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    Pay attention to what is going on in politics right now. Popular Vote bill? Scary. The dumbing down of America has been going on for years, however, it is at peak level right now. Conservative voices are being silenced, every second of every day! We are on the verge of losing this country. Once lost, it is gone forever. Always at the ready is one thing, paying attention to what the heck is going on in your state and the Country is another. They both matter, but we must try to stop this sh*t before it gets too out of control. Do you know how many states have adopted the Popular vote bill? Look it up. We the People need to stay on top of this! Be informed, in more ways than one. Should the SHTF, I will die fighting for the Constitution of the USA, and for the future of my son and my family. This includes your families as well. However, I would like to try and stop it before that happens. I worry that too many people are "armchair patriots". Hopefully I am wrong.
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    Whether many outside of the firearms industry realize it or not, all is not well for many gun companies. Sales are down across many product categories. But nowhere did sales plummet quite like black guns, most specifically the AR-15. RELATED STORY 25 Pieces of AR Gear from the ‘Black Guns’ 2018 Buyer’s Guide On Tuesday, The Tactical Wire ran a story that illustrated just how bad the downturn has become for some companies, as SportCo Holdings filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now Sportco owns Ellett Brothers and United Sporting Companies; these are big distributors that buy and sell and ship much of the product that ends up at our local gun stores. Firearm Industry Woes Continue The story tells a familiar story we’ve heard many times since the Trump election, where many gun companies got caught out in No Man’s Land. “The company cited management’s impression that Hilary Clinton would win the White House in 2016 and it’s subsequent speculation into guns and ammunition into guns and ammunition based on that mistaken presumption as one major factor in their failure. Rather than booming sales and healthy margins, they were caught with inventory no one wanted,” wrote Jim Shepherd. So why is this important to the consumer? Well, this is one example of where companies built a whole bunch of guns, and whether it’s the gun company, the distributor or the dealer, somebody’s not getting paid. In this case, we’re talking tens of millions of dollars. SportCo owes Vista Outdoors (owner of several companies) a whopping $3.2 million. And the list goes on: Ruger ($3.1 million), Magpul ($2 million), Savage Arms ($1.9 million), Bushnell ($1.8 million), Henry ($1.4 million), Smith & Wesson ($1.3 million). This small sample just begins to scratch the surface. Indeed, times remain tough for several firearm industry companies. And while we can’t predict the future, there is no reason to see a seismic shift in buying patterns anytime soon. So add in the summer doldrums of gun sales, and there is a great opportunity for consumers. Current Black Gun Prices While the industry is full of gloom and doom, there are currently tremendous deals to be had on black guns, especially rifles. Brownells currently lists a DPMS Oracle A3, with a 16-inch barrel, for $499. Bushmaster’s QRC Optic Ready 16-inch rifle is also marked down to $499. Meanwhile, Midway USA features stripped Anderson AR-15 lower receivers for $59.99. For rimfire fans, a Savage 64 in .22 LR ranges from $121-$190, a $30-$40 markdown. Or for just $336-$383, Midway offers the awesome little Kel-Tec SUB-2000 in various calibers. Or for just $499, marked all the way down from $649, you can steal the Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm. Ammo is plentiful, accessories are abundant, and black gun prices have never been lower. There has quite literally never been a better time to buy your next, or first, black gun. The post Firearm Industry Woes Keep Black Gun Prices Way Down appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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    Oldman here north central La. 76 but still willing.
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    John Hamilton


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    Family first and country mean everything
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    United Nations is Evil

    United Nations (UN) is a Marxist organization that wants to force a New World Order upon all countries including the USA. Know your enemies, patriots!!! Get the USA out of the UN and seize that UN building in New York City and use it for USA citizen good. Order all UN personnel out of the USA!!! And no more taxpayer BILLIONS of dollars to ever fund the evil UN again!!! If uploaded image is too small to read try this link: Link turned into an image!!!
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    Navy vet, staunch constitutionalist and devout christian here. Ive sat by for the last 8 years and watched this once great nation deteriorate into a cesspool of filth and corruption. I have never been more ashamed to be an american than i am today. I feel like the time for a peaceful and political solution has come and gone. I know many of us had high hopes that president trump would right this sinking ship, but alas he has failed to do so. I believe now is the time for action. For proper planning, organization and strategy. Im interested in connecting with like minded individuals who agree that its time to draw a line in the sand and declare the progressives will gain no further ground. As i see it today, we have exhausted all other means. We have tried the soap box, and the left censors us, we have tried the ballot box. The politicians betray us. Our last hope is the ammo box. Its with a heavy heart that i realize the changes we need will only come from the barrel of a gun. We need to stand and fight before our ability to do so is taken from us like so many of our rights. If need be, i will fire the first shot. I have little to loose, yet we collectively have so much to gain.
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    In Florida there is a Free open Range, being put on our calendar. This Trip for members is to meet up at the Lewis D Whitaker Range in the Oceola National Forest, Lake City Area. . August 3rd around 945-12 for meet and greet, and to have fun, bring guns and ammo if please or stop by and just say hello
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    The Purist

    What are you reading?

    What are you reading?
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    HAPPY FATHERS DAY Everyone, HOOAH 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in.
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    Protecting myself and those I care about is what first interested me about firearms. Given my goal of being more safe in more situations, it'd be ironic—and even stupid—of me to not take gun safety incredibly seriously. Regardless of what led to your involvement with firearms, whether you came from a similar place as me or not, following gun safety rules is a necessity. In this guide, I'll be covering the 4 universal gun safety rule and explaining the importance of each. I'll then go on to add a number of additional rules I've picked up in my life that I think everyone else can benefit from. The 4 Rules of Gun Safety If you've ever been to a gun range, chances are you've seen these rules plastered on the wall somewhere or been required to watch instruction explaining them. The 4 universal rules of gun safety are: Treat all guns as if they are always loaded. Never let the muzzle point at anything that you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot. Be sure of your target and what is behind it. You should ALWAYS follow every single one of these rules, but I want to touch on each individually and explain how these rules can help protect you even if you forget to do another one of them. In the (hopefully) unlikely event you catch yourself breaking one of these rules, be sure to make a mental note of it so you can avoid doing so in the future. 1) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded. Rules like this may seem like common sense. Shockingly, not everyone intuits things like not pointing a gun at themselves or their friends. "Treating all guns as if they are always loaded" is largely intended to ensure you follow the other 3 gun safety rules, no matter the status of the weapon. If you follow our additional rules, you should always know whether your gun is loaded or not. With that being said, people are forgetful and crazy accidents happen; so you should still treat every firearm as if it is loaded, as it actually could be. I'd even argue that many seasoned gun owners can become more careless than newbies about ensuring their guns are cleared after use. 2) Never let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing to destroy. Every year, people shoot themselves or others unintentionally, though thankfully these statistics have steady been trending downward. Aside from "freak accidents" like ricochets (where in all likelihood the shooter probably didn't follow the next two safety rules), this means they probably broke the 2nd rule of gun safety. I don't think I need to go into much explanation on how ANY gun can kill someone shot by it or damage anything it comes into contact with. While you should always also follow Rule 3, you should never assume that you or someone else will keep their finger off the trigger. Even if you/they do, you don't want to be a part of an incredibly unlikely gun malfunction that leads to something or someone unintentionally getting shot. 3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot. By this point you're probably starting to notice how these rules work together, potentially avoiding a disaster if you break another one of them. DO NOT EVER point a gun at something you don't want to destroy, but if you mistakenly do, and your finger is off the trigger, you're less likely to shoot that thing. Trigger discipline, as it's known, is incredibly important to make a habit of. It's incredibly important in recreational shooting and also very important in a high-pressure defensive situation. Just because you draw your firearm for self-defense, does not necessarily mean you want to shoot. Good Trigger Discipline 4) Be sure of your target and what is behind it. This is another rule that applies to recreational shooting and defensive situations. You might have also heard it as "always know your backstop". Even if you're shooting a .22 pistol at an AR500 steel target, you might miss. When shooting recreationally, you should always have a backstop behind your targets to stop any missed shots or shots that penetrate your targets. If you're shooting at a private or public shooting range and follow rule 3, you should be safe. Outdoor Gun Range With Good Backstop In self-defense situations, this rule can be more difficult to assess and follow on the fly. It's important to identify your target, be sure that you want to take a shot, and know what lies behind your target. Even if you hit your target, an over-penetrating bullet may hit something you don't intend to shoot. Always ensure there are no innocent bystanders behind (or infront) of your target. More Gun Safety Rules You Should Follow While the above rules should keep you safe the vast majority of the time, there's some other rules I follow that can keep everyone even more safe. Some of these might feel a bit obvious or even redundant, but I believe they're all important to know and follow. The last thing to note is these aren't necessarily in any particular order of importance, so read and follow all of them! 5) Don't handle firearms when depressed or angry. This rule is a very serious one I don't often see listed on firearm safety guides. Those feeling angry or depressed are more likely to commit suicide and homicide. While the huge majority of legal firearm owners will never do either of these things and I don't think it's an excuse to take away our 2A rights, I still think this issue is important to talk about. LEGAL firearm owners are far more at risk for committing suicide than homicide, as many homicides are carried out by those illegally owning firearms. Regardless of whether guns are owned legally or not, gun suicide victims have outnumbered gun homicide victims in most years since 1968. If you're in a bad mental state, you should seek help and make firearms inaccessible to yourself. 6) "Clear" a firearm anytime you touch one. As soon as you pick up a firearm, without the immediate intention to shoot it, the first thing you should do is ensure that it's empty. For semi-automatic firearms, release the magazine, then inspect the chamber to ensure that it's empty. You should also always do this before leaving the range or putting away your firearm. At this point, it's become instinctual for me to do this 99% of the time as soon as I touch a firearm. Despite this being a great rule to follow, you should still treat all firearms as if they were loaded even if they've been cleared. 7) Don't rely on your gun's safety. Just as you should still treat all guns as if they are loaded even after clearing them, the use of a gun's safety is no excuse to disregard the other rules on this list. Even with your gun's fire controls in the "safe" position, malfunctions can still take place. If we're being honest with ourselves, we've also all forgotten to flip to "Safe" on more than one occasion. This of course does not mean that you shouldn't use your gun's safety, just that it shouldn't be the only thing preventing a firearm related accident. 😎 Be sure that your barrel is clear of any obstructions before use. First, be sure that your firearm is empty by removing the magazine and inspecting the chamber. I mostly shoot pistols and AR-style rifles, so here's my procedure before using those: Pistols Quickly field strip your pistol to the point you can remove your barrel, then ensure there are no obstructions. AR-Style Rifles Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver. Remove your charging handle and bolt carrier group. Ensure there are no obstructions. No matter what style firearm you are using, never look down the barrel from where the bullet exits, especially if it is attached to the rest of your firearm. For other firearm platforms, research how to safely check your barrel. 9) Always wear ear and eye protection. Always wear shooting glasses and ear protection when using or being around firearms. Nearly all firearms can cause permanent hearing damage when not using proper hearing protection. Shooting glasses can protect you from shrapnel and hot ejected casings. If you're shooting at a public or privately owned range (that you pay to use), they usually do and should require you to put these on before entering the area where firearms are being shot. 10) Know your firearm. I'm very much not a fan of people buying firearms then just setting them away in case of a home invasion. While I am in favor of using firearms to protect yourself, you should also become familiar with them. This means reading the owners manual thoroughly and regularly practicing with your gun at the range. Regular range time will also help you internalize proper safety practices. If you're new to firearms, it's also a great idea to take classes on firearm safety and operating a firearm. 11) You can't safely use an unsafe gun. If your gun isn't in proper working condition, it can not be used safely. As the previous rule stated, it's important to be familiar with your firearm. You should also regularly clean and service your firearm to ensure its in proper working order. If you suspect any issues with your firearm, take it to a certified gunsmith. I'd also recommend having a gunsmith look at it regularly after every few thousand rounds or every year. (See the best gun cleaning kit.) 12) Know what to do when your gun fails to fire. If you've pulled the trigger of your firearm and it failed to fire, the first step is to keep it pointed in a safe direction for 30 seconds. This will keep you safe in the event of a "hangfire" or delayed discharge. After 30 seconds, remove and dispose of the cartridge in a safe way. Do not pull the trigger again before removing the cartridge. 13) Make a habit of safely removing your holstered handgun. For those of you who concealed carry or just use holsters, make a habit of safely putting away your firearm. When not practicing drawing your firearm under safe conditions (dry fire or live practice at the range), remove the entire holster with your firearm still in it before removing the firearm from the holster. This tip can help avoid accidents after long days of concealed carry. Though you should practice drawing your firearm from a holster, its not necessary when its loaded and you're at home. 14) Use the correct ammunition for your gun. Using ammunition that's not intended to be used by your firearm can cause a catastrophic malfunction that can result in serious bodily harm. ALWAYS carefully read the owner's manuals for your guns and only use the ammunition listed. For those of you who frequently shoot different calibers, you may want to consider using color coded tape or rubber bands for your firearms and magazines. This can help remind you which ammunition to use. Faxon has even introduced this as a product, with color-coded and labeled rifle caliber marker bands—though you could also just use regular rubber bands. Another option is to use a marker to label everything. 15) Don't handle firearms under the influence. In most areas it's illegal to possess a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Regardless, doing so is a really bad idea. Also keep in mind the effects of any prescription drugs you take. Some may prevent you from safely handling a firearm. 16) Store firearms safely. How to store firearms is one of the more controversial subjects surround firearm safety. The reason for this is many firearm owners want to ensure their firearms are readily available for defending themselves, while some people recommend extremely strict storage practices. One thing we should all be able to agree upon is that firearms should not be accessible to unauthorized users. When not on your person (concealed carry), you should store your firearms in a gun safe. For those of you with children or who have children visiting your house, this arguably even more important. Children are most at risk for accidental firearm related injuries. Project Child Safe has some great in-depth information for keeping children safe from firearms. 17) Practice safe gun range practices. When you bring guns to the range, be sure to always have them in a range bag or case. Do not remove them from the case until you are in your shooting bay. This keeps you from "flagging" others at the range. This is a rule at most ranges and if it's not, it should be. Once you've unloaded your firearms, you can then move your bags out of the way. Conclusion This article wasn't intended to scare you about what can go wrong with firearms, but rather to help teach you how to use them safely. Following these rules and others like them can allow you to safely enjoy using firearms your entire life. As a final note, remember that "everyone is a range safety officer". Be sure to call out unsafe practices and report them to your range safety officer. Those who don't follow proper gun safety put not only themselves, but you and others at risk. Source - https://gunpros.com/gun-safety-rules/
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    The Purist


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    Give Me Your Ebola, Your Tuberculosis, Your Mumps-Ridden Masses
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    Same ol same ol

    Well new guy here... not new to prepping or militia but to this forum. I found this forum looking for US CROW website and was looking for a cook book but oh well looks like they are non existent..The flip side to that coin of disappointment is that I was able to find you guys and Gals... family man here from Central Louisiana.
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    This is an observation. I'm a member of a militia in SC. The problem I see, and it's probably true in other SC militias, is they divide the state into zones. They assign new members to the appropriate zone where they live. The problem is . . it's hard to meet other militia members in your zone if there is no way to find out who they are. I understand that some members don't want their names posted on a website that show they are members of a militia because of their job, church, non-militia friends, etc. Why don't militias use individual call signs so they can mask the identity of their members? Use a login ID and password to a part of a militias Facebook website to information, and member identity is protected? I think member activity would increase because they can meet and traine locally. Most members work and cannot spend hours driving to a meeting or training exercise on a weekend when they have family, job, and other commitments.
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    Squid Reporting for Duty

    Hola Ladies and Gentlemen, Your friendly neighborhood Squid here. New to the site, obviously, and a recent transplant to North Carolina from the Lonestar state of Texas. As my screen name implies, I'm a former sailor - a lithographer's mate (now called a mass communications specialist) and also spent some time as a Master at Arms (fancy title for a Navy cop). Also an honorable Shellback. A favorite past time is shredding some guitar and playing some old school video games for nostalgia's sake. Once is a while I get a chance to dust off the old DPMS Oracle and throw some lead down range - not nearly as often as I'd like. Part time prepper, when I can afford it, and into martial arts (albeit I haven't practiced in over 10 years which is a shame). Not much else, other than I'm a family man (wife and daughter, two dogs and a cat) and lover of freedom. Anything else ya want to know, go ahead and ask.
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    first amendment Tired of being banned right before elections ? Try this approach . It will put a stop to the liberals violating the first amendment of conservatives.Start exposing the people that are content moderators that work for Facebook . Cognizant technology solution 2512 W Dunlap Ave. Phoenix AZ, They are the company that is hired by Facebook to be content moderators . They are easy to look up . You start with LinkedIn . It will list the company , Job title , a city and most importantly a name . From there you start running the name to the city in Mylife , now you have a date of birth . At this point you can run the name in several search engines such as People Search , Advanced Background Check or even the white pages . You Now have a name DOB and the address of those who violate our first amendment . You get banned ? Upload all of the information to the internet and let the hackers have a ball . They will financially destroy those who violate your rights for free . Want more fun? Upload all the information to local militias in the SW United States . Keep an eye on the news you will eventually hear about things happening to content moderators . The courts have failed the people . This will not . This will get everybody's attention and send one hell of a message . The people have gotten tired of our rights being violated .
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    PolitiFact Nails Ilhan Omar Over ‘False’ Gun Control Claim Backing an agenda to crack down on Second Amendment rights, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) echoed common gun control talking points last week, highly exaggerating the rate of “gun violence.” The claims were so weak, even left-wing PolitiFact nailed the freshman congresswoman with a false rating.
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    Dav Harzin

    United Nations is Evil

    "get us out of the UN" mash frank burns
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    United Nations is Evil

    YUP, been against it since I became woke 1981.
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    Florida - Official Roll Call & Lounge

    USFreedomArmy.com Im part of them, in Alachua County area, Florida.. they are small but spread out nationwide. They always are looking for Active Members. Some just need to do a Active parts well as step up in there area by emailing the General mr Frank and asking to take charge of there area or be allowed to help. Follow up any monthly calls to Action, stay in touch, recruiting. And one has to be patient as the area grows.. i email my area members a few times a month, and I have a Fellowship Meal Meeting once a month. Try random activities, ask for participation, and i try to encourage communication
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    USFA is Nationwide.. will you Volunteer?

    add to calendar please https://www.mymilitia.com/calendar/
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    There Is A Safe Place! OzArk Refugium!!!
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    https://www.mymilitia.com – We are everywhere….... well most places anyway. Sign up and meet your neighbors on our member map – https://www.mymilitia.com/membermap/
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    Just relocated from NH to AR.
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    Keith Boehmer

    WV Link UP

    Need to put together a partisan link up network for WV. I am the POC for Pocahontas Co. Let me know who you are and where so we can set something up. Radio Frqs ETC.
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    Welcome Wagon

    Check out our new welcome wagon page! https://www.mymilitia.com/welcome-wagon/ This page is designed for new users, its purpose is to help get you started on My Militia website. Please do not hesitate to contact a staff member to help you if you have any questions. CLICK HERE
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    Updates today 6/15/2019

    Fixed discord members online block Corrected opacity settings Upgraded core to MM v8.4.4 General Maintenance Upgraded "who viewed this topic" Overlapping avatars option Do not record anonymous members option Compatibility upgrade Upgraded Links Directory Fixed error on review link Fixed error for guests when browing categories (mark read) Fix wrong category FURL when copying Upgraded Secondary Group Icons Upgraded Club Enhancements Fixed image with LazyLoad on custom home page Added a new setting "Member can delete and move topics" Upgraded Reactions in Forum View Fixed error in template
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    Rosebud, South Dakota 24yo. Looking for comrades within 605
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    IRAN ADMITS TO BOMBING SHIPS, VOWS MORE TERROR ATTACKS https://www.infowars.com/exclusive-iran-admits-to-bombing-ships-vows-more-terror-attacks/ IS TEHRAN REALLY THIS CRAZY, OR IS THIS A FALSE FLAG?
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    Stop Copy and Paste Gun Bills from Sweeping the Nation - Win an Awesome Revolver
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    Like minded people

    WarFox here, looking for others around North Texas area to network with. Thanks
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    I am looking to enter into a group for prepping and training with family. When SHTF we need to be able to rely on each other not the outside
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    BEAR CREEK ARSENAL Just ordered this rifle seems like a good deal, they have several models and good reviews. will test this out and let ya know how good it is. **If your on a budget you better get your guns now, as prices will go up as the election grows near** https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bca-ar-15-complete-rifle-16-parkerized-4150-steel-m4-contour-barrel-5-56-nato-1-7-twist-w-15-mlok-rail
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    I saw this last weekend on Huckabee and just watched it again. God bless her and her organization.
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    Dr. Karen Siegemund: Teacher FIRED For Expressing Conservative Views | Huckabee
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    South African Piet Skiet is a new, and quickly rising, long-range competitor. A former cyclist, the young shooter jumped into PRS with two feet only a few seasons ago, and made a rapid climb. With no formal training, Skiet is a self-taught competitor, a city-dweller who went some 20 years without firing a shot before finding competition shooting. RELATED STORY WATCH: Loose Round Triggers Unexpected Discharge for Army Shooter As an up-and-coming competitor, Skiet posts videos. That’s what shooters do. This promotes their own brands, and that of the companies that sponsor them. However, you don’t see a lot of videos like this one. Here, Skiet blows off about five safety rules, pops a negligent discharge, and gets disqualified from the match. But, you gotta love that the guy has the stones to post the video as a teachable moment for other aspiring competitors, and really just anyone shooting out on the range. Lessons Learned From Piet Skiet The first lesson here in one in complacency. The more folks shoot, the more comfortable we get on the range, the more automatic everything gets, the easier it is to let complacency rob us of our best safety practices. High-level competitors spend so many hours dry-firing and sending rounds downrange, they are often the pinnacles of safety. But this shows it can literally happen to anyone. Lesson two, know your gun. Skiet explains how the ND occurred, and there were a few factors. But one is he didn’t realize the extractor hadn’t grabbed the case when he worked the bolt. He expected the case to be gone. At least that’s what he said. At the very least, the RO stopped him, spoke to him, and interrupted his rhythm. And that interrupted his normal cycle of operations. He possibly just lost train of thought that he had a live round in the chamber. And that’s lesson three. No matter what occurs, you have to know what’s going on in your chamber. Drop the mag, work the bolt, inspect the chamber. It’s your responsibility, and yours alone. Kudos to Skiet for sharing his teachable moment. Check him out on YouTube. The post WATCH: Shooter Piet Skiet Explains Dangerous Negligent Discharge appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    My name is just another term for a sailor, a nod to my time in the Navy.
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    Well, for all you would be Patriots that like to crow and talk loud about what you would do IF THIS OR THAT! Well folks, IF, Has already started in our own State of Alabama! The FBI busted up a Muslim Terrorist training camp in Tuskeegee, Alabama and arrested 4 Muslims that were training and recruiting kids to carry out terrorist attacks in this country! Since they are kids, I suspect a lot of those attacks were geared toward our own State of Alabama! People, it can't get any closer than that unless we are actually a victim of one of those planned attacks! We have no idea of what these people have already got in motion before they got arrested and we do not know how many kids or adults they already have trained! We are now just waiting on a place and time for something to happen! Patriots, Militia members, if you are sitting on your hands and not taking the serious threat of Muslim /Islamic control over religion, the invasion of illegal immigrants and the trouble that is bringing, such s drug, human trafficking, gangs and vast overcrowding of the population in this country and the spread of socialism and a one world global system with the United Nations as the world police force and the disbanding our Constitution, then you had better start training and get your equipment and supplies in order and get ready to defend your freedoms! If you are not a member of an active training Militia unit, JOIN ONE! If you are a member or members of a militia with two or three members, then find one with enough members to train, fight and protect each other and your families! If you are looking for a member in North Alabama, our unit, The Alabama Oathkeepers III% Militia would welcome you to join our group! The time has come for every man and woman patriot to come together as one and stand up and fight this mess in our country and send it packing to somewhere else!
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    Kathie Hacht

    Top 5 Trump Triggers

    I was thinking the exact same thing as you only 2 days ago wish you said this on FOX or OAN NEWS they all have a problem exacting the LEFTEST attitude. Thanks for putting it together.
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    Ronald Goldsby

    Semper Fi

    Once A Marine
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    Clovis Area

    Hello, my husband and I recently relocated to Clovis. We were looking to meet up with some people with the same beliefs we have. We have been prepping for many years and have been self sufficient for the past 10. If anyone could guide us in direction it would be grately appreciate.
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