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Georgia Militia


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We are Georgia Militia and by Georgia’s own constitution completely legal. We are Americans first and completely support and defend our constitution and bill of rights.  Georgia Militia is a band of Georgia residents who band together and are likeminded individuals.  We stand to promote and defend the principles of just government bequeathed to us by our forefathers to ensure that all citizens regardless of race, color, religion, sex, natural origin retain those inalienable rights granted to us by God and in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We acknowledge a responsibility and exercise our rights as established in the Constitution of the United States to maintain our militia and train our members in the many disciplines necessary to the function of the militia both as a whole and to the members individually. We acknowledge responsibility to educate our members in correct history, law and principles of a republic form of government. GA Militia does not advocate overt acts of violence and/or aggression of any kind, we remain a defense force only. We are here to defend the weak and to support our follow Americans/Georgians from enemy foreign and domestic. We also support our local police, fire department, and state officials as needed. They need to understand we will always have their backs. Again we are defense force only and are here to serve.

New recruit, Sign up and put your honor where your heart is! 

Georgia Militia is always looking for few good man and women. Join up and see for yourselves.
No military experience required, we will train you. Also, we are more than a militia, we are a 
Band of Brothers. We look out after one another and each other's families while we prepare of the worst but hope for the best.

Can you be counted on to be one of us? Do you have the heart or the honor?

You will learn:

How to protect you and your family

Survival techniques

Medical training

Combat and how to survive while kicking ass 

Different kinds of equipment and how to use them

How to live off the land and this includes farming and water usage 

Team up with like-minded people

Train in Army tactics

Train your mind, body, and soul 

And the list goes on. 

There is no obligation. All you need to be is a citizen of Georgia. 
Fill out form and one of our officers will contact you to start the process and answer all your questions

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