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Constitutional Militia:  
Illinois Sons of liberty is active in all counties, helping with disaster relief, community training and a wide variety of community oriented projects. Our motto is "Friends, Family, Community" and we mean it, everything we do is aimed at one of those 3 things. Further we stand with law enforcement and our local governments, we have an open door policy for any law enforcement agency to come to our meetings or events and check them out. We want to work as a team with law enforcement and other community organizations (city government, fire departments, hospitals etc) to help the general population in the event of a disaster.  
Who We Are:   
Are you concerned about the safety, security or future of the Untied States of America and Illinois state? You may be the type of person that is aware of the serious threats to our American way of life, our freedoms, and even our lives. In the event of martial law, civil unrest or many other declared emergencies, whether manufactured or not, the militia is the response to secure the safety and prosperity of the people, because WE ARE THE PEOPLE . In the event of a threat to America or the state, the Illinois Sons of Liberty will stand to protect our own communities from harm, whether that threat is foreign or domestic. This would require the immediate attention of the People and the militia is that solution.

The Illinois Sons of Liberty (ILSL) is an unorganized militia. As clearly stated by our founding fathers, the militia is the whole people. The militia is every law abiding, able-bodied man in the United States of America, except those who hold public office, such as judges, legislators, etc as defined in 10 US Code, Section 311, the unorganized Militia is comprised of all able-bodied men who are not in the regular Military or the National Guard.
Any man or woman in Illinois who lives in the state and has lived in the state for the past six months, and is not otherwise disqualified, is a member of the militia-at-large.
Freedom loving, patriotic Americans make up the foundation and structure of the ILSL. ILSL members are regular people who are concerned about the state and/or federal government’s political direction, and the government’s total disregard to their oath of office, and/or the sovereignty of the United States of America.
If you are an American, and you believe and support the Constitution for the United States of America and the Illinois State Constitution, then you are welcome in the Illinois Sons of Liberty, regardless of age, race, creed, color, tint, or hue; regardless of your religion (or lack thereof); regardless of your political affiliation (or lack thereof); regardless of anything else.
Negative Propaganda:
Contrary to what the media, all levels of the U.S. government, even foreign heads of state and terrorist organizations are saying about militias in the United States, the ILSL has no interest, or intentions of any kind to disrupt or destroy the infrastructure of the United States. Nor is the ILSL planning, plotting or supporting any actions, by any group or individuals against any utility companies, U.S. military installations or government agencies. The ILSL is committed to defending the freedoms and Rights of the People of the United States.

* is NOT a terrorist training network;
* is NOT a neo-Nazi, racist, or skin head organization;
* is NOT the National Guard or any other form of government agency;
* is NOT a private army subject to the dictates of any individual, corporation, or other group;
* is NOT a launch pad of any religious agenda or political parties;
* is NOT a group of paranoid, conspiracy theorists;
* is NOT a supporter or believer of the United Nations or any other form of any one world or socialist government;
* IS a supporter of the 5 branches of the U.S. Armed Forces;
* IS a deterrent and defensive force for Illinois state;
* IS a first response mechanism for disasters either natural or man-made;
* IS a legacy passed from our forefathers to us; and from us to our posterity;
* IS an organization of, by and for Illinois, the United States of America, and the people whom they serve under their respective constitutions.
Purpose of the ILSL:
To network with concerned like-minded people
* To promote the safe, responsible and lawful use of firearms
* To train and maintain a high level of readiness in support of our communities
* To secure individual rights and liberties
* To support and maintain a free state
* To repel all enemies (either foreign or domestic), those who attempt to subvert our constitutions, or violate the sovereignty of our country and/or state
* To oppose all forms of socialism, fascism, Marxism and communism, and all governments, laws, policies, officials and political organizations that support and promote them, as these organizations are in opposition and conflict to the constitutions
* To maintain a defensive posture
* To prove to the opposition that the ILSL does not advocate the targeting of individuals or groups, or the UNLAWFUL overthrow of the republic
Mission Statement:
The mission of the ILSL is to provide information, training, and basic organization to 'the People' to ensure a timely and effective response to community emergencies.




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· Edited by Headhunter


I liked what I saw in that picture.  Did I see some Kevlar on a couple heads?  I "bit the bullet" and invested in in a Fritz, about a year ago.  You can't cook a meal like in the old steel pot ... or take a dump, when necessary ... but Kevlar works one heckuva lot better.  I bought mine from Fort Bragg Military Surplus.  As we head for winter, I need a good camo parka ... at 70, the old frame doesn't warm up so easy.


Also, top row, second from left, I see a leftie.  I shoot left-handed, although I'm right-handed.  Almost perfect eyesight in the left eye.


I've got to finish re-building my Mosin, so I can provide some good long-range cover for all of you.  I'd like to have an ATACR 5-25x56 scope.  I guarantee you that I can knock a gnat off a tit at 2000 yards, when I'm zeroed in.


Looks like a fine group of men, and I'm proud to be part of them, now.  I looking forward to meetin' y'all (Yep!  I lived over 20 years in Arkansas).


Anyway, I think that I'm going to feel like a young man among you.  God bless, fellas, and check your six occasionally!


BTW, I saw that 3-Percenter down on the first row!

Response from the author:

Hi headhunter. Yep thats kevlar. Got mine at fort bragg surplus also. Actually I've got a lot of stuff from them. Good hearing from you. Keep the powder dry brother.


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True Patriots 

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As a member of this group, I can attest to the fact that this is a very good group. We train on a regular basis and have a very knowledgeable group of guys. I truly feel I can count on every member.


ILSL 4th Battalion

Charlie Company Commander

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