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Florida East Central Minutemen


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The goal and frame work of the Minutemen is to bring together people within their local community, to organize and prepare.

A friend even at 50 miles away may not be able to come to your help if we were to experience any of the following:
  • Power Grid failure
  • Lack of supplies
  • Riots
  • Social chaos
  • Martial Law
  • other
For the old concept of the Minutemen to work, people must be united in their communities (10 - 20 miles max) in order to bring support to one another.
Counties of: Brevard; Flagler; Indian River; Lake; Martin; Orange; Osceola; Okeechobee; Seminole; St. Lucie; Volusia.
"Minutemen were members of well-prepared militia companies of select men from the American colonial partisan militia during the American Revolutionary War. They provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats, hence the name.

The minutemen were among the first people to fight in the American Revolution. Their teams constituted about a quarter of the entire militia. Generally younger and more mobile, they served as part of a network for early response. Minuteman andSons of Liberty member Paul Revere was among those who spread the news that the British Regulars (soldiers) were coming out from Boston. Revere was captured before completing his mission when the British marched toward the arsenal inConcord to confiscate the weapons and ammunition that were stored there.[1]

The term has also been applied to various later United States civilian-based paramilitary forces to recall the success and patriotism of the originals.
Most Colonial militia units were provided neither arms nor uniforms, and were required to equip themselves. Many simply wore their own farmers' or workmans' clothes, and in some cases they wore cloth hunting frocks"

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