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GOP Illinois Grassroots Network


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The GOP Illinois Grassroots Network is a public wiki, collecting lose but relevant observations, and presenting ideas and solution where the GOP suspected of failure or inactivity.


Our trademark effort is to convince the public to abandon wasting time, effort, faith , money, and all other type of resources on things:
a) they are not able to influence because of remote location or size and scope.

b) which are not affecting their own lives, or the lives of their friend, relatives, communities.

c) which are not their job and responsibility, and not trusted to their care by others (avoid becoming self-appointed, a vigilante)


My personal purpose and preferred role in this is to provide the internet infrastructure and all necessary tools and services, for free of cost, to those who require it and qualify for it. As of today (23AUG2020) I am the only participant, and until that changes I am also the content developer, editor, and community builder... I do whatever is necessary to keep this grassroots alive, and gain participants.


Currently we are an online-only community, and our purpose is to never depend on some centralized authority - but create a participant community in every incorporated and unincorporated locations all throughout Illinois.


This link is provided to help keep you up to date as I am (or we are, when I find participants) developing our relevance to My Militia. If I (we) find no relevance I am going to remove this link.



Mr. Sandor Kunyik

Founder, GOP Illinois Grassroots Network


Link To

437 Cavalier Ct, Unit 301, West Dundee, Illinois, 60118, United States

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