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Anchorage's Constitutional Militia, Anchorage Municipality Defense Force


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The Anchorage Municipality Defense Force is a constitutional citizen’s militia. Our organization stands to peacefully defend our communities, the rights demanded by our constitution, and liberties each citizen is issued at birth. We strive to train ourselves and our communities in medical/ first aid, tactical defense, disaster relief and overall self-preservation. Without political, bigoted, or religious agendas, we embrace all able bodied citizens as a potential minuteman. We operate completely independent of any state organization, but may assist local law enforcement and other officials during in case of disaster relief or like need. We are not an offensive force, and do not affiliate with any such activity. The militia trains to be ready when others may not be there to support us. Just as the second amendment states:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

When Thomas Jefferson drafted this line, he likely thought of the many examples throughout history where the given right to defend yourselves had been fought. The people always prevailed over their oppressors in time, and our forefathers lead the prime example. They knew this right would be challenged, and ensured it was protected clearly in this amendment. Well regulated requires that the militia is structured, just as the minutemen of their time met and trained to defend. In today’s society, the modern peoples militia serves as a defensive force, trained to defend these written rights and their community.

Our area of operations is within the Municipality of Anchorage and begins south at portage, and ends north at the Knik River bridge. We are 100% volunteer and potential members must live within the area of operations. Anyone inquiring on membership must leave personal agendas at the door and must demonstrate quality moral and ethical compass. Anchorage Municipality Defense force is an independent citizen’s militia, not associated with any state or divisional organization outside of itself. We are partners with other militias, who match our peaceful agenda, across the state of Alaska to plan and share resources and training.

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