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The Three Percenters - Original - Georgia


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This group was created to help further the Three Percenter’s cause, which will allow us to learn of other patriots in our state, and organize on a local setting to discuss and prepare for matters at hand. We are guided by the Constitution of the United States and the National Bylaws; therefore, each member should have an understanding of what is in it. This group is designed to establish ACTION. Talking about fixing our nation has gone on far too long now. We're here because we share common beliefs and be a positive influence on our communities, and be stewards and protectors of our Constitutional Republic. We believe in liberty, freedom and a constitutionally restrained government run by We the People. You and I have the courage to say there is a price we will not pay there is a point which they must not advance. We are the protectors. We will take a stand against tyranny when needed and by all means necessary. We will assist our communities in response and recovery of all natural and man-made disasters. However, this will be conducted at the direction of law enforcement unless the situation dictates otherwise. Our primary mission is as a defense force, not a paramilitary offensive force. This is a professional organization. We're not here to play games or waste time nor are we here to argue. We are here to be an asset to each other and our communities. Dissent, infighting, or in any way representing the organization in a negative light cannot and will not be tolerated. We will be judged by the actions of our members, therefore, we must be a positive example in the community. Due to the nature of our mission, we must be very selective about our membership. Those who have been identified as violating community standards, are found guilty of crimes, or do not appropriately represent the organization will be subject to removal pending State Leadership’s decision. Any discussion deemed obscene, racist, threatening or sexually oriented will not be tolerated. This also extends to your personal postings. Understand that you are representing something bigger than yourself, and that we will be judged by our members’ actions. Do not post material that violates law. Keep profanity to a minimum or avoid completely. Do not engage in insults or name calling. You will be removed. I encourage everyone to invite like-minded individuals to join our group, but do not add them to the group on your own accord. Let people make their own decisions. We promote and encourage open discussion on all matters pertaining to the patriot cause. Being a Three Percenter is a way of life. There are no membership fees. Remember, we do not seek after violence, but if violence is ever called for, WE are the III% of the population that will stand and fight against tyranny. National page: www.facebook.com/threepercenters/ Website: www.thethreepercenters.org/ Store: www.thethreepercenters.ecwid.com/ Twitter: @ThreePercenters

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