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Looking in Western Washington. Puget Sound area


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6C33CBD7-2690-4B2B-894C-86281971EB1B.jpeg.08c50f18c2d594ada6be3aa0e5adaba3.jpeg5BABF2E2-5AD5-4096-99E7-07212727D4AC.jpeg.f548bb82602065df89c9ac525cb8f520.jpegC356B422-3178-4D9D-BAFD-5E967611312F.thumb.jpeg.01098988b33d0b559b2b799df8a21b9f.jpeg12159289-AF68-4BB7-A8CC-4E2E63D1AE89.jpeg.707f4eb257501d80387160db0b67aea6.jpeg808B3738-BE41-455D-8F4C-94852B28BE50.jpeg.d5d5ecf5ec9ae9aae68dfca094db516b.jpegBB779609-1117-4567-B195-53AE7A006C0A.jpeg.6ddd54bba284f3cb73acfa926622afe8.jpegUnited States Marine with 0311 and 0211 experience, as well as being a former Private Military Contractor paid member of The Oath Keepers, and a III Percenter. Looking for well organised militia in the Puget Sound Area that may be looking for a Counterintelligence/Intelligence Officer. 

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Washington, 98087

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