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    As a citizen of the United States, you are a member of the Constitutionally guaranteed unorganized militia. 

    Everything you have heard about militias from the media is likely wrong. Main stream news has primarily reported on the negative stereotypes and criminal activity of groups that have nothing to do with militia. The true militia has exactly the opposite purpose; to uphold the law and the Constitution.  

    We are a growing community of Americans that believe that the supreme laws of our Constitution must be diligently protected and upheld. Fostering the lawful rebirth of State militia is a crucial step in preserving the Republic. 

    You are currently viewing the site as a guest which gives you limited access. Please take a moment to join our community and you will join thousands of members with access to special features. Registration is easy and free and carries no obligation. 

About This Militia

Area code militias formed in 2020 and are coordinated and commanded by members within the locale. They are independent and not directed by a national command and are forbidden to operate beyond state lines. These militias are not intended to replace local units but too instead supplement them by identifying "points of contact" across the United States to establish and enhance area militia units. The leaders of the First Regiments will take the members in under their Unit, point members to already established units in their area or help them organize. These leaders will be people in good standing on the site and in their communities and must not possess any sort of blind aggression or delusions of grandeur. They must be aligned with the My Militia sites overall standards and mission.

Loyalty Oath - By joining our unit you hereby confirm you will abide to and be bound by the following oath...

  1. What's new in this militia
  2. I am in the Newark area, and am looking for a local militia. I teach ccw, and advanced defensive and offensive hand gun training with my Dad. We are both looking for a militia. We have over a 100 acres to train on.
  3. When President Trump is certified for re-election, all hell will break loose in the form of the antifa led chaos planned by their globalist, deep state, cabal handlers. Are any of you folks out there in Militia Land organizing for this? I would like to join a group, (while there is still time) to get in some training for what I believe is inevitable - the chaos mentioned above. Any Patriots feeling like minded, please contact me. WWGOWGA / SEMPER FI - email me: [email protected]
  4. Looking forward to it.
  5. Hello Ratchet1957, I'm temporarily in Columbus but will be moving to Groveport shortly. Sounds like we are fairly close. I used to live in the Lancaster area and am familiar with Amanda as well.
  6. I've replied to this site on at least two occasions and have heard nothing....Is anybody out there
  7. Glad to have you here , I am still hoping to get this off the ground and check in here from time to time and am notified of new posts , I am outside of Lancaster in between Amanda and Lancaster
  8. Everybody.....Get out and VOTE for the Greatest POTUS of all time - Donald J. Trump.
  9. I just joined and I would come to a meeting still trying to figure everything out
  10. Still waiting ? By my count we have 15 tentative members of the 740 ACM looking to meet and greet ! Get in on the ground floor as a "Plank Owner" and Charter Member !
  11. Lets get the ball rolling here , I can either Lead , Follow and/or get out of your way lol , The weather has been pretty good and if COVID-19 is your concern we can meet at my place out in the country , I have a large garage that will hold a number of people and yet still leave room for "social distancing" , If agreeable maybe we can set a date to have a cook-out/ meet and greet ??
  12. anyone interested in something like that whenever we are out from under this national emergency , I would like to find out how sincere we are in being ready for the next big crisis and put what we learned from this one to good use and help each other be better prepared ! I for one am a 62 y.o disabled Navy Vet and love meeting like minded people who share my love for God and Country and for my fellow man and of course the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of this great country !
  13. I resized this to just a tad smaller
  14. How is everyone in the 740 Militia doing ? I am available to provide limited assistance , Have food and water and some basic medical supplies as well as able to provide security and protection ! This is what we are supposed to be all about !

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