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United States Freedom Army


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When the Founder first launched the US Freedom Army he stated, “Initially we will only be recruiting and assembling the army. This is an all-volunteer army. Once the army is of sufficient size we will install a command structure. You will receive information from this website periodically updating our progress and commenting on certain current events. We want as many volunteers as we can, even if you are unable to participate. Your country needs you to be a volunteer and we will work to make you a volunteer. We cannot allow the systematic destruction of our freedom to continue for much longer.”


That was in 2013.  Where are we now?  Unfortunately, still looking for reliable volunteers who are willing to step into leadership positions to establish a command structure.  


The USFA is divided into 7 Divisions (regions), each comprised of several States.  Each separate State is a Brigade and is potentially divided into at least 2 Regiments, with further subdivisions of Regiments that may include Battalions, Companies, Platoons and Squads as appropriate.


We are seeking qualified and motivated persons to fill leadership positions all across the US.  One need not be a veteran of the military to fill such a position; the only requirement is that you are a committed patriot who sees the need to be active in countering the socialist threat that is destroying America.


The Founder went on to say, “What will happen if you become a member? When the army is properly constructed we will from time to time send you emails asking you to participate in various events. This could include meetings, conventions, protests, signing petitions, marches, etc. You do not have to participate and can ignore the email but if you choose to participate we will put you in touch with someone in charge of the event and you can respond to that person directly. Conversely you, as a member, can request a list of members to attend some function you are sponsoring. If the function is approved, you will be provided a membership list for your area.”


What do our members do currently?  Several States and Divisions have leaders assigned, and those leaders are busy trying to reach out to our existing and new members to entice them to become leaders themselves and/or become a more active volunteer.  What we have encountered over the past 5 years is that our membership base, by and large, is not interested in supporting the Freedom Army in any way.  Too many of our members took the Founder at his word that they don’t have to participate!  (To be fair, there are a handful of our members who actively engage in our monthly Call to Action and they, along with others, help with donations to keep the organization alive.)


With the advent of our new Commander, those old rules have changed somewhat.  No longer is the USFA interested in having “dead wood” members who do nothing to support our organization.  In order to be effective combating the socialist threat, we need everyone to participate in one way or another.


The last item the Founder addressed was, “Your country needs you to volunteer. When the Supreme Court met to discuss Obamacare there were only a few hundred patriots who were outside. When important things of this nature come up again in the future we want 100,000 volunteers in uniform ready to make our feelings known. We cannot tolerate any more unconstitutional rulings and we must have a presence to make our positions evident. These are the kinds of things you may get involved in in the near future. The force of numbers is powerful!”


We stand at a crossroads in America – in one direction lie freedom and its joys; the other direction leads to socialism along with its despair and destruction.


Yes, it is that simple – and that dire.


Our time is short.  We NEED you to volunteer and be active; we NEED you to lead; we NEED you to donate – time, money, or both!


Without your support in one or more of these areas, the USFA will continue to languish and our mission will remain unmet – the mission to reach the masses with the knowledge of what our Constitution actually says so Americans can readily recognize unconstitutional laws and regulations when they come up, whether at the Federal, State or local level.  When the populace is uninformed, the political class will continue to take advantage of us at every turn.  As our Founder noted, “The force of numbers is powerful!”


Take the time to read through our website and ponder the articles you find here.  When you discover that our passion is a return to Constitutional governance and a full repeal of all the unconstitutional laws and regulations that have been foisted upon us by a sinister and all-too-often uninformed political class, then please join us.

And when I say “join” I mean become active!  Volunteer;  step up to be a leader; invest your time and your money to grow our influence; BE that warrior who stands in the gap between our freedom and the socialist threat that will lead us into global servitude.


Non sibi sed patriae - Hoc defendemus.  

(Not for self but for country – This we’ll defend.)

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