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    Here you will find relative news feeds from various news networks.


    On July 4th 2018 We decided to shift to a News Portal on the site instead for importing feeds into the forums. 


    The feeds were cluttering the new posts and activity searches on the site. with over 45,000 posts in the "Militia News" forum we found that less than 100 had replies.


    On July 1st 2018 the internet changed, Moving forward all pages that display non-secured content will trigger browser warnings. 


    Some of our feeds are using Googles feed burner which is not https compliant, this caused over 10,000 pages on the site to show "not secure", we ran a special program that downloaded all attachments from the threads and hosted them locally on our server in hopes to convert the threads to secure versions. This did not work as all content was showing not secure and not just images.


    The next step was the deleting of all the feeds, we then found some good feeds using proper protocols , the content they were serving was not as good.


    There was also a conflict between users not knowing where to post as we had a News Forum and a Current Events forum .... the News Forum has now been deleted...




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