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Militia Wanted Montana


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Militia Wanted Groups are My Militias Facebook Recruiters , We only use Facebook for recruitment purposes. If you are having trouble finding a unit , this is an option we have to try to help you. Likewise if you are a unit looking for members , wouldn't hurt to join the facebook recruiter for your state and post about your unit.

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Montana, United States

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Hello, Spiritwomyn!


I just wanted to get to know everyone who is a member, in Montana.  I live in Illiinois, right now, but I'm getting out of this state, next Spring.  Hope to see you, sometime.


When that happens, there will be another member in such a large State.  My good lady has a lot to learn about guns, survival, and self-defense.  She will likely become a member, too.  We will be located in the Bozeman area.  I'm told that Bozeman is Montana's "liberal land".  Maybe I can change a few minds.


Steven "Headhunter" Miller

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As to changing minds in today's "youts", we will see.  Perhaps I can hook up with some patriots, in that area, and bring them into the militia.  The larger and more active the organization is, in Montana, the more people will join.  Possibly, we could work with other like-minded groups, like the III-Percenters.


As for me, I was a sniper with the 101st Airborne, in Vietnam.  My primary weapon is ... believe it or not ... a 1929 Russian Mosin-Nagant with a new polymer stock and Timney Trigger (with a 1.5 lb pull).  The stock uses 10-round removable magazines.  I will equip it with scope, as soon as possible, and I can guaran-dang-tee you that this weapon will give tight groupings at 1000 yards.  Also, I'm well-equipped with tactical gear, including a "Fritz".


Looking forward to seeing the mountains, again.

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My family has served every branch. My older brother was one of the last to sign for Vietnam but they never sent him out. He did his time at Fort Ord.

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