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    A map of circumstance, brewed from fear and ignorance. The militia laws map is just that a non-conclusive, not your lawyer approach to the "Militia's Are Bad" moniker. The map was created to clear up general concerns on state by state militia laws. Better take a look you may be surprise just how accepted militias are in your state, in fact some are mandatory and your god given rights to protect yourself is evident in the 2nd amendment to the constitution. Knowledge is power. Familiarize your self with your local laws before you do anything in the ways of militias if not for anything else you can educate others. The restrictions to be aware of is conducting militia business across state lines, it opens up a whole new set of laws, regulations and standards. What may be ok in your state may not be in another and when connecting with other states your situation changes from a state to a federal concern. It's just how it is. And contrary to popular beliefs why we fought the civil war. The South wanted power to the states (like it should be) The North wanted power to the government, a centralized body (Washington DC) controlling whats allowed in all states. Most people do not understand that the civil war was not about slavery, that was only a way for the North to gain power. It’s all in the politics. If you have a question or need help the NRA has dedicated lawyers who can assist you, you can reach them by email - ILAlegal@nrahq.org

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