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The unorganized militia of preble county


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Welcome to the recruitment  information site for the preble / butler county militia. 

            we are a constitutionally based militia, that is forming to protect and serve our families, friends , communities and country in times of need and unrest. We work together to enhance knowledge , skills and experience to better enable us to provide service to others should be be called upon to serve.

           We are NOT believers in violence and uprisings for the sake of unwarranted provocation to achieve hidden goals or agendas.  We are NOT  nazi sympathizers. We are NOT traitors or treasonous to our constitution or counrty.

         We will accept recruits without exception to race , religion or counrty. 


    To obtain more information , or to join , please send the following information in your e-mail

 1. gender

 2. age (you must be at least 18 tears of age)

 3.county of residence

 4. any militiary  or law enforcement background 

5. any experience with martial arts  or  firearms

 6. explain what your idea of the militia is , and the reason you believe a volunteer militia is needed.

 7. explain why you would like or need to become part of a militia .

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preble county, ohio

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