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    As a citizen of the United States, you are a member of the Constitutionally guaranteed unorganized militia. 

    Everything you have heard about militias from the media is likely wrong. Main stream news has primarily reported on the negative stereotypes and criminal activity of groups that have nothing to do with militia. The true militia has exactly the opposite purpose; to uphold the law and the Constitution.  

    We are a growing community of Americans that believe that the supreme laws of our Constitution must be diligently protected and upheld. Fostering the lawful rebirth of State militia is a crucial step in preserving the Republic. 

    You are currently viewing the site as a guest which gives you limited access. Please take a moment to join our community and you will join thousands of members with access to special features. Registration is easy and free and carries no obligation. 

About This Militia

Ohio Gadsden Militia (OGM) is an unorganized militia, which means we are not associated with the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard. No members of either can be members of an unorganized militia. Are you concerned about the state of both our country and the State of Ohio? Are you concerned about the slow but constant stripping away of our Constitutional Rights? Are you ready to defend yourself and our rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Then join the Ohio Gadsden Militia. This page is for recruiting only.

Loyalty Oath - By joining our unit you hereby confirm you will abide to and be bound by the following oath...

I (name here) swear to support and defend the Ohio Gadsden Militia and the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
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  2. This will link you to the Ohio Gadsden Militia’s Facebook group. You will have to answer the questions to be accepted in, but once you’re accepted in you’ll be a member of the militia.

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