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Mission Statement

It is the duty of the citizen's militia to protect and defend the unalienable Rights of all members of the community. Under no circumstances will the Texas State Militia tolerate those who advocate acts of criminal violence, terrorism, or racism. All members must understand the duties and obligation of both citizens and government under the US and Texas Constitutions.

Our purpose is to provide an independent layer of protection between our families, our elderly, and the weak in our communities against a disaster or threat.....while serving those who are less fortunate and the brave who have died so we might see the fruit of freedom that on this day becomes of a threat from an unstable world.

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Texas, United States

Recommended Comments

While we encourage all fellow patriots,  please note that the Texas State Militia Phoenix Unit is not currently part of the TSM charter and is a separate organization.


For further information or any interest in the Texas State Militia charter units, please go to www.texasstatemilitia.info

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I may be moving to Texas soon (September First), I’m an ARMY Combat Vet (Desert Storm, BS-WMU, with my own Ham License, Fiancés & Weapons (AR & Handguns).

1 Me 010120.jpg

2 Me 010101.gif




Desert Storm 1.jpg

Desert Storm 2.jpg

Vet Admin ID 022916.jpg

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