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Louisiana Citizen's Guard


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A Patriotic group of law abiding Louisiana residents safeguarding its citizens and the Constitution.
Our country the great and prosperous United States of America was founded by great men that believed tyranny was a sin against the spirit of humanity. They believed that “We the People” should have freedoms and liberties from tyrannical people so that we may live in peace and harmony. The freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom to bear arms, and many more freedoms that God has granted us. This however, is a fading dream that “We the People” have let go into an abyss. If you notice the “Great Seal” on the back of the US Dollar, the pyramid on the left is unfinished. This is a symbol left by our forefathers saying the USA is an unfinished project that the future generations must complete. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are that generation. No, not the generation to finish the project of the great USA, but the generation that has failed our forefathers, failed our country, and failed ourselves. We can reverse our failures into flowing clean rivers of success by being very involved citizens by voting, vetting our local, state, and federal politicians, holding them accountable to the highest standards, being educated, and making sure we do our civic duties. With these ideas in mind we can make a brighter and more prosperous republic for ourselves and more importantly the next generations to follow.

Today make sure to do your part and join the Louisiana Citizen's Guard so we can ensure a better tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/groups/843032522396136/

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Louisiana, United States

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