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Arizona Freedom Militia


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The Arizona State Militia is headquartered in the vicinity of Cochise County Arizona. We are comprised of volunteer citizens throughout the state. Our recruitment process insures that radical, mentally unstable, or prior-felons are EXCLUDED from membership. We are a law-abiding, non-racist, non-radical unit. We train for defensive operations only and follow the direction of our Command Council at may support Constitutional requests for assistance by our Governor or Legislature.

As Arizona's premier group of law-abiding, Constitutional Patriots we strive to improve our communities and to help our members hone and sharpen their skills. We will use these skills to help our local communities in case of emergency or natural disaster. We pride ourselves on the fact we are an open group accepting all races, genders, religious background and sexual orientation with open arms. In life as well as the fight for freedom we are all equal are we not? 

We are Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters and under it all we are Patriots! We stand for the preservation of our constitution as well as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without interference. The Praetorian Guard is a defensive force and will answer the call from state leadership in times of emergency. Additionally, we regularly contribute to the well-being of our community by providing assistance in times of need, or to those unable to provide for themselves.

We participate in activities throughout the state as needed or requested by law-abiding, like-minded militia units.

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Cochise County Arizona

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