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    I'm going to rankle some feathers first thing this morning, and that's okay. It's kind of the point. We need to start asking ourselves some very serious questions, because these are serious times and it's time we got serious about them. We can't do that if we are going to continue to allow ourselves to not be taken seriously. Let's begin by stating what we all know to be true, deep down; much of America sees us as fat little rednecks who want to run around and play dress-up G I Joe. And in reality, many of us are. We're "wannabes" in the worst way. I am. You are. That's the truth. Here's another truth--we're still the ones who will take the bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. There's more. Very few of us were ever "professional" military or even para-military. Sure, there are some but not a lot of former or present cops and soldiers amongst our ranks. Because there are so few, we don't have that training, that understanding, that mind-set, and we don't bring that bearing to the proceedings just because we show up in tactical gear carrying guns. On the contrary, we usually just look like fat little rednecks playing dress-up. But we're still the ones who will take that bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. I could do this all day. The point of the exercise is to step past a certain mindset and consciousness, so that we can begin to take on the proper one. In my estimation there are three ways to address our biggest Achilles heel--our image (both public, and our own self-image). Only one of these ways is right, and it must be our path moving forward. The first, and worst, way to go about this is to simply resign ourselves to being the bumbling beast they think we are. When we add fuel to the fire--throwing our best tacti-cool gear on to walk through Walmart buying groceries--we become our own punchline. Worse--and this is a disease, folks--when we embrace their labels and images and try to run with them in some sort of misguided attempt at defiance, we're just being stupid. We can no longer run the risk of not being taken seriously. Have you ever seen a true military hero who in any way allows, let alone embraces, an image of buffoonery? GOMER PYLE WAS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER ON A SITCOM, but every time someone says "militia" it's Gomer Pyle and not George Patton the people see in their mind's eye. We have to change that, and only we can. The second, and second-worst, way to handle this is to go too far in the opposite direction. In many ways, these two mistakes are linked. Part of the reason we like tactical gear is it (kinda) makes us look like "real soldiers" [note--we ARE fucking "real soldiers"--I'll get into that in a minute]. Making it a point to dress the part, walk the part, talk the part, as if we are taking on a role in a play like some two-bit actor can be just as detrimental to our image (and harmful to our cause) as playing Gomer Pyle, if we don't carefully manage some important expectations, and carefully coordinate our actual training and response. Please memorize this line; it's important to get your mind set around this. Ready? We are not Navy SEALS. That isn't our job. Truly, THAT ISN'T OUR JOB. We are not the first line of defense. Not the second. In fact, we are the dead last line of defense in this country, and THAT is the reality we had better begin embracing if we want to actually be worth a shit when the shit hits the fan. The third, and only, proper way to carry ourselves moving forward is to stop being toy soldiers, and start being the soldiers we actually are. This is a mindset, a way of being. It isn't an occupation, a role, and it certainly isn't a lie--because we're still the ones who will take that bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. We are real fucking soldiers, and we'll die for our country, our neighbors, just like those real fucking soldiers who've died to keep us free up to now. Here's how to make that understanding stick in your head--the battle doesn't come to us until the police have FAILED; until the military has FAILED; until the Navy SEALS HAVE FAILED. We are the final bulwark between our great nation and it's destruction, and I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with every single one of you to fight until the breath leaves my body or the enemy is vanquished. That makes me a real fucking soldier. But I'm going to behave as a real soldier, not as a comic character or wannabe. I'm not going to sell my own self out from jump street by going off half-cocked, marginally trained, waving my Confederate flag, head-to-toe tacti-cool for a demonstration on a 100-degree day. I'm not going to throw jargon around simply because I know it (that's a whole other post just waiting to be written) or jump to the tune my enemy has called simply because he dared me to. I'm not going to try to be that SEAL, not going to be the first or second or third line defender when it is (or should be) clear to me that it isn't my turn. I'm not going to hide, either, but rather I'm going to get out among the people and let them know that I'm a serious man who should be taken seriously. I'm contacting my Sheriff's office and letting him know why I'm doing what I'm doing, and then asking him how I can help. I'm honing my Civil Defense knowledge, making sure my neighbors have what they need to eat when disaster (like COVID) strikes. I'm walking my neighborhood with a smile on my face and my Unit T-shirt on, but leaving my AR at home. That's what I'm doing right now, and from here on out. But there's more--and this is the most important part of this post. Starting today, I am committing myself to be the best I can be when my turn comes. Today my training begins for real, because I--and all of you--no longer have the time to play dress-up while chowing down on too much barbecue and beer. When my gut makes it impossible to find my dick, let alone grab a full magazine, I'm a shitty soldier, almost useless to my cause and country. When walking across the yard winds me, I can't be much help in a firefight where my fellow soldiers are counting on me. I'm not a Navy SEAL, and I don't have to be Rambo either. But I don't need that third cheeseburger or seventh beer. I can get up out of my chair to get some exercise; there's nothing worth watching on television anyway. A few situps, push-ups, pull-ups every day for the next few months could literally be the difference between life and death for me or others. I'm a soldier; I'm not letting myself or my brothers down. And like it or not, I (and you) now need real training. No, I don't mean running around with guns in a field, which is fine and important too but just the tip of the training iceberg. We need training. Threat assessment, tactics, psy-ops, recruiting, giving and following orders. We need to learn from professionals, who won't take us seriously if we don't take ourselves seriously, and we need to do it now. For as much as we absolutely must be recruiting new citizen soldiers into the ranks, it's time we made a focused effort to bring experienced, officer-grade military men and women into our midst to show us how it's done. That scares a lot of people for some reason. Lots of us fancy ourselves "leaders" and don't like the idea of being told what to do. That's a fatal mistake, for you and anyone under your command. We are real fucking soldiers--I won't allow anyone to tell me we're not--but we need to learn now how to be real fucking soldiers. And time grows short. These are men (and women) of bearing, men of achievement. These are not people who are going to be ordered by Johnny Done-nothings, nor should they. We rightfully have to prove ourselves to them. There is no shame in that. I propose to lead men onto battlefields where people will die; I damned sure want to feel confident that I'm the best I can be, and I can't be my best without these folks' help. America needs us, and we need them. We'll never have their services, though, if we don't respect ourselves, our position, and approach everything we do from this point forward with professionalism and pride. Put the cheeseburger and remote down. Fold the Stars and Bars and drop it in a drawer. Then go look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you could lead men into battle? Even better, ask yourself if men would follow you there. Because if you're sloppy, silly, and not to be taken seriously, they won't and they shouldn't. And just because you aren't charged with leadership yet doesn't mean you won't be. Fix it in your mind right now, this minute that today you're truly going to be all you can be. There's no place for Gomer Pyle in today's militia. We don't have time for that shit anymore.
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    How much we are being manipulated or being played? We've seen just how heavily impacted we can be as a nation in just a few weeks time due to national 'shut-down' (Covid-19). In the midst of this, the progressives have continued if not ramp'd up their efforts to impose bigger government, nationalization of various sectors, flagrant violation of the Constitution, and gun control legislation. Green New Deal keeps getting floated around (which is just UN Agenda 2030). Chinese drones are being used by Law Enforcement to monitor communities and our data is being used to measure who is doing how much and where. Are they trying to draw us out into a fight? To a degree I assume they are at a minimum testing the waters to see just how much they can get away with. It almost feels like they're daring us to go hot just to get it over with. The tyrants must be feeling very confident right now and they must think that they can win either way... whether or not we fight. Maybe it is because they know they are too big to lose. You can't wipe out what you can't wipe out... certain names and faces are often associated with this... but, every now and then I'll see some video and wonder who the heck is this person with this organization and where did they come from? Just strange times and it seems like things are coming together for the enemy while we sit idle.
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    Todd A. Slee

    Are we being lured into Civil War?

    Actually, big doesn't mean invincible. Look how small Israel is, compared to their enemies, yet they're still around. 500 Hebrews routed 10,000 Ammonites or some race, Old Testament. There are a couple other similar historical accounts of other nations. Look at, I think it was, Hamburger Hill in Vietnam. A few hundred American soldiers with M16's and mortars, against 4,000 VC with Ak47's and probably mortars. Numbers mean squat. If you want to defeat the enemy in battle, you take out their leaders. In peacetime, it's accomplished by exposing their leaders as bogus, which is occurring right now. I guess if they want war, we'll give it to 'em. Self defense is always justified, but we'd better be organized. We need plans for peace or war, but if they think we're gonna forfeit our rights, then they've become the same as an armed assaultist or burglar, actually worse. Better dead than red!
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    heads up we have been contacted by The Guardian and they were making some accusations about the site its members and myself i spare the details but wanted to let you know of a potential smear campaign that may be heading our way let me clear the waters right now My Militia is build on a large server in Dallas this is a VPS server that i personally manage i have 2 webspaces set up on it.. one webspace is https://www.mymilitia.com only. the other webspace is home to embrey enterprise which is my web development initiative. I am a wordpress reseller and build and host many sites for clients all the details are here www.embreyenterprise.com you can go to the websites page and see the websites i have built, i also have done freelance programing and graphic work for over 50 other websites. when it comes to e-commerce i built the site and set up the store and show the client how to use it and they upload there own inventory, i also built gateways for payments and shipping and integrate between their website and bank accounts i have no interest in the sites other than the initial set up fee (prices are listed on the site) So tonight i was contacted by a reporter for the guardian and they wanted to know the connection between ar2.0 My Militia and .... lets just call it site x they told me site x contained white supremacy audio records forsale completely blind sided me, i took a look and was not very happy with what i saw i contacted the client, offered them a full refund and to move their site to another server to show i have no connections to that at all with in the next 24 hours this site will be removed along with all webdata, i have also removed my self as admin from their facebook page (i have to be page admin in order to complete some integrations with facebook) they told me its not what it looks like and assured me they were not racists i understood but told them they have to move away from me , my clients and my properties for the wellness of us all. they understood and are cooperative so why this post? you can bet your ass that these reporters are going to twist this all up to where we has some sort of affiliation with the site x. which is not true we were not even aware of the content mostly because all the records are in german language... the album covers do not look too good and can be seen how they may be construed as being bad mojo. its all been taken care of! Racism will not be tolerated by My Militia or any clients or affiliates. Upon discovery of such content immediate action will take place thank you
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    If you are a Bible believer then one thing is certain. War is coming whether you are prepared for it or not. The armies who will align with the beast system ( many already have) will seek to enforce their will on a global scale. Anyone who does not comply will be killed & temporarily - they will seem to win. (See Revelation Chpt 13). Horrible atrocities will be committed during this time on a scale that the world has never seen. It isn't the left or the right that's stirring this up - it is the prince and power of the air carrying out his agenda through his people & they take the form of both sides. Yes, we are being lured into war the question that matters the most is - who will you follow?
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    Hello all, This is Chief/Commander Gray Horse from The Alabama Unit Of Oathkeepers Militia. I received word earlier this afternoon from a undisclosed source than it was backed up with a FOX news reports at approx. 3:a.m this morning that the FBI and Home Land Security have reports that Foreign and Domestic terriorists, ISIS, radical Muslim groups, White Supremist Groups ,Neo Nazi groups and others are planning attacks on medical institutions, medical supplies, Food supply locations such as grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets and supply locations, Truck lines that deliver these items, hospitals and nursing homes! I would strongly advise every Militia unit to c all up your people and have them volunteer to patrol your local grocery stores and medical institutions in uniform and notify your local law enforcement officials and medical installations and your local grocery stores and supply centers that you will be doing walk thrus or drive thru parking lots looking for suspicious activities by these people or groups! Now is the time for our Militia Units to show other Americans that we are legitimate Americans that want to help protect our own American people and preserve our country and our Constitution and that we are not the crazy gun toting, drunken rednecks and anti Government individuals that the media portrays us all out to be! Please make sure your people have the proper pistol carry permits and legal weapons when you do your patrols! I would suggest that every member be in your units uniform and carry concealed and keep a low profile until they need to produce their weapons an d only in defense of their life or someone elses! To stay out of the direct path of the Corona virus, please make sure your people have the proper masks and gloves and anti bacteria hand sanitizer on each one of them and do only drive thrus in medical installations or stop and observe in the parking lots of these places! Quick walk thru patrols at grocery stores and parking lot observations away from people will insure safety from the virus as much as can be expected! Parking lots of hospitals to watch for doctors and nurses, etc, going to and coming from their vehicles , to or from the hospital is another good place to set up observation because these people are definite targets for these terrorists! My daughter is a nurse and she said that this would be a very welcomed service by nurses and doctors and other medical people when they got off work during shift changes late at night and early in the morning! God bless you all and together we AMERICANS WILL ADAPT, OVERCOME AND DEFEAT ANY THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES AND OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE! EVERY LITTLE BIT THAT EVEYONE DOES FOR HIS OR HER FELLOW AMERICAN ADDS UP TO A LOT, IF EVERYBODY GIVES!
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    Thank you for taking the time to issue this statement. There are many heavy hearts today. My prayers are with the family of the victim Mr. Duncan Lemp. Godspeed to our fallen brother. May the light of Christ shine upon him in eternity and the comfort of paradise be his reward. I checked out the FB page of the PD that carried out the raid. Quite a few angry comments being made there. Planning to check out the Maryland Militia FB pages to see if anything is being discussed. I felt the VA rally was justified in its scope... but, if any action is deserving of a group of armed patriot protestors... this is a prime example. Hopefully the patriots in Maryland aren't going to sit idle and let this aggression against the constitutional rights of the people stand unchecked.
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    Sgt. Bulldog

    What happens when.....

    As a militia we are the last line of defense. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into some pissing contest with a group like NFAC. They look mean, talk shit and shoot their own members before they even start there march. They are a bunch of nobodies who think they are badasses. They are trying to use the old Black panther intimidation tactics, it will not work. We will stand strong together and let them fire the first shot, because I have no doubt we will fire the last shots. Semper Fi!
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    Hello, I am Chad Embrey in Ohio 39yrs aka "fixer" commonly mistaken for my ability to make un-working things work again, fixer is really in the essence of "arranger of things". I work full time as a project coordinator and i am a graphic designer and web developer as a hobby. I self funded the My Militia site due to my unending devotion to the core establishment of our republic and vision of our founding fathers, I operate a small no-frills unit in Ohio. PLEASE UNDERSTAND My efforts in the restoration of the american militias is not to establish a combined effort or union of units with me in standing as a ranking member. The truth is and always has been I only wish to be known as a curator of the militia movement and stand behind the sites mission: As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God. The network is to connect members with militias and militias with members and for everyone to work together …independently. the site is 100% legit and nothing illegal is permissible. The site is loaded with features and tools to help militias structure themselves to maximize effectiveness. A recent new site feature (MERC) has crippled our server….. normally we would accept “I guess we can’t do that again” but the advantages of this feature greatly exceeds the disadvantage.. we began negotiating for an improved server, it is $900 ....not chump change at all and left me personally reassessing the vision... where the nation is heading and what that means to My Militia and the group of people here i have grown to be great friends with. I hate asking for money I really do , but $900 is the up front cost and our CPU has been reaching 100% on a daily basis it's to the point of no return really... So the staff opened the site up for donations with a goal of $900 and we are glad to say that as of 8:30pm we have reached 50% of the server cost for 2020. This is just flat out amazing and greatly appreciated and we will be devoted to making sure each and every one of you gets your moneys worth, you invested in US and we will continue to provide everything we can in return. If you have not given please consider a donation of any amount https://paypal.me/EmbreyEnterprise 2020 is going to be a ...... "challenge" For everyone ... win or lose.... remember united we stand divided we fall.... Here I am on the USS Texas - flagship of the bombing force at Omaha Beach.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Why our miltias are a joke

    Effective leadership is the key. If we lack anything right now, from every level (especially our government) it's LEADERSHIP. To those of you who think it's fear, it certainly is not. It's WISDOM. Clashing with people who are assaulting others is our duty; clashing with others who are burning buildings is our duty; clashing with others who are tearing down our monuments is our duty; but clashing with people simply because they are goading us to do so is not only NOT our duty, it's foolishness that plays right into their hands. WE ARE NOT THEM. We won't act like them. We are respectful; they are not. We obey the law; they do not. We DEFEND--they do not (they OFFEND). And this isn't about rushing out to draw battle lines. The largest "force" we've seen applied that seems organized and well-armed was about a hundred people. Even the average militia could assemble a hunded-strong force of well-armed people to walk in parade formation in about five minutes, if the need was great, and we'd pull it off in fashion every bit as acceptable as the ones they show you on TV. Are we show-ponies, or work horses? I wouldn't be doing this if I thought it was for show. If we appeal to lunatics, we'll attract lunatics. If we go off half-cocked, we'll never be effective, never be trusted, and never be able to gather the good will of the public when we most need it. That time is surely coming. We can't be foolish now. I assure you I am every bit as angry as you are. It's what has drawn me into the battle. I'd love to shove my boot up some ass just the same as you would. WHEN THE TIME COMES, WE SHALL. But this isn't that time--not yet. We aren't ready, the situation isn't as dire as CNN would like us to believe it is yet, and it's going to get much worse. THEY are calling the tune right now. THEY are barking the orders, and among the orders they're barking is to draw out Patriots for a photo op. I want to be wise enough to be on the right side of that photo when it comes, and leave the field of battle victorious when the real fighting starts. Being drawn in by a bunch of blue-haired clowns (who aren't even running the show, but are merely human shields for the big guys when the real SHTF) and a few militant aggressors with big mouths and airsoft guns isn't who we are, and isn't who we need to be. As for displays, I can't get behind the shooting of guns in the air. It makes us look like the irresponsible rednecks they say we are. It's illegal, against everything we teach about gun safety, and kinda pointless. Some form of nationwide "moment" is certainly possible, and currently Patriots who wish to publicly declare their support of the country are being encouraged on some of the social media platforms to record video of themselves "taking the oath". It's an idea I can get behind. Other than that, though, let's try to keep our focus on what it should be on--recruiting, training, raising "good will capital", and preparing to defend when the circumstances truly do call for it. A flag burned at Gettysburg would have made me angry, but preventing it isn't our right or our mission, unless it isn't their flag to burn. Preventing the toppling of a statue? Now we're getting closer. Preventing citizens from coming to harm from flying bricks or flying bullets? It's on. That needs to be our mindset from this point. Anything else is just playing into our enemies' hands.
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    Lee RH.

    Why our miltias are a joke

    I've never thought of any militia to be a joke. However, of the militia's I've tried to contact in my area previously to finding this website, I had little response from them which tells me that they lack leadership, follow up and organization. Thus, lack of involvement and participation. Not to mention, ANY volunteer organization has it's own drawbacks. The leadership of individual militia groups would need to establish their organizational structure, purpose, mission statement, This may shed some light on why it is difficult to get everyone on the same page as to what a militia is and should be: https://americanmilitiaassociation.com/well-regulated-militia/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9IX4BRCcARIsAOD2OB3hkFZ_I9iD7wX0PwcWr-qAEuuUDFpydel35rV9boLfTs6ldAqVJEoaApwoEALw_wcB With that in mind: Within the group, who/what establishes who leads who, where does each member fit in, who decides what they will engage in, train for, respond to. With so many different opinions, minds at work, attitudes, ideas as to what the individual member wants to do, work and life schedules, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page. There is your HUMP. A good leader will be able to overcome these obstacles, provide guidance, structure, planning, etc. Be able to grow the numbers with dedicated, like minded honorable members that work with their fellow members as brothers, take their duty as Americans seriously enough to be willing to protect the constitution and our country's freedoms. Many of us, unlike what we see in the news, are god fearing, honorable people with families, nor are we rich enough to take off work to march around and display our goods to the world on TV. Many if not all of us are law abiding citizens that do not participate in illegal activities as seen in the news by other criminal militia's, domestic terrorists, etc. And even though there may not be enough well organized militia through out our nation, I'm guessing if "Stuff" hit the fan, we'd see a multitude of Patriots come out of the wood work to support our nation's freedoms and swiftly end any threats to our freedom. The hope and plan would be to connect all these patriots and establish some form of communication so as to notify everyone in time of need or crisis so those in the near by any given location could respond or lend their support to those in need. I found this website and it seems this website is doing exactly that. I understand, looking at the dates of when many of these militia's and members joined this website, this is a work in progress, but hot damn it's a good start. Wouldn't it be awesome if President Trump could post a request for backup from all his supporting patriots right here on this website and know he's tapped into every patriot Nationwide. The possibilities are endless, think big. :-)
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    ROFCB Commander

    Why our miltias are a joke

    Does that make us a "joke", or a group of people not working hard enough, not angry enough, not filled with enough fighting spirit? And is this the time to be that way? The recruits are out there. The anger is out there. The FEAR is out there. We simply have to uncover it, tap into it, and then offer something more than a chance to dress up in too much tacticool gear for an opportunity to get shot at. Failing that, it isn't the militias that are a joke--it's the people leading them. Not unlike the country, really. If we want better, we have to BE better. So let's start now! What do you suggest we do to stop being a punchline?
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    Member Duncan Lemp - Murdered

    In Memoriam: https://www.mymilitia.com/profile/5616-yungquant/ Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8110889/Lawyer-Man-asleep-police-fired-house-killing-him.html Excerpt: My Militia Statement: Duncan used the name yungquant on My Militia, His posts here are mentioned on many of the news articles based on these events. Please note that My Militia is the definitive resource for Militias in the USA, Thousands of people and Hundreds of Units trust our platform. This is something we take great pride in. We are passionate about our work and the upstanding "right way" direction we affirm relating to the "Modern Militia Movement". No matter how loud we shout WE ARE NOT ANTI-GOVERNMENT we will always have those who hate conservative values twisting our agenda in a way that makes us the enemy. Being the #1 resource for something means we have placed ourselves in the fore front of our niche and being so when ever anything happens in the ilk of Militias we will be in the topic for good or bad as the site grows and dominates it's foothold, soon any militia talk that happens without "My Militia" mention will instantly be seen as less legitimate. Take this in note with the recent event involving Mr. Lemp and know that the event took place FIRST then the media searched the internet to build a story, that led them here as it should. It is what we do, it is why we are here, it does make sense. Nothing he said was wrong in any way. He appears to be just like me and you. We were notified when the event happened. We do not have all the details and we never will. We are not going to try to capitalize on these horrible events ... Please don't let anyone make you see it any differently. We believe in God and the Constitution and our right to protect ourselves, In the shadows of our forefathers we will continue to reenforce our platform and stand with you no matter the consequences. ~ My Militia
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    Be prepared

    We need to get active troops. We are running out of time to prepare for the possibility of a SHTF scenario. COMMS are extremely important to our success as a whole. It is even more critical that our Leadership be in control of all situations. Our current situation in the country is becoming violent. It is a great time to learn about our enemies. I can only suggest that we not listen to propaganda about what we as the Militia should be doing. We all have passion towards the protection and defense of our great country, but we can not dig our own graves because someone posted to the internet. MyMilitia was created to help keep us all on the same page. Let us not lose our way because of their agenda. They want us to step up and take the first move of retaliation. We as a whole need to be more vigilant than their desire to attempt to destroy our country. The current times shall pass. This is not the first time and it is not the last. You want to step up and protect your communities, by all means do it, but check with your leaders first. Keep in mind, you are States Militias. Once you cross state lines with loaded weapons, you become felons. The only person who can have you cross state lines is our Commander and Chief President Donald Trump. Everyone needs to get active in the Area Code Militias. Please be safe and learn everything you can about the enemy at hand, Both ANTIFA but more importantly the Federal Government. God Be With Us! III% 1st SGT 19th Tennessee Infantry, 1st Div. A Co.
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    Author's note: If you have an interest in the subject matter but have not yet read Dr. Benjamin Franklin's essay; Rules for Reducing a Great Empire to a Small One, I recommend you do. In one foul swoop the government has terminated more jobs than our country has ever seen before. To simply say that this is an issue of government overreach, is a bit too simplistic. This situation is the result of licensing. A license, in this context, is define as: Leave; permission; authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act. A license may be verbal or written; when written, the paper containing the authority is called a license Naturally, the licensing of rights is unconstitutional. For if it is a right, no other permission is needed but thy own's accord. And for the government to claim it has the authority to distribute permissions for people to exercise their own rights is a hallmark of tyranny. But this is something that has been around for a long time, and in particular, is what gave rise to the "freedom of the press" phrase in the First Amendment. When you accept a license, the entity that authorizes the license has the authority to terminate it. Thus with business licenses, for example, at any time the government may force any business to do as it commands. To the point, in Arizona, a McDonald's restaurant was forced to paint it's iconic yellow "M", turquoise. Though I am currently addressing a more serious issue of forcing businesses to close, this example proves the point that there is inherently no limit to the authority. If they say "paint it blue or close" you must. Like a gun to the back of the head, so long as Americans consent to licensing, they will be at the total mercy of whom they accepted the license from; their own government! To solve this issue we must terminate the unconstitutional practice of government licenses. As the government declares now, that 'certain businesses are to be shut down, lest they lose their license and may no longer operate'. Without a license, such tyrannical words hold little more power than a suggestion. For most Americans, their lively-hood is based on permits and licenses. And what was once a political theory; that our government can require citizens to behave a certain way, or have certain views in order to be allowed certain privileges like driving, fishing or bank accounts, is now becoming real in America. Through Licensing the government may now control every portion of your life. But this did not just happen! This is a deeply rooted problem in America's current society. You must understand that licenses are un-American. And as an American citizen, whatever dangers may occur from living free from licenses is a) entirely worth it and b) safer than slavery. Licenses are the government's lien to your God-given rights. Those chains were always there, it is only that just now they are being pulled. We must break free of the chains that have allowed for this tyrannical overreach. We must break free from the concept of licensing. We cannot allow this control through licensing to continue any longer.
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    Jason M

    List of active militias by area

    Is there anyway of getting a list of active militias by the area they serve? This would help out new people like me find a local militia to join.
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    This is unreal and a precursor to a foreign invasion. The U.N.'s claim is quite paradoxical, considering that the government didn't intervene in the protest at Virginia by tens of thousands armed militia members. Those Portland officials need to be arrested. We the people need to be ready to repel any Blue Helmeted Marauders that set foot on American soil. I just sent a message to the White House, at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/. It reads simply: " Dear President Trump, I, and I'm sure most, Americans urge you to disregard ANY orders from the U.N., or any foreign entity, especially in regards to not quelling violence during protests, which have turned to riots and anarchy. We support you in all Constitutional endeavors." Here's my salute to the U.N.:
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    This was my discussion this morning on the discord server with a few to young to understand. I have also had this discussion with others. Those who do not understand this position with the Militia are those who are to me Keyboard Warriors. They are here to see how much they can instigate others. Mostlythey seem to be confused becausethey truly do not understand how the Real Militia works. The Second Amendment is naturally divided into two parts: its prefatory clause (“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”) and its operative clause (“the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”). Militia and the Militia Movement A militia is a military force composed of citizens designed to provide defense, law enforcement, and other services during a time of emergency. The primary militia in the United States is the National Guard. The National Guard, along with reserve forces and state defense forces, supplements the active-duty military. Additionally, these units serve their state governments during the response cycles to natural disasters, hurricanes, floods, tornados, forest fires, and emergency circumstances such as riots and episodes of civil unrest. This all means we are here to assist not be the front lines. We only become the front lines when all else fails. We need to physically remain neutral until called upon or there is no other choice. This means We are our countries last line of defense against a Tyrannical Government, Or the National Guard has been destroyed. This is why I continue to state; Do not let your passion control your common sense.
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    The media started yesterday evening trying to portray what happened in Gettysburg as a bunch of dumb drunk rednecks being trolled. I don't think it was. I think Antifa chickened out. I think their scouts seen how many showed up and said they should break contact. We know they send scouts ahead of their main body. That has been noted during the protests/riots that have been occurring for over the last month (I posted the links to an article and video for that intel in the VR 4th comments video). I received a few messages/comments from people near Gettysburg saying they were noticing bus loads of people showing up in their areas that didn't fit in. That they looked like Antifa types aka soy boys aka stereotype black bloc. They started coming in the evening before. I haven't received any word if they left the area yet. Like Richmond this was a PR victory. We had hundreds of patriots and militia show up as a response to a reported Antifa threat. And they showed up on short notice. They showed people that are upset with what is going on that there are others who are willing to take a stand against the nearly animalistic behavior of the left right now. So it will pull more fence sitters to our side of the fence. For those who are screaming about recruiting, here you go. Now quit complaining and capitalize on this. As for giving more intel to the enemy than what we gained on them. What exactly new info do you think they learned that they didn't know before? That we show up in what vehicles we have available like SUVs, pick-ups, motorcycles, etc..? That we use basic messaging technology to organize such as social media, email, text messages, forums, etc..? That we will show up with our long arms if we think it is warranted? That we don't always show up in full battle rattle, geared up for the battlefield? That if patriots are near the anticipated threat location they will show up if they can? What intel? Should we have better intel assets and sources? OF COURSE! But does that mean we should ignore the sources we have now? HELL NO! We use what is available to us. We can't sit around and say, "we need satellite pics showing the enemy is massing here before we respond". We can't sit around and say, "well we don't have drones showing this is going on so it's uncorroborated so let's ignore it". For the militia right now we have to go off the intel and warnings we have now. Sometimes it may just be the one thread on a single enemy account in social media. The thread that started this ball rolling reportedly had over 3500 responses of support and people saying they would show up to support Antifa in Gettysburg (source is published news articles which I read last night as they went up). I have a feeling PSM was seeing that and took it into consideration when they sent out the call for support. And luckily people showed up. Fellow patriots got off their rear ends and keyboards and helped them out against possible overwhelming numbers (the extreme end of 3500 antifa supporters). If this happens again our response should be the same. Your fellow patriots call for help you respond if you can in a timely manner while not compromising yourselves tactically at home. That's why I said if you were near by show up to give your support to PSM. I didn't say come from half way across the country (I actually had people in Oregon and Utah contact me asking if they should go to Gettysburg, I said no too far away). We don't have the assets of a modern conventional military and expecting that we should is not reasonable. What we have will improve over time and as we acquire better assets and sources. We have to capitalize on what we have now. Not sit back and say we won't do anything until we get X, Y, Z, etc.. assets.
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    In response to the article on May 8th, 2020, in 'The Guardian' by Jason Wilson and Robert Evans, entitled 'Revealed: major anti-lockdown group's links to America's far right'. The subtitle is 'American Revolution 2.o, which presents itself as bipartisan, has been assisted by far-right individuals-some with extremist links,'. Let's start with the title. What's been revealed? Nobody involved has made it a secret that marches and protests have been planned against the lockdown, in fact quite the opposite. Organizers have attempted to publicize the events far and wide, because nobody wants a lockdown, which is in reality martial law, in response to a virus which is now known to have a mortality rate no greater than the flu, and which virus has been reported to have killed an average of 300 people per year for a number of years. Facebook has removed postings calling for peaceful protests, both legal and the right of the American people. That is a violation of the First Amendment, which protects the Right to peacefully assemble for a redress of grievances against the government, to make one's voice heard and to believe in a well-chosen cause. What is the opposite of the First Amendment Right, which Facebook has quenched and 'The Guardian' article has demonized, by at least making the right to assemble and protest an exclusive right. What is the definition of far right? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary online, far right is "the group of people whose political views are the most conservative". Conservative means "holding to traditional values and cautious about change or innovations, typically in relation to politics or religion". These two definitions are what militias, tea party groups, fundamental Christians, and the most successful businesses and individuals are. Another definition of far right is "a term used by mainstream media to refer to any person who is ideologically to the right of [against] Communism. Again, the above named groups fit into this category as well. Unfortunately, most of mainstream media have created a misnomer for far right, which is that the conservative groups are racist, violent and male chauvinist. This is what neither militias nor the Constitution is, but are both the antithesis of that definition. The article claims that Tea Parties and protesters against lockdown are not grassroots groups, but indeed they are, grassroots being the common man or woman, the root level or foundation. The U.S. Government is meant to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is it's true, intended foundation, it's core group. The average citizen of any political or religious affiliation, the grassroots conglomerate, does not want to be inhibited in movement, unable to provide for family and self. What is an extremist? By definition it is "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action". In America that would mean with a certain amount of restraint, i.e., Constitutional restraint with a view to being held in check by both conscience and ethics/morals which came from a Supreme Creator. Who would fit that definition, some well known people? Well, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Abe Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur, John F. Kennedy, Aldi Murphy, Alvin York, Harold Moore... The main target of the article in 'The Guardian' is the website 'Mymilitia.com, grossly misrepresented, falsely stereotyped and unjustly castigated in the mentioned article. That website is simply an online gathering place for supporters of the rights to choose, to say, think and do for oneself, to advocate a free nation, is strictly regulated for content quality, and has no control over what members do offsite, and abusive, insulting, racist and violent content is prohibited. When a police officer or federal agent kills someone unjustly or commits some other crime, is the entire department or agency blamed? When a politician takes a bribe or lies under oath, is it the fault of the rest of the governing body? The recent protest of 50,000 armed militiamen in Virginia, being peaceful and orderly, is living exemplification that the militia movement is not a racist, bigoted or anti-government conglomeration. The militia movement is the national version of the homeowner enjoying and advocating the rights of private ownership, privacy, liberty, and self defense, a civilian version of the military. While news outlets are busy condemning militia groups, being ignorant of what they actually stand for, many of them help with disaster relief and performing guard duty, as well as instructing others in areas such as food preservation, first aid, political process and survival in emergencies. The militia is about much more than just firearms and battle field training, many of the members being current and former military, policemen and firefighters. The 'Guardian' article seems to hold people in contempt who value the right to protect and defend and the sanctity of life of the unborn. Do you suppose that they side with Obama, who as a Senator voted for post-birth abortion [murder] and Hillary Clinton, who voted for abortion in the third trimester? Who else condoned such atrocities? Who comes to mind is Herod the Great, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, the Vietcong, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein, to name a few, as well as the Muslim terrorists. The article cites that views about the Covid dilemma which oppose official claims are disinformation, yet synopsis by competent doctors not invested in the pharmaceutical industry (which is hurting financially and needs $$) are being found to be accurate. Quarantining is weakening people's immune systems; respirators are more harmful than good, at least often; a combination of three common, non-vaccine drugs is apparently working well to cure the virus; Covid death rates are being intentionally magnified, while deaths from heart attack, cancer, diabetes and even car accidents have decreased since the Covid outbreak started. How amazing! It has recently been factually shown that the infection rates from Covid are much, much higher than originally shown or known, resulting in something like a 0.375 percent death rate, no more than the flu. Reportedly, Dr. Fauci invested a couple of million dollars in the Wuhan lab two years ago. Is it possible that he didn't know a problem existed? Most people with a large investment would, I'd think, keep close tabs on the state of affairs concerning their money. According to Dr. Shiva, a physician of forty plus years, has shown that Dr. Fauci, who is not apparently currently a practicing doctor, claimed years ago that HIV causes AIDS, and panicked many, but evidently he was wrong. Eye witness reports testify that after receiving certain vaccinations, their children incurred serious problems. From 2000 to 2017, some 460,000 children in three nations overseas, suffered paralysis after receiving polio innoculations. There has been quite notable differences in people of the vaccination era compared to when about the only vaccination was for TB, and not better variations in behavior or demeanor. The writers of the article seem to condemn a movement or activity because of who is involved, instead of critiquing the cause and examining the facts from both sides. In 1999, the FBI enlisted the aid of select members of the La Cosa Nostra, to quench subversive activity of a group of alleged Constitutionalists, which were really far lefts masquerading as Patriots. It actually garnered desired results. The article goes on to imply that something is amiss with a website that includes articles and manuals on warfare. They conveniently leave out the fact that the U.S. Military trains for urban warfare, against the chance that war occurs in America. Are they, and others, so naive to believe that one of two worst case scenarios can't occur in America: invasion from without, or; tyranny from within? If we could ask, some 40,000 or more Christian Russians of the Stalin era would say that yes, it can happen anywhere. We train for war in order to have peace. Every single able bodied male in Switzerland, after mandatory military service, takes his automatic rifle home with him; the crime rate is quite low. Every able bodied man and woman in Israel is capable of waging war for many years after their compulsory military service, and at the rate it's going, America could also become a hotbed of invasions/attacks. What deterred Japan from attacking the American mainland during World War Two? Was it the military? Nope, they were already spread too thin. It was because the Japanese believed that every able bodied man, perhaps woman too, had a firearm. I'm certain that's why we haven't had serious problems from terrorists attacking in traditional style. The article presents the following, from Mymilitia.com. in a negative light: "...2017 manifesto for the site, Embrey wrote he hoped the site would "spearhead" the militia movement, and offered movement goals such as "to augment our local authorities in dire times and assist in our communities from all threats foreign or domestic", and "to change the negative percepyion of the Militia by becoming a welcomed force, one that is preferred over militarized police". And that's bad? Apparently the writers of the article have never been in the military and taken an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, which protects their right to lamblast genuine Patriots, a volunteer force committed to much more than training for warfare. Many veteran and retired cops are concerned about the way law enforcement is being trained. L.A. style, a far cry from what needs to be. An FBI agent of many years, over twenty, told me in 1994, that "if the American people knew what the government was planning, there'd be instant revolution". If, as one example, American citizens were disarmed, the first likely thing to happen would be criminals wiping out law enforcement. The second event would probably be foreign invasion. Concerning a site which Embrey built, one in question, called Tinnitus Records, he had no idea that it sold white supremist music, an addon that the customer put in themselves, not Embrey. Once he learned of it, he refunded their money and removed the site. It was a simple mistake anyone could have made. Why doesn't 'The Guardian' condemn CBS for portraying a video of a Covid ridden hospital in Italy as being in America? In synopsis, the article I'm rebutting is only presenting part of the truth, and appears to be slanted against the militia movement and full implementation of the Constitution of the United States of America, not the creator of any rights, but rather the guarantor of naturally inherent and God given rights. Todd A. Slee, South Whitley, In Note: I will supply references soon. This rebut article is an off the cuff, first draft, written on May 8th, 2020. I sent it to the complaint department at 'The Guardian' on Sunday. I COMMUNICATED WITH FIXER YESTERDAY, AND HE SAID HE DOESN'T WANT ANY COVERAGE, SO PLEASE HONOR HIS REQUEST AND KEEP THIS ARTICLE PROPRIETARY TO MYMILITIA.COM.
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    Rumors of wars and wars
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    KCS, There are so many damn down right cowards on here that are very good at putting in their negative 2 cents but would not lift a hand if they saw their own mother, daughter or wife being raped and murdered right in front of them but they would talk big and give advise on what they would do IF and When the people that were caught that did it! I am a Marine Corps Veteran and a 30 plus year retired law enforcement officer and these kind of people made me sick then and now that I am going on 60, they still make me sick to my damn stomach! No wonder that the United States has gotten in the shape it has! There seems to be a very high shortage with men with back bone, guts and honor! There should not ever be a reason for any militia group to have to ask, or beg for that matter for members! Every ex police officer, retired or former military people and just plain old concerned citizens,men especially, should be standing in line waiting to join up! I would rather die on my two feet protecting others , helping others in this kind of situation , or in combat with a Tyrant than hiding under a damn table like a dog scared of a thunder storm! IF I STEPPED ON ANYONES TOES BY WRITING THIS, THEN IT IS YOU I AM PROBABLY TALKING ABOUT!
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    "the Montgomery County Police advised the family that they themselves are investigating the case as a homicide." That is a tell, and this family very well may get a huge settlement out of it, a few supervisors or scapegoats fired, etc. but it doesn't bring him back. The big thing is this has happened more than once across the country and it never seems to change. These red flag laws are an abomination and have got to go. But even more so we need to demilitarize the police. True, there are threats out there they face on a daily basis (we just buried a local cop here today that was shot during a routine traffic stop), but there has to be a way they go back to community based policing and quit trying to emulate Seals. Seriously, if you are a LEO and are afraid to go knock on someone's door in broad daylight to serve a warrant then you are in the wrong line of work. Even if it's high risk. Hell the ROE our troops have to follow over the last decade has been more restrictive in Afghanistan than the escalation of force policy most police departments in the US are using.
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    Randi Altman


    Yeah, people are preparing for a 30 day lock in. I’m preparing for a 7 year siege
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    My days of running around in the woods with my rifle are over, I have just too many injuries to be of any use to a group of war-fighters. However, my brain is still working and I do have some experience with militias and other volunteer groups. It has been my experience that volunteer groups (of all types) tend to be chaotic things, with people coming and going and infighting and egos getting bruised and all that. It really is a big problem, and I have spent many hours over many years trying to figure out a way to make a militia, or any volunteer group really, actually come together and function harmoniously. This is what I have come up with. THE FIRST MISTAKE MILITIAS MAKE The first mistake militias make is emulating the US military. It is perfectly natural that we should do this because how else to form up a group of war-fighters? But the militia is not the US military. I am going to repeat that, the militia is not the US military and the US military has as a part of its culture something that is pure poison to a militia, or any other volunteer group, but I am going to limit these posting to just militias. What is that poison? The poison is the idea that "Rank Has Its Privileges". Once again, the militia is not the military. In the military, rank does has its privileges. When the Colonials were forming the Continental Army, they did what a lot of today’s militias are doing, they copy the military of the home country. Have you ever thought why an army of a country that believes that all men are equal would allow certain members to have extra privileges? For the Colonials, their home country was Britain. In the British Army, at least back then, rank had it privileges because only those with privileges could have rank. The British Army sold officer commissions and only the rich aristocrats could afford them, and they were already privileged when they join and they kept that privilege after they joined. The American Army copied them and so rank still has its privileges. The U.S. Military can enforce the privileges because they have legal authority over its members. As a militia leader you only have conditional authority over the people that follow you. Think of it this way, there is a recruit going through basic training, let’s say he is in the Marine Corps at Parris Island and a drill instructor orders him to dig a hole and he says, and “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” I think we can agree that this recruit is going to have a really bad day. He can be punished because the Drill Instructor has the legal authority to do so, it comes from the Constitution through the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff all the way down to the Drill Instructor. Now, let’s say you are in charge of training militia recruits and I am a recruit and you tell me to dig a hole and I say, “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” What happens next? The answer is that I go home and you dig the hole. You have no legal recourse to stop me from leaving. Your authority is conditional, you only have it on the condition that I am willing to obey you. I have seen people get positions of rank or leadership roles time and again, and the position goes to their head and it poisons the group because they are more concerned about being important than in doing important work.In a volunteer group, when someone starts to think they are more important than the rest of the people, you are going to end up with a lot of people pissed off. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? The solution is to change RHIP to RHIR. Rank Has Its Responsibilities. The only proper way to keep the poison out is to understand that leadership in a militia is just another job that needs to be done. As volunteers, with no legal authority, all a militia can be is a group of people coming together for a common cause and no one is more important than anyone else. Yes, you do need officers and sergeants, because you need people who are looking at a bigger picture than someone who is on the front line that has a limited view of what is going on, but you are nothing special if you hold rank and you are NOT more important than anyone else. Besides not being more important than anyone else, a leader has to work harder than other people. A corporal will work harder than a private, a sergeant will work harder than a corporal, and lieutenant will work harder than a sergeant, and so forth. In a militia Rank Has Its Responsibilities. Everyone who joins a militia should ask this question when they elect their leaders of any rank. That question is, “Does this person work harder than everyone else?” If the answer is no, then don’t elect them to that position. Think of it like this. Let us say that I am your commander and you are my second in command and I tell you we need a hole dug here, but you tell me that all the militia members are busy getting important training. There are two responses I could give. First, I could say, “I don’t care what they are doing, get someone over here to dig this hole.” Or I could say, “I guess we need to find ourselves a couple of shovels to get this hole dug.” Which type of response is the most likely to inspire people to follow me? Which type of leader would you most like to follow? THE SECOND MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE IS NOT UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF THE MILITIA. For a volunteer group, that has no legal authority to command, every leader will have to convince their people to do what they ask. This will require leaders to explain what they want and why the want it what happens if they win and what happens if they fail. This is not a weakness. In fact, it is a great strength. Of course, the people you send to do a mission must be competent, but assuming they are, knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of their mission combined with the freedom to find solutions that work at that time and place gives you flexibility that will allow you to exploit opportunities when they come along. The second point I need to mention is that the militia is by default, an ultra-light infantry. I've heard the militia called "light infantry" or "Light Foot", but Militia’s do not possess rockets, grenades, grenade launchers, machine guns, light mortars, etc, etc. that every light infantry unit in the world has, and therefore is an Ultra-light infantry. The US military primarily relies on firepower, mainly because no one can match it that arena, so that makes sense, but an ultra-light infantry will have to use different doctrines, strategies, and tactics than even a US military light infantry battalion, although there is always overlap. This lack of firepower necessitates the use of more stealth tactics and demands a high level of expertise from you members. Third, we also have to recognize that the US military is a strategically offensive institution. It is designed to attack anywhere in the world, and has the equipment and logistics to take the fight to the enemy. The militia is a strategically defensive institution when it comes to war-fighting. War has to come into its sphere of influence. It stays in place to guard and to react to aggression. Don’t confuse being strategically defensive with being tactically defensive, as it may very well be the case that a militia unit may initiate a tactical fight if local circumstances dictate it. Now, this strategic defensiveness only applies to violence, we should be strategically offensive in every other area, such as politics. The fourth point to note about the nature of the militia is in the realm of Politics, which are forbidden for the US military to be involved in, should be a natural and important part of the militia’s doctrine to fight the evil of the socialists. We should work to take control of the government and the courts, using legal means and only legal means, to stop the infection of socialism in the halls of power and in court rooms. If a large number of militia people can be gathered together and organized on a state level, let us say 5000 people (not all of them have to be under arms), that would make a very potent ground team to put behind a campaign for a militia approved candidate. It could go a long way into compensating for a socialist candidate that has the backing of globalist billionaires I I am going to continue this essay in another post so as to keep them reasonably long. ReplyForward ReplyForward
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    Close the UN building, defund the organization and permanently deport all the ambassadors and their entire staffs!
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    I don't believe for a second he could secure 15,000 "troops". The last time it was reported that he had a thousand; it was closer to a hundred. Nevertheless, if he brings anywhere near that many to whatever area he chooses (and actually lets someone know they'll be there ahead of time) there could definitely be blood. That's what the Left wants--bodies in the streets. The younger, the better. There will be teenagers behind those masks, guaranteed. So here's how we approach it...we choose to be smart, and we choose to be Americans. What I mean by this is simple; if we must be there (and we probably should be), we remember our role. We are DEFENSE. We are BACKUP. If they make their plans known, there will definitely be a significant police presence there, and likely the National Guard behind them. WE STAY OUT OF THE WAY, and on their six. Let the guys who are supposed to handle it, handle it...until they can't. At that point, we do exactly what we're there to do--we have their six! That's not what they want. They want to spark confrontation. They want us to do something stupid, take a swing, fire a shot. They want US to start the war, despite that they are the ones provoking it. Don't give them what they want. We're Americans. They have the right to assemble. They have the right to bear arms. They have the right to spout whatever stupid thing comes from their mouths. They even have the right (whether we like it or not) to burn the American Flag. Let them. None of this is illegal, and all of it is protected by the same Constitution we're sworn to defend. So defend it. It's only after THEY do something stupid, and the police/army react, and are beaten back--only then to we get involved. Only then, when they've broken the law and people/property are in danger, and the forces who are supposed to contain it cannot...only then do we step up and fulfill our role as America's last line of defense. That's the smart play.
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    What Is Your Decision?

    Please watch the video to it's conclusion before you answer this question. And if you agree then please spread the link to this video and get the word out.
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    The events of the last three months have infuriated me more than I can tell you. But it isn't Antifa, the left, or the mainstream media that trouble me. I've always expected those factions to be disgusting and shameless. So their antics haven't surprised me at all. Right now, what makes me want to go Biblical and "rend my clothes" is seeing how naive and mentally disarmed the American right is... I've listened to the patriot community bluster and pontificate about the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment for 30 years. But while they've consoled and reassured one another with cheap words, the left was busy making devastating, tactical moves that led to our current situation. Who would have imagined, after three months of uncostitutional house arrest, followed by nationwide race-riots (both over corporate-media psyops) that every faction of resistance would be so quiet you could hear a pin drop? How did it come to this? Books could be written on the radical/corporate takeover of our media and education system. More books could be written on the replacement of authentic, regional culture with global, corporate mono-culture (and how that robbed everyone of the ability to assert their identity and values... or pass them to their children). Those were some of the most important battles of the last 50 years. And they were lost without contest. If we had time, we could talk about how 18th century, Enlightenment ideals (materialism, individualism, and rationalsim) poisoned our well of cultural ideas and guaranteed the ascendency of the radical left. But there's really no time for any of that anymore... Zooming in on the current situation, there are a lot of practical reasons why everybody feels paralyzed. It's one thing to talk and fantasize about some scenario for years... It's another thing to suddenly be in that scenario and realize none of the groundwork has been laid to do what you always thought you would do. A handful of things come to mind: 1) People don't know each other. There are hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions) who have spent the last 10 years chattering with each other on the internet who are horrified by our present situation... Tons of them live within five miles or less of each other. But they've never made any attempt to get off their computers, meet one another, build trust, and form self-sufficient communities in the real world. Now they're all sitting alone in front of their flickering monitors reading daily rage-bait updates from the corporate news. 2) There's no widespread use of reliable communication that could survive disruption. What would people do if their phone and internet service was suddenly switched off? Would they say, "no problem" and hop on HAM radio? ... Something else? I don't think the vast majority of people have thought about this at all. 3) FOOLISH reliance on big tech companies. A friend of mine was sputtering in disbelief, the other day, that Instagram shut down his page to organize a community defense-force for his neighborhood. I wanted to smack him in the back of his head. What did he expect? ... That the companies organizing all this chaos would give him a platform to defend against it?? My jaw hit my desk when I came here and saw links to sign in through Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Why does anybody even HAVE a Google account? Why does anybody even HAVE a Facebook account? 4) A soccer-mom's understanding of security. How many people are doing and saying moronic things through their naked IP and their phone carrier's text-messaing app because they don't know any better? How many people don't know the first thing about encrytion? There are so many outstanding tools, which are so well documented and easy to use. But the overwhelming majority of people are unwilling to make any sacrifices to the speed and convenience of their normal routine in order to use and learn them. The Electronic Frontier Foundation maintains user-friendly documentation on every one of them. Give yourself a little test, and see if the results surprise you: https://panopticlick.eff.org/ 5) Complete reliance on the supply-chain. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck with nothing stored away, and no knowledge of how to grow and store food, hunt, purify water, perform basic medical care, etc, etc. After three weeks of major disruption they'd be offering their firstborn for a retun to normalcy. 6) No cultural or community organizations to communicate and organize through. This ties together several ideas from the previous points... If anybody thinks they're going to organize (and maintain organization) through the internet, they've got another thing coming... Good luck posting anything on social media other than "Black Lives matter," and "Stay home, save lives." You'll be banned as soon as you hit submit. And it's only going to get worse. 7) No way to get your side of the story out to the broader public. It makes no difference what you do (or how noble and true your premises are)... if the usual suspects can just get behind their media/tech bullshorns to slander you and promote a false interpretation of what you're doing. I entitled this post "The 'Wake Up Call' That Didn't Happen," because these are all the questions we need to be soul-searching and brainstorming about right now. But I don't see that soul-searching. And I don't see that brainstorming. All I see is the same magical thinking and normalcy bias that got us here in the first place. Lets have some of these discussions and be real. Our position is absolutely awful right now. And these are most of the practical reasons why.
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    What are we going to do?

    Okay, I see that there are 12 people that are following this site and it seems that all of us are fairly new to the site. Does the group physically meet? Face to face, the way the men of old did. Things are deteriorating quickly and the only way to protect our way of lives and liberty is to physically be united, not virtually. The only group besides the Army that I have been involved in was the Boy Scouts, and neither of those groups were virtual. It saddens me to say that I have lost all faith in our country and the clowns running it. As for the the Great State of Alaska It’s leaders are just a smaller version of the same shit show! They exist only to advance themselves and have control over us. I have only lived here for 3 years and moved my family here with the internet of starting a new life away from the rotten, crime ridden, homeless infested lower 48. Now with corona they are intend to take our way of life and everything that we hold dear. I will not allow the Army or Air Force to inject anything into my body or my family’s body again. Bill Gates with the help of our tyrannical government intend to run our lives. The only way to stop them is to unite!!
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    Looks like the new world order to me boys. The question is do I want to live in a America like that. Vaccines, Waring mask being tracked constitutional rights abolished police state, people reporting on their neighbors... Seems to me if you don't comply with the whole program game over for you. It's know longer a conspiracy theory it's reality. More important to focus on a rational solution to end this dismantling of everything our forefathers fought for ,,, everything our grandfather's fought for our fathers ourselves and our children... The decision we make today is the life our grandchildren will have to indure. Maybe some of you can comply and adjust,,,I can't brothers I have already paid the price for this freedom and I'm not giving it up to these freaking tyrants now.
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    Hello everyone. From massapequa area and brand new to the group. I am heavily proficient in small team tactics, lone wolf operations, land nav, combat medicine, etc. I run a local gun store and am extremely handy with multiple weapon platforms. I’ve been active on Facebook and Instagram, but to be honest the “community” is really starting to disappoint. I feel like leadership is pushing toward people calling others “poors” because they slapped a rifle together for under $1,500 instead of praising each other for deciding to take a stand against tyranny. The people that are leading this cause seem to be a bunch of basement dwelling mommas boys only interested in shooting up their parent’s yards with their equally retarded friends. It is of my own thought that us New Yorkers stand behind enemy lines and, although it may prove difficult I would love to see some real cooperation into actually turning this community into real freedom fighters and patriots. Now, more than ever, we need to unite.
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    I would like to see a link to the Fox News report. I'm not seeing anything about this on their website.
  34. 9 points

    Member Duncan Lemp - Murdered

    Don’t really know how to reply.... prayers for the family a safe recovery for the significant other and justice for the ones at fault.
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    For once in the last 4 years of this sites push we are finally seeing militias painted in a positive light... now we must continue
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    John Last

    List of active militias by area

    I read, some time ago, that about 40? of the States have "state guard/state defense" forces. These are basically a reserve/auxiliary component to the National Guard. They are associated with the state (through the NG) but, as I recall, cannot be federalized or used outside the state. These are more closely aligned with what people normally think of, when they hear the word Militia. My understanding is, these are the Governor's forces and cannot be taken from his control. There is a statewide command structure (same officers as National Guard?), and certain minimum standards to be met. Sounds good, but if you're in Virginia right now, you'd be under control of the blackface Governor. Speaking personally, I prefer a county system of strictly volunteers, taking authority from the County Sheriff; or not, depending on the circumstances.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    Well like you i ran the largest facebook gun group for my state... we had the peak before they shut us down at 25k members. My name megatron is mostly because he is a huge asshole who is sarcastic and breaks the will of the enemy's to fight him. I don't believe in larger groups for many reasons.... 1 they don't work and you can't get people to show up and train.. 2 they are easy to infiltrate and become a target . my idea for squad or fire team size comes from the book the patriot and it makes sense... you have better control and a leaderless team means your not relying one guy to give out all commands. I often find most groups to be silly with the made up ranks and titles so i don't take it seriously when someone tells me they are the co of ....xyz just don't really care. Tell me that you have 4 to 10 solid guys who can train one day a month and get stuff done and i''ll be impressed.

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