. As volunteers, with no legal authority, all a militia can be is a group of people coming together for a common cause and no one is more important than anyone else. Yes, you do need officers and sergeants, because you need people who are looking at a bigger picture than someone who is on the front line that has a limited view of what is going on, but you are nothing special if you hold rank and you are NOT more important than anyone else. Besides not being more important than anyone else, a leader has to work harder than other people. A corporal will work harder than a private, a sergeant will work harder than a corporal, and lieutenant will work harder than a sergeant, and so forth. In a militia Rank Has Its Responsibilities. Everyone who joins a militia should ask this question when they elect their leaders of any rank. That question is, “Does this person work harder than everyone else?” If the answer is no, then don’t elect them to that position. Think of it like this. Let us say that I am your commander and you are my second in command and I tell you we need a hole dug here, but you tell me that all the militia members are busy getting important training. There are two responses I could give. First, I could say, “I don’t care what they are doing, get someone over here to dig this hole.” Or I could say, “I guess we need to find ourselves a couple of shovels to get this hole dug.” Which type of response is the most likely to inspire people to follow me? Which type of leader would you most like to follow? THE SECOND MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE IS NOT UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF THE MILITIA. For a volunteer group, that has no legal authority to command, every leader will have to convince their people to do what they ask. This will require leaders to explain what they want and why the want it what happens if they win and what happens if they fail. This is not a weakness. In fact, it is a great strength. Of course, the people you send to do a mission must be competent, but assuming they are, knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of their mission combined with the freedom to find solutions that work at that time and place gives you flexibility that will allow you to exploit opportunities when they come along. The second point I need to mention is that the militia is by default, an ultra-light infantry. I've heard the militia called "light infantry" or "Light Foot", but Militia’s do not possess rockets, grenades, grenade launchers, machine guns, light mortars, etc, etc. that every light infantry unit in the world has, and therefore is an Ultra-light infantry. The US military primarily relies on firepower, mainly because no one can match it that arena, so that makes sense, but an ultra-light infantry will have to use different doctrines, strategies, and tactics than even a US military light infantry battalion, although there is always overlap. This lack of firepower necessitates the use of more stealth tactics and demands a high level of expertise from you members. Third, we also have to recognize that the US military is a strategically offensive institution. It is designed to attack anywhere in the world, and has the equipment and logistics to take the fight to the enemy. The militia is a strategically defensive institution when it comes to war-fighting. War has to come into its sphere of influence. It stays in place to guard and to react to aggression. Don’t confuse being strategically defensive with being tactically defensive, as it may very well be the case that a militia unit may initiate a tactical fight if local circumstances dictate it. Now, this strategic defensiveness only applies to violence, we should be strategically offensive in every other area, such as politics. The fourth point to note about the nature of the militia is in the realm of Politics, which are forbidden for the US military to be involved in, should be a natural and important part of the militia’s doctrine to fight the evil of the socialists. We should work to take control of the government and the courts, using legal means and only legal means, to stop the infection of socialism in the halls of power and in court rooms. If a large number of militia people can be gathered together and organized on a state level, let us say 5000 people (not all of them have to be under arms), that would make a very potent ground team to put behind a campaign for a militia approved candidate. It could go a long way into compensating for a socialist candidate that has the backing of globalist billionaires I I am going to continue this essay in another post so as to keep them reasonably long. ReplyForward ReplyForward
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    Why Militias aren't a viable option

    Not entirely accurate. the militia necessarily exists to ensure the security of a free state, intended as a check against tyranny and other threats to freedom. Which is why the restrictive clause in the second amendment reads the way it does. Tons have been written analyzing the military's ability to enforce any kind fo martial law or police state among the entire nation. Bottom line: It's not logistically possible. MOF we could divert every military and law enforcement resource we have at the moment and we wouldn't have the ability to secure our own border and shores. Throw a conservative estimate of 10+ million armed Americans into the mix and it's game over. I can't speak for others but we aren't spending out time playing keyboard commando. We are exercising our deck in as many ways as possible short of proactive violent action, and it's nowhere near the time for that.
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    We all feel like we should be "doing something". The problem is that we can't just "do something" about what we see going on in places other than our own back yards, and even people in those places that are suffering the worst of it can't just take it upon themselves to mete out justice or fight back just for the sake of fighting. We all feel kinda stuck, in that regard. Well, there are three things you CAN an SHOULD be doing right now. First, you should be practicing great personal skill; get your physical conditioning program underway or ramped up, get your emotions in check, get your situational awareness tuned to it's highest, and get your mind in the right place. Three months isn't a long time to get ready for the events to come. Second, you should be training. Train all the things I've just mentioned on an every day basis, but also practice proficiency with your weapons (even if you're only shooting a BB gun in the back yard--that's better than watching television), and when possible, get together with the folks you'll be on the line with and train coordination, communication, and tactics. But the third part you should be doing--and you can do this everywhere, but most especially if you're at or near an "event" (what does the media call it these days? Oh yeah--a "peaceful protest") you can be especially effective--and that is gathering intelligence. You don't have to be a "spy" to be an absolute source of vital, valuable intel...everyone can, and everyone in your unit should be taking in as much information as possible and passing it along to be analyzed. The Intelligence team of the Civilian Defense Force (https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org) can do some pretty amazing things with even the most basic information. What do I mean by "basic information"? Well, another of the amazing things they've done is put together this "quick-tips" guide; it's must-read stuff for your entire organization: https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org/wp-content/uploads/asgarosforum/3/IntelCollectionQuickTips.pdf Follow this guide as (at the very least) a start on what everyone out and about should be doing if they're near any of the threats or potential threats. Even if it really is a "peaceful demonstration", there's no reason not to be getting information on the major players and participants. They could be the very same people calling the shots tomorrow, when shots are actually fired. Once you have information, what do you do with it? First, share it with any relevant parties in your group. Local intelligence in particular should always be shared with local analysts. But we would also very much appreciate if you'd share your observations, photos, etc. with our intelligence analysis team. The info will be stored in our database, analyzed, and will help to create action plans later should we encounter those you've observed. We've made submitting intel easy; just click on this link and fill out the form. Attach any photos, videos, or documents (max size 8mb), and click the submit button. We'll do the rest. https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org/intelligence-submission-form/ While you're on the site, registering is easy. Click on the register buttons you see on the various pages, and get signed up. You'll be able to see more of the site, and if you decide later to join one of our Units, you'll already be in our database to be moved to the Unit Member role. Always practice your observation skills; always utilize them when you're in a situation when gathering intel could be useful. And gathering intel is always useful! But don't keep it to yourself; get it to us (and anyone else it might serve) so we can database it and refer to it in the future. Thanks!
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    Should we declare war on Antifa

    Anon Cyb, What does "declaring war" even look like? Publish: "Hey, this is Anon Cyb, and I declare war on all Antifa"?!?! "Come on down to League City, and we'll duke it out"?!?! All "declaring war" does is make you a target. And it accomplishes nothing positive. Some people on this site took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution against ALL enemies, and here you are, talking about violating peoples constitutional rights, by kidnapping?, using violence because of guilt by association? There is no honor in that. There is no victory in that. Make no mistake... I despise the current message of "Antifa", but as long as they locally cause no violence, I will defend their rights to protest, and air their grievances. Once they escalate into violence, it is still the domain of existing law enforcement, and the elected governments. Ultimately, I see your post as agent provocateur. Another anonymous cyber warrior, behind a keyboard in the Houston suburbs, trying to provoke others into violence on your behalf. I hope we don't see a headline of " Legion City man arrested on charges of kidnapping" or worse, because it will do no favors to the rest of us. From a leadership and intelligence perspective, how will an open "declaration of war" accomplish anything positive. To everyone else reading this... here is the lesson: Emotionally jumping in to "action" with out regard to the conditions or endstate will make you in to the very monster you are trying to oppose.
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    Should we declare war on Antifa

    Declaring war? Hard to declare war on someone you can't find and that has no base of operations. Kinda like the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on Isis? All failures. Anon Cyb, take a breath and look at the situation. The Antifa and BLM folks are doing what they do on national television and NOT being prosecuted. There are bigger pieces at play here, and so far none of us has been foolish enough to jump in. If we attack them, rest assured we will be the ones arrested. Better to make plans for area denial and shut them down. A box of roman candles fired horizontally, some liquid cow shit sprayed on them, blend in among the ranks and start the rumor that they are in the wrong place. There are many ways to fight them on their terms using their weapons. Start a shooting war and I'll guarantee that you'll be taken down and irreparable damage will be done to the militia cause. Spray 'em down with a fertilizer truck and you'll get Youtube hits and the public will laugh around the water cooler the next day. The real way to defeat them is to make them look like idiots to their peers.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Should we declare war on Antifa

    As I would say about the people you are clearly trying to help (namely the ANTIFA and BLM factions), you're entitled to your opinion no matter how misguided it may be. But nobody I know would follow you. You're exactly the kind of person who gives the Militia a bad name, and you'll do something foolish that will turn the bad guys into the good guys and the good guys into the bad guys. I wash my hands of you, and anyone who would even think of involving themselves with you. We "old timers" have an advantage over you; we're grown ups. We've put away childish things. Childish thoughts and behaviors, too.
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    If you think this is the SHTF, then you have never witnessed firsthand what total chaos and destruction actually looks like. What you see going on now is nothing more than a training exercise for domestic terrorists. Everything that they have done has been handled by the local and federal authorities in that specific area. You say we are doing nothing but tapping away on our keyboards when in reality there are thousands of patriots planning and training in the event that all hell breaks loose. No one believes that our military will fail however they could be involved in larger conflicts and it will be left up to the militias to be the last line of defense to protect this country. Maybe you need to put your keyboard down and start networking and training with patriots in your area and you will see just how necessary and committed these people are.
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    MILITIA AS A STRATEGIC FORCE (Pt 1) One of the weaknesses of newly formed militias is that concentrate on the tactical and pay no attention to strategy, but tactics are supposed to support the operations plan, and the operational plan is supposed to support the grand strategy. Since our current crisis involve a socialist insurrection, I am going to concentrate primarily on strategies for that mission. (Remember, an effective militia has four missions. 1. External Threats 2. Internal Threats 3. Disaster Relief 4. Political Influence. These missions will overlap, so don’t get too hung up about keeping them separate because each mission supports our ultimate goal.) One of the most common questions I see asked is “where do I get training” and most of the advice given seems to be on the tactical level, i.e. buy this rifle, you will need a canteen and two pairs of socks, etc. People want to know how to breach a door and clear a building, but they don’t think about asking the question as to why a building should be breached and cleared instead of being bypassed. We in the Western World are children of the Greeks. We love to separate and classify things into separate categories. It has served us well in the realm of science and technology. In the East, their philosophies see things as part of a whole. In the US, our military is politically neutral and is kept separate from politics and we consider war and politics to be separate things, in the East they are considered the same thing, means to power. We can see this strategic thinking being played out by China’s rise to prominence in the last few decades. China wants power, it wants power without bloodshed if possible, but it has shown it is willing to shed oceans of blood to get if that is the most expedient means to power. It seeks power by building up its military, by economics, by cultural (social) propaganda, by buying and peddling influence is various countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. It uses industrial espionage to steel manufacturing secrets and intellectual properties. Their army is not the national army, it the army of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP wants to control the world, and they are making a solid effort in that direction. This type of aggression, by that I mean one that uses every means possible, is typically called 4th Generation Warfare. We saw the successful communist effort at this type of warfare when the communists took over South Vietnam (although technically this was 3rd Generation warfare, 4th Generation Warfare is very much an evolution of 3rd Gen. Warfare.) 4th Generation Warfare is extremely useful to smaller and weaker groups, such as the North Vietnamese in the Indochina War with France and the Vietnam War with America. 4th Generation Warfare allows militarily weaker forces avenues of opportunity in which to be on the offensive. It should be obvious that a militia must use 4th Generation Warfare to succeed. The purpose of having a strategy is to have a plan that obtains some philosophical goal. For us, our philosophy is that human beings have Natural Rights that are not dependent on any government but are, in fact, endowed by nature and Nature’s Creator and they include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We feel the best articulation and protection of those rights are encapsulated in the Constitution of the United States of America. Our ultimate strategic goal is the continuation and/or the restoration of our Natural Rights as they were articulated by our Founding Fathers by securing our Republic and the Constitution which enumerates our rights and protects those rights. We do this by limiting government overreach, repelling foreign invasions, and suppressing socialist insurrections. How do we achieve our ultimate strategic goal that will continue our philosophy? We have sub-goals that support and lead to the attainment of the ultimate goal. The most important of the sub-goals is the attainment of political and social power. This may surprise, and perhaps dismay, people who want to learn war-fighting skills, but you can quickly discern that having political power is a great and necessary asset, especially when dealing with internal threats to our Rights. Social power is the ability to shape public opinion, and that is no small thing either. Having political power goes a long way in obtaining our philosophical goals without resorting to armed conflict, which is always a win. The North Vietnamese Communists did not win the Vietnam War by military means; it won the war with politics, propaganda, and by mobilizing its sympathizers in the US to turn public opinion against the war. A militia would gain political power in two main ways. First, they would act as volunteers, whether formally or informally, to campaign for people running for public office. In political circles, this is known as the “ground game”. The Tea Party in 1990s was successful in getting some people elected, notably Paul Ryan, who unfortunately turned out to be a snake. However, the point is that grass roots movements can make a politician’s career and they can end a politician’s career. A militia should seek enough power to “make or break” such politicians. The second way a militia can gain political influence is through money and lobbying. To truly be effective in this manner, the militia would need a large reserve of cash, which is only possible if it becomes a permanent institution that can collect revenue to engage in political lobbying. Fortunately, our ideals already line up with already existing institutions like the Tea Party and the Gun Owners of America. Expediency would seem to demand that we partner with them since they are the experts in these fields of endeavor. Social Power is obtained through interactions with society in that such interactions help build positive relationships with the local population. This is absolutely essential for a militia, since it must operate as a guerilla force and local population support is an absolute necessity for such a force to survive. But having Social Power also means being able to influence society to make it stronger, which is a necessity because our society has been under attack since the 1960s and a lot of our national ills come from having a weak society. As I write these words I cannot help but think of how the Socialists through, their feminist and welfare advocating elements, and using their mass media have done such tremendous damage to the traditional family. The results are obvious to see in urban areas where fatherless children end up in gangs and in prisons at a rate far higher than children from solid nuclear families. The destruction of the nuclear family makes it much easier for the Socialists to manipulate the lost children and their welfare dependent unwed mothers, giving them an unprecedented amount of political and social power. They have been successful in destroying once great institutions such as the Boy Scouts. If the militia could be formed on a permanent basis, replacing the Boy Scouts with a militia controlled group for the development of young people (ethical indoctrination) would be a worthwhile endeavor. Anything, really, that helps defeat the liberal indoctrination children receive in public schools would be a good thing. Depending on the source, it is considered an absolute that a government cannot survive is somewhere between 25 – 33% of its population is actively against it. Therefore, we should be working to get at least 1/3 of the population either actively or passively supporting the militia. Obviously, more would be better. The idea of replacing the Boy Scouts with a militia controlled group is just one example of influencing society to create a culture that strong, vibrant, and which demands its Natural Rights be respected. Economically, the militia would promote the businesses of patriotic Americans while boycotting and, if legally possible, degrading the businesses of those who support socialism. Social media is a great avenue for promoting ideas in a social context. Disaster relief is an excellent way to ingratiate your militia into society as are acts of goodwill and charity. In fact, anything and everything that strengthens and promotes our militia and our ideals while weakening our enemies is on the table. Indeed, a militia should always be active, it should be engaged in at least one of its four missions AT ALL TIMES, chipping and hammering away at our enemies. Since I mention it in the previous paragraph, it is perhaps time to address a strategic idea that must be engaged in from the very beginning. YOU MUST NOT BREAK THE LAW. Acting as criminals will alienate you from the very society your militia needs to survive. Normal people do not like criminals. Breaking the law gives the enemy propaganda to use against you. Whatever benefits you might think a homemade explosive or a gun illegally converted to be fully automatic will give you; those benefits aren’t worth spending ten to fifteen years in a federal prison. In fact, getting locked into a cage is the worst thing that can happen to you, to your family, and to your group. Keep your noses clean. Keep them squeaky clean, and concentrate on learning war-fighting skills and building up your group so it can influence society. Remember, military action is only one of our theaters of operation. Use your time out of prison to attack our enemies legally! More to follow….
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    NFAC leader displays his DD214

    As humorous as some of the antics have been. This group still needs to be monitored. Never dismiss anyone as not being a threat. Never underestimate an opponent - specifically when they indicate that you are their opponent. This guy might be really good at blowing smoke up folks asses. What they spew on social media and what they actually do in private could be night and day.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Open Forum

    "An animal once thought to be just a myth was accidentally captured today when Anytown resident John Smith left his breakfast laying in his garage. While out in his yard to place political signs, Smith left the garage door open. Much to his surprise the automatic door closed suddenly behind him. When he went to investigate, he couldn't believe what he saw. 'I was just sticking a Trump sign in the ground, and I heard the garage door close. I went and looked through the window, and sumBITCH there was an actual unicorn in there!' The sky blue creature had wandered in, seemingly attracted by the smell of Smith's cinnamon roll, and stepped on the remote for the door which had tumbled out of the car earlier in the day. 'Isn't she beautiful? And she actually poops out rainbow-colored turds that smell like fresh-cut roses! I even took some in for my wife. The neighbors have all been calling, wanting to come see the thing and buy some of the poop!' Smith says he's not sure what to do now. Some have advised just letting the unicorn go, while others have suggested taking it to the zoo. Scientists from the federal government have contacted Smith about the possibility of taking the animal for "deeper observation". 'I'm not sure I want to let them do that. I don't know if I trust them to not do experiments on her and stuff,' Smith said." Here's how CNN will report this story: "A Trump supporter who admittedly 'doesn't trust the government' trapped a unicorn in his garage today. John Smith of 321 Your Street in Anytown, Arizona, an accountant with Amble and Mosey, baited the creature with a cinnamon roll. The unsuspecting horned horse wandered right into the trap, springing it as he did. Smith, who has already stolen some of the magical unicorn poop and plans to sell even more, is also reportedly considering charging his neighbors to come see it, or possibly setting up a zoo, where the unicorn would presumably be the main attraction. Carolyn Busybody, a noted Yale University scientist who wrote a book about unicorns when she was six, has blasted Smith for his actions, saying in part that 'he doesn't even know what gender it is...typical of a poorly-educated MAGA-hat-wearing rube!' Busybody will be one of our expert guests tonight when Anderson Cooper delves deeper into the unicorn kidnapping story." --- We all know this is how they do things, and see things. The problem is that even though we know it, we still play right into their hands. Maybe it's just me, but I've seen some first-class stupidity on these boards over the last couple of days. Some of what's been suggested is criminal, borders on insane, and even where it's not it's just beyond-the-pale abnormal. This is an open forum; anyone can see it, anyone can copy what's written, anyone can paint all of us with whatever brush is left laying around. Please stop leaving asinine brushes laying around! It's pretty simple, really. If what you're about to post sounds insane, it probably is. If it sounds criminal, it probably is. If people have pointed out that it's insane or criminal--our people--it probably is. Just think before you post stuff like that. You're making us all look like idiots. If they can take a unicorn story and twist it, imagine what they can do with some of the crap that's been posted here lately! And I assure you, this crap does not smell like fresh-cut roses... [EndOfRant]
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    Militia Meet and Greet

    Not sure if you are aware but I have started putting certain books in our Library area. Not to many just enough. Don't want too many unfriendlies having to much intel from us. Let them go dig it up in they can figure it out. https://www.mymilitia.com/intel/literature/
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    ROFCB Commander

    The chrome doesn't shine.

    Part of watching the statistics for our Civilian Defense Force website involves seeing what browser people are using to access it. Each visitor leaves that particular "fingerprint" on their interaction. Since many of our visitors come from MyMilitia.com (a fact that is also shown), I have the inside scoop that many of you--far too many--are using Google Chrome as your web browser. Folks, we're a movement that depends on security. "Chrome" and "security" are two words that simply do not belong together in the same sentence. I'm not going to go into the reasons why this browser is better or worse than that one. What I will say is that in terms of security, they don't get much worse than Chrome, and Chrome is so loaded with bloat that it's slow and "ugly" anyway. There really isn't a good reason I can think of to be using it. If you insist on using something built on the Chromium framework (which is what Chrome is built on), Duck Duck Go is now producing a browser that is much better about protecting your information and, because they depend on both Chromium and the Google Search capabilities overall, it could easily be called "Chrome Light". A much better option (and there are a dozen better options out there) would be Firefox, especially paired with either their new VPN service, or their VPN-like extension. The browser is better to begin with, built with privacy and security in mind. It's lighter, too. And when you add one of those two extra services you're even more protected. The VPN is a paid service, but costs less than $5/month, and the browser extension, which is essentially VPN lite, is free. The extension doesn't do a lot; it secures your browser-based traffic and nothing else, and even that has some limitations, but for free it's fine to add it. It doesn't slow your browsing down measurably (neither does the VPN), and both the VPN and the extension are run off of the Mullvad VPN network. Of all the VPNs out there, Mullvad is the one I prefer (even though they're in Sweden, one of the 14-eyes countries). I do NOTHING online without a VPN. Why? Well because, again, my website tells me what your ISP is. Without the protection of a VPN, I could--if I was a malicious actor who sympathizes with, say, ANTIFA--identify down to the service provider who/where you are. That may not seem like much, but again these people are EXPERT at causing problems for people online. Do you really want to make it any easier for them? A VPN is cheap insurance, and it's good anyway; it's nobody's bloody business what I look up, what sites I visit, etc. Not ANTIFA, not my ISP, not the government, not anyone. If I'm into midget amputees wearing scuba gear, that's my business! 🤣 Other browsers that are security-oriented and surely better than Chrome include Brave and Epic. Opera has it's own VPN built in (though it has restrictions, and you should read their terms of service carefully). The only one I would recommend less than Chrome is Microsoft Edge, and even it has done a great deal to improve security, while Chrome continues to go downhill. In short, the Chrome simply doesn't shine. No sense in trying to polish it, either--chrome was blase a long time ago. Get something sleeker, that doesn't sell you out every time you fire up the laptop. Security is everything. Start by securing what you browse the internet with.
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    What's wrong with us

    As many of you may know, I have returned to the Militia Movement after walking away in the late '90s. What I have seen since my return isn't very encouraging. I spent ten years in a NC Militia group that has long since gone away, but I'd like to make some comparisons in the hopes it would help us out today. Training and communication were the big differences. We met the second Saturday every month, it just wasn't even thought about, we just did it. We brought weapons and sent rounds down range. We had mock battles with paintball. We discussed scenarios and tactics while standing around the grill. We communicated by land line or in person as email and cell phones were something not everyone had. If something came up, we called each other or failing that, Joe would go to Bob's house and tell him in person. It never took more than 2 hours to get everyone together. It was expected of us all that if someone called, we went. I left work on more than one occasion when someone thought something may have been up. Uniforms. Apparently, more modern militias think everyone needs a uniform. There are a lot of issues with that. First, we aren't an organized military force, and secondly, under certain interpretations of the Terrorist Act, you may become a domestic terrorist by wearing a uniform in certain places or while engaging in certain activities. Also, you have now made the entire group easily recognizable and maybe a target. And if you need a uniform to recognize the other members of your organization, something is inherently wrong with the organization overall. Ego. The second biggest factor of a failed organization. It seems that now everyone wants to be in charge or have some title. Leadership is needed in a militia, military discipline is not. We are not the military, no matter how much some of the "Supreme Commander and Major Generals" think we are. What we are is a collection of ordinary people with varying skill sets and backgrounds that wish to come together to defend our constitution and way of life. Sure, there are former and current military among us, as well as current and former law enforcement. There are also factory workers, landscapers, waitresses, and painters. In another comparison from long ago, we were a cohesive unit that had each others back and didn't care who did what for a living. We looked up to a man who had a lot of Vietnam experience to teach us things, and looked to the two gunsmiths to help us with weapons. We also looked to other members of the group for their various real world skill sets. Assigning them a military rank would have belittled that experience, because who is to say that Private Jones couldn't save the day with carpentry skills? Private Jones may not feel the need because he is just a private. Private Jones may turn out to be the most bad-ass foaming at the mouth militia machine, but General Dave, who has no military experience other than stocking grocery shelves, made Jones a private because General Dave started the militia and made himself General. Ego and military rank drive more people away from the militia movement than any other factor but fear. I often hear people tell us that they have no military or law enforcement experience, so they just don't feel they would fit in. Assigning military type rank just makes them feel that much worse, especially in a few militias I know of that have many members and over half are officers. All to satisfy an ego. Fear. The number one cause people won't join. Most people aren't afraid of fighting or shooting a weapon. Most are afraid of being on a list. 25 years ago it took months of infiltration, intel gathering, and court orders to ruin someones life. Now a good investigator with a computer can have dirt on someone in a matter of minutes, dirt that would threaten ones job and ability to provide for their family, the second biggest fear. We have had it too good for too long and those who would give that up for the liberty of those we don't know are very few. The fear of losing all one has worked for, losing family, and even incarceration keeps many folks away from the militia movement. One need not look far to hear the bravado talk of fighting or giving ones life, but when the chips fall, most are nowhere to be found. I'll take 10 of the quiet guys to 100 of the mouthy "kill 'em all" types any day. We have to make this known to the average person, because there are thousands of those quiet ones out there who are afraid to join because they don't feel they would fit in. We have to let them know that we'll protect their identity as much as possible. We have to assure them that what we are doing is legal, and that we will not participate in illegal activities. I'll close with this: There are a lot of good folks out there who would stand with us, but first we have to repair our image. If you want ranks and qualification requirements and fancy uniforms, go join the military or the National Guard. If you want to be a leader, don't assign yourself a title but strive to be the person people want to follow. The militia is and has always been the common folk who will pick up arms and defend our country, not as a trained military force but as a force of numbers. The Afghans have kicked Russia's ass, and have kicked our ass. They didn't do it with a bunch of military bravado but rather with everyday people who would pick up an old rifle and put a bullet into someone invading their land without hesitation. When we cultivate that attitude here, everything will fall back into line.
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    "War is sweet to those who have not experienced it." -Erasmus "I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell." -William Tecumseh Sherman "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." -Dwight D. Eisenhower While these quotes recount the horrors of the violence of war, make no mistake, a cold war is already among us. While we should take every reasonable measure to make sure it does not go hot, Should violence come knocking, it should find us home.
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    I think we are in uncharted territory right now. It seems to me that dark forces against America have gathered and are all in on taking our country down. It is a formidable foe, since they have the lying, corrupt main stream media, deep state actors embedded in our governments and probably China financing much of it. My guess is a large majority of active military would be on the side of freedom and America and would not obey any corrupt, Marxist commanders. I can't believe that a majority of the people at the Pentagon are against America's values and for Antifa, China, Democrat communists, BLM and all of those trying to destruct our way of life. Police officers and vets, along with militias, fighting together will hopefully preserve our nation, our economy and our families and friends, if it comes to that, which seems likely. I pray it doesn't, but I think we have to prepare for the worst. This website seems like an excellent way to organize, but we need more numbers and training, intelligence, etc. I am telling like-minded people to join the site.
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    New Feature added

    Would your group be interested in a running chat window in place of the topics for every post?
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    THE ONLY ORGANIZATIONAL MODEL THAT WILL WORK I have been in many different volunteer groups besides being in a militia. Every one of those groups either failed, or never came anywhere near their potential, mainly because of RHIP and egos. If you want to win the battle for our freedoms, there is only one model for a volunteer organization that will actually work because it can be can be used by a group that has only conditional authority. Luckily, it one of the best ways to be organized. What is the Organizational Model? When I said that the militia is not the US Military, that statement is 95% true. Of course there is some overlap, and the only model that will work was in fact first employed in the military. It was America’s first special forces type unit and it was the 2nd Raider Battalion in World War II. This is a legendary group, but at the time it was so different that the Marine Corps hated it and it only came into being because President Roosevelt wanted it to happen. The Marine Corp disbanded them at the first opportunity. The unit was founded by Evans Carlson, a man who studied warfare in China under Mao Tse Tong, and he incorporated a lot of ideas in the structuring of his unit from the communists. I can hear the squeals of outrage now about using communist methods to train a militia dedicated to preserving our freedoms which are inherently anti-communist. Calm down, I am not advocating for communism and neither did Evans Carlson, he adapted the modes of operation to American ideals and used them very successfully to fight the Japanese. The Communists won a lot of insurrections and wars (i.e. Vietnam) and it would be stupid not to learn how they did it. Obviously, communism is one of the greatest evils of all time, but it can be successful in the getting power, as history well proves, even if it must ultimately collapse from the sheer stupidity of its ideology. The value of using their methods, but adapting them our American (Christian) Ideals is that we know our system works in the long term. To reject something that works just because it was used by communists is like losing a battle because you refuse to pick an AK-47 and fight because it was made by communists. What were the Characteristics of the 2nd Raider Battalion adopted that made it both different and so highly effective? Intense focus on physical fitness Tactics based on speed and stealth (Light Infantry tactics) Increase in firepower of squad No tasks was ever assigned to individuals, it was assigned to the entire platoon so that everyone in that platoon literally did everything together. When dealing with civilians, the Raiders were to be fair in their dealings with them and to leave their villages better than when they found them. The idea that each Raider was important and vital to the mission. Everyone was encouraged to present ideas that improved their training. Every enlisted man was told the battle plans and why they were necessary. (This allowed them to act independently since they knew the commander’s intent) Everyone was encouraged to contribute ideas to the battle plan Developing an aggressive (warrior) spirit Decentralizing command (pushing decision making down to lower ranks) Development of individual initiative and the ability to improvise Training in rugged conditions to be able to operate in rugged conditions No special privileges, food, or comfort for officers (Officers were social equals to the enlisted) After battles, the unit was brought together to discuss what happened. People openly discussed mistakes that they had made (humility) and ideas were offered to help limit the same mistakes in the future. Weekly “Gung Ho” sessions where training critiques and “Ethical Indoctrination” took place. These were always conducted by Carlson himself so every Marine knew what he meant and could talk to him directly. The term “Ethical Indoctrination” sounds very foreign and very suspicious to our ears. What it actually means, is that Carlson talked about the war, why it was being fought and what it meant to the future of the world and especially America. They talked about the responsibilities (ethics) of a good American citizen both as a soldier and as a civilian. If there were problems, the enlisted were allowed to air their grievances directly to Carlson. Enlisted personnel could openly disagree with an officer if they believed the officer was wrong. Above all, they talked about “Gung Ho”, that means to “Work together in Harmony” in Chinese. The idea is that each Marine (or in our case militia member) was taught that they were absolutely vital to the success of the unit and that they had (have) a responsibility to their fellow raiders (militia members) to pursue excellence so the unit would be excellent, and an excellent unit was the best guarantee that they would both win the battle and survive it. Does Ethical Indoctrination actually work? Hoo boy, does it. Marine psychological casualties were extremely high on Guadalcanal, but the Raiders on Guadalcanal, who endured the same hardships as other marines, and some might say the endured more, had exactly one psychological casualty. Many attribute this almost miraculous feat to Carlson’s Ethical Indoctrination. How did the communists use these principles to obtain power in so many places when communism is so evil? Simple, they pretended to be the good guys so people will help them. Mao Tse Tung taught his people to read. In the Vietnam War, the communists would help villages out with projects, like cleaning out muck from canals, to get the villagers on their side. But like all things communist, it was a smoke screen and later “free will” offerings were replaced with “mandatory taxes” from those same villages. The reason they pretended to be the good guys was because they needed the support of the local population and they had to play nice until they had the power to demand what they needed. A guerilla unit does need the support of the people, this is an absolute truth, but unlike the communists, we are actual good guys. If we do something nice for our neighbors it is true we are building up the goodwill of the population so they will support us, but we are also doing it because charity for our fellow man is a Christian mandate. For communists, acts of charity were a means to an end, but for us Christian Charity is the end because it builds up the Kingdom of God. Following Evans Carlson’s model for the 2nd Marine Raiders, you militia unit will be made up of men who work together to solve problems. Officers and enlisted ranks are partners in the unit. This will make everyone feel they are valuable part of the group, it will harness the collective creativity of the group, and that creativity will allow the group to be flexible to respond to whatever situation they find themselves in at the moment. Don’t dismiss this as unnecessary, it is a powerful weapon.
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    a bleak intro

    It's about time. What took you so long? I am very glad you are here now, though. Who I am: A believer in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. A researcher. This is a war. An insurgency. This war on the American people did not suddenly erupt; it took decades of careful, meticulous planning with many stages. What we are experiencing now is, in my opinion, the endgame. Or very close to it. It is an insurgency on several fronts and many different levels: the "virus" plandemic and all the unnecessary restrictions. the "BLM" (see "Bellum" wikipedia) "antifa" etc. the spread of misinformation (aka lies) and systematic censorship. the looming SARS-COV2 "vaccination." The final coup d'etat and the end of freedom. The total domination of this country (and the world) by corporate sponsored, power-mad psychopaths. That all this is occurring at the same time is no accident. It's not a coincidence. It was planned this way. We need an intelligent counter-insurgency to take back this country by any means necessary. I defer to those with more experience in this regard. I am here to help in any way I can.
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    The current events of our nation is something all patriots lement. The destruction of our Constitution that has been occurring long before my birth, The Balkanization of our nation and the people within, seeing Americans kill each other in the streets, as well as the voices of the average person being suppressed by those claiming to be systematically oppressed while the people of our union oppress each other, and themselves. Defending yourself under the law is cause to be demonized while rioting and threatening innocent bystanders is held as justice for the downtrodden. Lives lost defending freedom are dragged through the mud while domestic Terrorists killed or physically pushed back on are heralded as martyrs and freedom fighters. This is a gruesome and vindictive cycle that is actively tearing apart every thread of our society which was already on fire. The threats to our nation come from both within our borders and from lands outside of our home soil which would not be able to exist or act without our funding and support. Our political leadership is either in support of the mass assault of our society or at least are unwilling to act in direct opposition of it. The destruction we see in cities like Minneapolis and Seattle, Violence of the ilk of Portland Oregon, and the manipulation of people by both the media and the government is apparent. Bodies lay in our streets ranging from less than 10 years old up to past retirement age is a direct statement to the state of our union. The abhorrent conflict that has turned us all against each other is well underway. As with our last supposed civil war this civil and societal rupture is and indeed has been developing in a way different than any conflict seen in recorded history. Our enemy is a conglomeration of ideas, beliefs, cults and violent mobs spanning the spectrum from useful yet ignorant masses fueled by unipolarized news, to semi-organized violent crowd based cult ideologies, to organized and hostile terror based militant groups such as John Brown Gun clubs, Marxist militias, redneck revolt, and militias that turned their backs on the American people and assist in training the aforementioned groups. This also encompasses politicians working in lock-step with these organizations whether out of fear, Pandering, or financial support. Even with the wide array of goals and ideologies these groups can rapidly and statically organize in the hundreds. They are well funded and supplied. During the Floyd Offensive, which was masked by coast to coast riots in the name of George Floyd; arms, Funding, equipment and goods that could be sold on the streets were looted which further helped with their funding and supply. On our side we have patriotic Americans, Preppers, Individual militiamen. While more ideologically drawn together we are far from unified. Militias in some areas are asking for public donations, Too many people just want to be seen as leaders while not putting in the effort or toil that comes with that position. Personal arguments and flaring overactive egos destroy units whether established or just starting as well as amongst patriots gathering on forums and other digital spheres. This is not to insult our community, Only an urge to push towards unity and maturing our movement to be ready for the future difficulties we will face. How can we hope to protect and preserve our communities or our constitution and liberty that countless patriots paid the utmost cost to honor and uphold. I do not claim to know what we will see in the future. I have only my experiences and observations; as well as a deep love for my American brothers and sisters, our constitution which while in tatters still stands resolute, and pure stubbornness to not turn my back on what I hold dear and what we all rally behind. Until my dying breath this I will defend at all costs and hold the line of Freedom and Liberty. These colors don't run. This flag has NOT fallen or reversed. We assault forward unto Valhalla. No matter what we face, or what form this conflict takes, people across the world and both past and present will hear, heed, respect and join in with the battle cry of Freedom, Liberty, and America.
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    Where I Think America is Headed

    The scamdemic ia sideshow, but it is very real. It was intentional. It's purpose is to rid the world of non-productive people, sick people(like me) and old people who are a burden monetarily on governments. The one world government is here NOW. It is called the Federal Reserve. The FED's created purpose since 1913 is to become the lender and buyer of recourse. The people(the RICH) who comprise and support this institution are now in charge. They tell national managements(beacuse there are no governments) what to do. Trump does not tell J Powell what's going to be, Powell tells Trump. Imagine a million or two or three people no longer on social security, medicare, medicaid or SSD. Multiply this over the planet. Now you are talking real money. The die has been struck, the cards have been played. People have been screaming this long before I became aware of the Tri-Laterial Alliance(later the Tri-Laterial Commission) a loose organization between Germany, Japan and the USA, in 1978. A one world government through the control of ENERGY, FOOD, and MONEY. Well guess what.
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    Are we being lured into Civil War?

    It could very well be plans are already in place but are not being posted on the net. If one is a member that person would have access to the planning and may have been part of it, but posting that type of information on the net would defeat the reason for planning. Planning things in general might be discussed in the open but the details should never be.
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    Rick wells

    Where I Think America is Headed

    I agree with you. I've been telling people for a few years now that they are after total power and control over all of us. Their agenda is one world order and will stop at nothing to achieve it. They want to take our freedoms and make slaves out of everyone. The freedom of speech and the right to choose for ourselves will be gone. They will say what we can have and how much of it. All these snowflake sissys out here yelling and screaming all this hate crap have a rude awakening coming one day. Cause the left is just using them to help achieve their goal, but once they do, these idiots will be silenced and thrown away like used toilet paper.
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    I recently joined. I am a Vietnam Veteran, a patriot and a Republican, right wing conservative. I am 73 years old, and was exposed to Agent Orange in Nam. No longer very mobile, but if l can help in any way......
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    This is all great advice. One more thing--and this shouldn't have to be said these days, but surprisingly it still does--simply DON'T CLICK LINKS IN EMAIL unless you've specifically requested the email in question (signing up for a website that confirms your email address, for instance). The worst of the "new" schemes is called "ransomware". It's a snippet of code that goes into your system and encrypts all of your important files, and then holds them for "ransom" until you pay to receive the encryption key. It's payload is delivered by links in emails. Here's the worst part--the malware scanners and such can find it and eradicate it, but not until it's done the encryption and THERE IS NO GETTING THAT STUFF BACK. Once it's encrypted, it's gone. Ransomware has affected tech giants, savvy computer folks, and grandma alike. If they can be fooled, so can you. JUST DON'T CLICK ON EMAIL LINKS. It's really bad juju.
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    I am 59 years old and pretty well preserved for my age. I have been inspired by my anger and disgust of what is happening and the attacks from the enemy within, especially the crooked, lying Democrat politicians and low-life "journalists." I am also inspired by the love for my country, friends and family. I am a hard working geologist, among other things, and I have been working daily at running my business for 25 years, which is on the brink of collapse due to this outrageous attack on our economy and way of life, by what I am convinced is, a globalist cabal, that is evil in nature, and will do anything to destroy America, which is the last bastion of freedom on planet Earth. This has inspired me to buy a rucksack from the army surplus, fill it with essential gear, and take my weapons and march up and down the dirt road and hills around my house. I have lost thirty pounds and I am carrying a 50 lb load in the TN heat everyday for four miles, sharpening my shooting skills and eating right, and preparing for battle, if need be. I have no military training, but I am a fisherman and hunter, and an expert at reading maps, aerial photos, water wells, etc. I am not afraid to die for my country and I am trying to encourage others to join this site and a local militia. We need to get a lot more people on this website to communicate and organize. I am doing this with others I know and encounter. I encourage everyone else to do the same. We need to increase from 5k people nationwide, as indicated on the map, up to 100k, like, yesterday. Then a million by the end of the month. Contact every vet, police officer, hunter and American patriot that you know, men and women, and let's make this a formidable force. I am sick and tired of seeing leftwing assholes attack our country, our economy, our innocent people and way of life, and stand by and watch it happen. Let's Go!!!
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    Awesome, welcome! You are close to me.
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    Frank Ertl

    Frank E.

    I am a current member of CSM. They are well organized with an established chain of command and, in response to a comment on this site about a militia being no match for our current military forces (that's not who we would be fighting, nor would I want to, as they are us, Americans), We are no match against like forces, not because we aren't as capable, but because we are out gunned and have less resources. BUT, I never looked at joining, because I believed we'd be an equal force to our military, but against groups within our country who would attempt an overthrow, i.e. Anfifa, BLM, Black Militia, or whomever. We are more than equal to these groups and they are who and why I joined to fight. My main problem is that my militia group is 4 hours away and no members live close to me. If one of the aforementioned groups come through my neighborhood, I am alone to face them. Because I live in CA, L.A. County I also don't dare broadcast my intentions and attempt to form even a small group. I came to this site in hopes of locating people in my back yard. That's about it.
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    New here...

    Good evening all. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all my fellow patriots. I may be new to the group but i am not new to the cause! I look forward to getting to know y'all. Have a great evening. God bless the USA
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    Children wearing masks in school

    Home schooling is the way to go. It's really the only way to stick it to the school system by depriving them of the money they get for your child being enrolled in the public school system. I will be keeping my children home, I will not permit them to go to school being forced to wear a mask. I told the school board that my kids won't be attending, and I will not do the job of the teacher unless I am paid the wages of a teacher to do so. I will keep them home and teach them practical skills like how to run the farm. I also told them I refuse to pay taxes unless the school is open and no masks are required. I haven't heard anything back yet, but I expect a knock on the door because of it. I will thoroughly enjoy kicking whoever comes off of my land.
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    No personal attacks on other members please, no reason for that. It's fine to give constructive criticism but be civil about it and direct it to the actual material not the poster.
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    NFAC leader displays his DD214

    I'll agree with you on that. I think the fact they were able to further polarize a small segment,, provide inspiration for other similar groups, and score a few small media victories in their supporters eyes was a success on their part. Their failure (so far) has been the inability to goad people into a fight. And we need to keep it that way, because if they do manage to make that happen it will throw gasoline of the embers and I think we'll all be surprised at how fast they form back up and get serious. Having seen a bit beneath the hood of their organization they lack a lot of the fundamental skills and experience in planning, coordination, and true organization. This is because in reality there no real experienced former senior military leaders in the org. The highest ranking affiliate we have been able to identify so far is a retired aviation maintenance SFC. The poobah had some experienced combat arms vet NCOs that were advising him but his ego ran most of them off. and as far as we know they are floating in the wind or have joined one of the Panther organizations. He's not going to willingly share his authority., that is counter to his character. Bottom line is he's an "I/ME" leader until things go wrong and then it's anyone and everyone else's fault but his. What is all to clear is that whoever picked and is pushing him has zero knowledge of military operations an organizational leadership, as well as how to stage and win a real insurgency. There's money there, but it's dumb money.
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    NFAC leader displays his DD214

    OK "Expert Marksman" in that era (especially in those MOS's) was a joke. And since he worked in an S1 it would be too easy for him to pump up his qual to get more promotion points. Honestly I'm not impressed at all, Given his length of service at last one of those awards, likely the AAM, is a PCS award, and one ARCOM was probably his EO Advisor board award, and the other ARCOM was probably his ETS award. The 2 week PLDC was a joke. And no deployment award (even an AAM) in that era? That is odd. Given the policy in place at that time he would have ETS'd as a Sergeant (E5) because his records do not show BNCOC completion According to that DD214 no wings at all. This is one of the most mediocre DD214s I've ever seen given he did over 6 years of active duty with a deployment (likely to Kuwait because of his BASD). -
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    If anybody here wonders why nobody takes us seriously? It's because of shit like this.
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    In my previous two posts I commented on what not to do when forming a militia, but that begs the question of what should you do and what would an effective militia look like? In the spirit of starting with the big picture, and working from the macro to the micro, I will define its over characteristics and activities. A militia should be permanent. An effective militia will be a permanent social fixture and by being permanent, it can be more effective because it can act as a political influencer, operate during natural disasters, collect and manage resources (lands for training, shooting ranges, supply caches for war and natural disaster, etc.) and it can preserve war-fighting knowledge and skills. An effective militia will have Four Missions. External Threats. Should the US be invaded, the militia will act as resistance group in areas that have been overrun, and it will act as scouts and as a source of intelligence for the US military. Internal Threats. This is our current crisis, our republic is under siege from within from the radical leftists of the Democratic Party. The militia stands as citizen safeguard against the infringement on our Natural Liberties. Natural Disaster. Militias have the benefit of being of already being in place when natural disaster strikes and can deploy immediately. Political Influencer. A well organized group, with lots of support, can effectively influence elections, keeping good politicians in power and preventing or removing bad actors. The militia command must be decentralized and organized on a county or regional level. A centralized command system is vulnerable to take down. Cut off the head and the snake dies. The militia will operate like hornet’s nest. If you strike the nest, you will get stung and stung badly. This is exactly what happened when the Minute Men met the Red Coats in the battle of Lexington and Concord. A militia must operate, like the Constitution, with Christian Ideals. This does not mean that a militia promotes one Christian doctrine or church over another, nor does it mean that non-Christians are not welcomed. It simply means that the militia recognizes that Christian Charity (disaster relief, social efforts) is a necessary component for a strong social group. There is also the Christian recognition of the value of human life (as opposed to socialism where individuals are expendable cogs in a machine that only serves the masters of the party), and the inherent rights and dignities of the individual. (We also need to build up the Kingdom of God, for God will only bless the USA and our efforts if it serves his Kingdom.) If we take all of the above points into account and also recognize that a militia is an Ultra-Light Infantry Unit, it stands to reason then an effective militia would operate much like the Roger’s Rangers did in the French and Indian War. Roger’s Rangers were savvy in wood-lore, fast, aggressive, and stealthy whether they were on the attack or serving as scouts for the main body. During an invasion, the militia would operate much like the British Auxiliary Forces were designed to do during the Second World War. They were “stay behind” groups whose job was to sabotage and disrupt the rear of a German invasion force. In the preservation of our liberties against an internal threat from an oppressive government, the militia would operate as our Founding Father’s intended it to operate, as a citizen army opposing tyranny. With the ability to respond immediately to natural disasters, the militia can intervene much more quickly than a government agency. A good analogy would the militia is like someone who knows first-aid and begins to help an injured person until an ambulance can arrive. In addition, a militia should be so powerful politically and socially, it can affect the outcomes of elections. For far too long, money, especially foreign money has been influencing our elections. Having an organized and socially powerful group can counteract the negative effects on elections by supporting candidates who would do well, but perhaps do not have the backing of socialist billionaires. One of the necessities of an ultra-light infantry, is they have to act as a guerilla army, at least at first, and for a guerilla army to be able to survive, it has to have the support of the people, which means that militia must operate within and gain the support of the locals. One of the best ways to do that is to be a force for good in the community, which also happens to be one of the criteria for being a Christian. A militia must have a strong and capable support system. I’ve separated this point out because militias have poor logistical capabilities, and by poor I mean they don’t have one at all. However, having logistical support is an absolute necessity, but we should recognize that people who join the militia really want to fight and not count beans and bullets. This means the militia needs to recruit non-combatants who are willing to fill the support roles a war-fighting unit desperately needs. Let us look at an example of what I mean. Let’s say we want to field a company of militia, 100 men for 30 days. That’s not a lot of men, nor is it a long time to be in the field. Assuming each man eats 3 meals a day, this company will consume 300 meals a day, or 9000 meals for the entire 30 day deployment. As I write this, a box of 12 MREs cost $132 on Amazon, or $11 per meal. That is enough for 4 men for one day. You would need 750 boxes of MREs to feed our militia company for its 30 day deployment at the cost of $99,000. Even if you could find MREs at 1/10 the cost, it would still cost almost $10,000 to feed the company. Obviously, that is not practical by any stretch of the imagination. Reality dictates that cost of each meal would have to $.10 or less ($900 for 30 days, which is more reasonable). The only way to achieve that is if the militia grows, harvests, and processes its own food. Thus, Victory Gardens will have to be planted, tended, harvested, and then food brought in to be processed into homemade MREs by dehydrating the food or by freeze-drying it and then distributed to cache centers (Churches, for example). This will require an extensive network of gardeners and food processors but they do not have to be combatants. Almost certainly, this support network will be made up of wives and other women who want to participate but don’t want to be combatants. Once processed into food. This type of network would require people to work together as a group. Do not discount how beneficial having people cooperate in our group. This type of activity would be fairly easy to organize in say 1920, but in 2020 we are a lot more isolated and we do not socialize as much. Building stronger communities will only benefit the US, and the more the militia is instrumental in building up communities, the more communities will support the militias. (Politicians and bureaucrats hate the thought of people being self-reliant, because it makes them redundant). The food thus collected can defray the cost of the food over time so it can be used during war or during natural disasters. As it ages and needs to be replaced, it can be given back to the militia members and whatever is left over can be given to less fortunate people in the community, thus building up goodwill toward the militia and at the same time building up the Kingdom of God though charity. It’s a win-win. This example only deals with one single thing a militia needs, but it does illustrate how a militia needs a strong support system to function effectively. The next question to be answered is: How would such a militia be constructed? I will begin to answer this with my next post.
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    dont litter.JPG

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    The Lizard Farmer throws some advice out

    I was going to post this on the blog but frankly I'm looking at migrating away from Wordpress due to their tendency to silence voices that don't align with their lefty ideology. The next 180 days are going to be hell. We still have a lot of people stuck in normalcy bias, distracted by bread and circuses, and worrying about thing s they can't influence. Make no mistake, not only is the soul of our republic at stake but our very culture is as well. Don't go looking for a fight. Let them come to you. Let them march, hoot, holler, destroy their own neighborhoods, etc. That is a no effort on our part campaign working against them that is turning people's hearts and minds our way. If we play their game as the offender we'll lose in both the judicial and court of public opinion. The likelihood of all hell breaking loose right around and after the election is highly probable, and I would venture guaranteed if Trump wins and the Republicans have a field day at the polls. I had a convo with Lind a few days ago about what could possibly be a ''Tet" for the leftists around and immediately after election time. If we play our cards right we can effectively remove the major threat of marxism for a generation or two, much like Tet destroyed the VC as a fighting force. If we don't they could very well win. I suggest right now your individual and group priorities be: 1. Continue to vet and recruit and bring those new folks up to an acceptable level of competency. Train out of sight. Get people squared away, even if you have to pass the plate to do so. And step up the PT. And step up the PT. yeah twice, it's that important. 2. Stay the hell away from the media. Tell reporters politely "No thank you". We're past the point of trying to change the presented perception, and frankly thinking the media will help you do it is akin to pissin in the wind. 3. Ensure all of your people have established a nom de guerre and are using secure internet presences (protonmail, riot/element, etc.). Make darn sure it cannot be traced back to them. 4. Enforce OPSEC ruthlessly. DO NOT discuss anything meaningful on facebook, discord, signal, etc. Work in meatspace. Use social media to highlight the criminal actions of the leftists without comment. We have some incredible taking heads out there. Guys like Braken, Culper, etc. Let them do the analysis and heavy lifting. Don't discount the power of a simple meme. 5. Get your area studies done, not just physical terrain but even moreso human terrain. Keep that human terrain study updated. Terrain walks/rides with your people to identify avenues of approach, choke points, etc is a great thing to do. 6. Stay on top of intelligence, and get away from the conspiracy theories. Those are distractions from the real fight. There might be time later to bitch about vaccines, 5G, chemtrails, lizard people, etc. Now is not the time. Focus on truth and fact driven intelligence verified by credible sources. 7. Work your local and regional comms plans, and not just the primary means. Work every part of your PACE plan. Fix what's broke ASAP. 8. Run dry low vis reaction drills. Things like turnout to time, at your different assembly areas. Run your casevac drill to see how long and what resources it actually takes. 9. Finalize your medical support plan along with your short an long term logistics plans. Think 30-60-90-180 day cycles. 10. If you haven't already it's time to decentralize your supplies, be it in caches, members locations, rental units, whatever. Get all of your eggs out of one basket. 11. Everyone in your group needs to have an established egress plan to a safe harbor. That plan needs to include comms (PACE), alternate routes, safe linkup points, and a final safe harbor location. 12. Make sure your family is squared away. You're no good if you're mind is on them and not the shit sandwich at hand. So who do we have on our side? Us of course. Also City and Metro Cops are tired of being political punching bags. They want payback. Christians aren't ignorant that churches are being destroyed, bibles and crosses burned. Those are just two examples. It's till going to be an asymmetric fight with sides determined by what region your in. Now there's a hard truth we have to deal with: regardless of how this plays out marxists will still control a lot of the metro areas even if everything goes our way and Murphy chooses our side to favor. This is not a short fight. You need to have a plan in place to continue the fight locally. Get the right people on school boards, in city councils, quorum courts, to run for sheriff, etc. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.
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    Convention of States

    I don't think it's worth fighting a civil war over. Let them secede. The leftists will go to them, and most traditionalists will go to what's left of the union. It might be rough for a few years on all sides but honestly if it avoids what will possibly be millions of dead in the worst conflict our nation has ever seen it'll be worth it. Sometimes willing and peaceful balkanization isn't such a bad thing. I'll even help design a flag for them.
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    War is undesirable. Death and economic collapse are hard things to comprehend until you experience them. Only fools and politicians desire war. We need to educate others and store ammo in several caches.
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    Be prepared

    Stay within your realm of influence. Connect with others who have other realms of influence. That is an intentional act. It requires moving your feet. Be at every political party meeting in your county: trust me from experience, your realm of influence and connections will BLOSSOM. You will see the opportunities because they will be painfully obvious. Start an Informations Operations cell in your county. Posting on everything....school....public safety, etc. Take a class on campaign management. It's free.
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    Are we being lured into Civil War?

    Thank you, that makes sense, your version fills the gaps where the mind runs ahead of the fingers, I don't agree with some of it, however that's another matter. I know for a fact people are planning, I have seen posts here of what could be called drafts of a larger plan which other groups could use as a template to form their own plans. As for keyboard warriors they are here and I am proudly one of them, while I can design a hardened communications system just fine, but put me into a battle and you will have another casualty on your hands and that's bad for both of us, me as a worker and you as a leader. Now you may or may not be a leader, doesn't matter, that's just an example where I used you to explain something. This has been discussed a few times in threads here, bottom line is most everyone can be useful to a organization, if leadership knows what they are doing but that is where things can get rough, leadership that cannot delegate or believes everyone needs to be same, that is to say train and test the same way, is really missing the target, a person who is engineering something doesn't need to qualify with physical testing, that person is more than likely to never see whats happening on the front line, however the person who is out on the front needs his or her arse well supported by something that the engineer way back somewhere designed. Though what they will do is quite different, they are all part of the same team and need to be respected for that, a Drill Sergeant yelling at an engineer try harder, what are you a wimp, you cannot do more than 3 pushups, your a pole smoker get your arse out of here, you make me want to puke. Now that may work to temper a warrior, but in reality the organization just lost what may have been an excellent part of the team and that's the result of poor leadership above the DS. Likewise PSYSOP's needs keyboard warriors to capture the minds of those who don't know or understand which side they should be on. I read a story about a poll, which in in my opinion is a PSYSOP, it claimed almost 75% of Americans support BLM, I find that hard to believe, but the unknowing not wanting to associate with a loser, will fall for the poll and side with BLM, resulting in something false to become the truth. Polls only have 2 purposes, provide feedback to drive policy or to drive public opinion, one type of poll asks questions to determine whats happening related to a certain subject so policy can be formed to match, the other type uses questions designed to drive the desired outcome to sway public opinion. And polls can be used by both sides to sway public opinion. Brute force may win a battle and still lose the war and PSYOP's are a major part of winning that war. Used properly, this can be much powerful. Than this. And by the way there is a PSYOP in those photographs.
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    North Carolina Lightfoot Militia is currently looking for patriots. Must be vetted and willing to train. FTX once a month at least. If interested feel free to contact me. Age and experience DOESN'T matter as long as you're willing to work. Or you can go to http://lightfootmilitia.com/unit-locator-map.html
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    Fellow 336 guy here. Good to meet someone in the same area code.
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    Be prepared

    I hope your right, but I unfortunately do not believe we can protect and change this country without violence. The corruption and lies have been going on for far to long and protesting can only do so much in the media eye. People in power will say or do anything in public to save face, but once behind closed doors they do the exact opposite. This whole system is damaged. For example, salaries are staying the same for the citizens, but costs are rising exponentially on goods, services, taxes, etc. I just paid $101 dollars to renew my truck and motorcycle tag for one year. Ten years ago this was only $40, maybe less. There were state fees, license fees, etc. What do these state fees include? To drive my personal vehicle to earn a living and pay taxes to the state and feds? To be abiding by the law to drive on our roads? Seems pretty petty to me. I understand the cost of making the sticker, but is it really $101? The people of this country are getting trampled on every day by our state officials and at the federal level. I unfortunately believe one day and honestly hope the American people say enough is enough and we start fighting back. We have to or in 5 to 10 years it will be scary. We only need a small group of people to get the movement started, but many are scared to and rightfully so. We can lose our jobs if we speak out publicly, etc, but if we don't the result will be a disaster for true Americans.
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    Crossing State Lines

    There is "the militia", and there is "a militia". There is also the organized militia, and unorganized militia. "The militia" is every able bodied person in the U.S., and can be called up by congress, the president, or state government, but ONLY for the purpose of repelling invasion, enforcing the laws of The Union, or suppressing insurrection or rebellion. While the Dick act, (Militia act of 1908) codified the National Guard to fill that role, it never erased the whole body of the U.S.A. as being able to fill that role. (The unorganized militia) The reality is that it is extremely unlikely that the unorganized militia will ever be activated. "A militia" is any "body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers" Any group can be "A militia", Oathkeepers, III%'s, NFAC, Civilian Defense Force , "The happy rainbow unicorn militia" etc... "A Militia" is just a group of citizens who are training and structured in a paramilitary manner. Every militia on this site is "a militia". Just because a group uses the word "constitutional" or "State" gives them no more or less legitimacy than the "happy rainbow unicorn militia" "A militia" is just a collection of citizens, and are thus only constrained by the laws that would constrain individual citizens. It would not be legal for The State of Tennessee to send the Tennessee National Guard into Seattle to oppose "CHAZ/CHOP" unless requested to do so by the State of Washington Government, So in that regard, It is illegal for the "organized militia" to cross state lines without authorization. However the "happy rainbow unicorn militia" can go where ever they want, as U.S. citizens, and as the "unorganized militia" as long as they obey the laws of the state they are in. (some states forbid paramilitary training with intent to overthrow government.) Clear as mud. DasBlinkenlight
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    I do agree we need some kind of action to change this country for the better. I hope it never happens, but unfortunately I don't see this country changing without a shot fired. There is to much money involved and to many corrupt individuals that will lie directly to someones face if it will benefit them. I do disagree about not being lured into chaos. I believe there are people behind the scene enticing a certain group of individuals to instigate a fight to cause other Americans to get fed up and fight back. Whether its China, Sorros, our own government, minority groups, etc I believe there are people causing violence on purpose to cause a war. If my beliefs are accurate we do need to have a plan in place. Not just post things on the internet. Of course we have plenty of ammo and guns, at least I do, and can have a tight grouping at 500 yards, but that doesn't mean we would survive. True Americans need to band together and create an actual war plan just in case. It's not to start a war or it can't be considered a terrorist act, but a plan is better than doing nothing. I would rather die a warrior than live as a slave.
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    When I first heard of the plandemic I told my grown kids that I was not worried about it as much as the economic fallout. They humored me but have recently begun to be worried. I amped up my homestead plan and feel we only have a few more months before things really hit. I guess time will tell
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    Screw the UN, they can just pack up and move to some third world shithole, were someone might actually care what they have to say. By the way maybe they can pay the USA some of the money they owe before they go.

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