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    As a citizen of the United States, you are a member of the Constitutionally guaranteed unorganized militia. 

    Everything you have heard about militias from the media is likely wrong. Main stream news has primarily reported on the negative stereotypes and criminal activity of groups that have nothing to do with militia. The true militia has exactly the opposite purpose; to uphold the law and the Constitution.  

    We are a growing community of Americans that believe that the supreme laws of our Constitution must be diligently protected and upheld. Fostering the lawful rebirth of State militia is a crucial step in preserving the Republic. 

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About This Militia

Area code militias formed in 2020 and are coordinated and commanded by members within the locale. They are independent and not directed by a national command and are forbidden to operate beyond state lines. These militias are not intended to replace local units but too instead supplement them by identifying "points of contact" across the United States to establish and enhance area militia units. The leaders of the First Regiments will take the members in under their Unit, point members to already established units in their area or help them organize. These leaders will be people in good standing on the site and in their communities and must not possess any sort of blind aggression or delusions of grandeur. They must be aligned with the My Militia sites overall standards and mission.

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  2. Would your group be interested in a running chat window in place of the topics for every post?
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    Meeting possible?

    Will we simply Submit, if some persons shows up at our home and demands to stick something up our nose will you submit, iff so then please just pull down your pants bend over and prepare to get fucked, Is this or is this not America, Where did everyones balls go better questions wtf happened to their brains, I can answer that very clearly so that people can understand fyi
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    Meeting possible?

    This ain't shit last reply was like 2 weeks ago dammit Why America Why you gotta do us like this.. seriously this is not how you get ready for a fight, getting ready for a fight , if you're lucky you have a couple minutes if you're lucky that reality.. We're totally fucked
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    Meeting possible?

    There should be thousands in every little town this shit doesn't work, I can't go out with signs and flyers because I lack transportation and money
  6. Guest

    Meeting possible?

    Anyone around Lebanon? , I could certainly use some backup but this seems pointless there should be like a hundred thousand or so here
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    Meeting possible?

    How Do I talk, How do I say something? Other than comments because I have A Lot to say
  8. The one across the street from the store there? That sounds fantastic to me. Monday I will be heading into Medford for a few errands but I will be free the rest of the week so any day should be fine. The pizza there is pretty good for being out here, so count me in. I will see if my wife wants to join and what not.
  9. Sounds great, I am doing a job in applegate most of next week so we could prob meet and have lunch or something at that pizza spot or wherever. Just let me know what’s best for you. Thanks for reaching out, we are gonna need each other here shortly
  10. Hey Steve, names Patrick. I hope you are doing well and staying sane through all this. Would love to meet. I currently reside in Applegate but my wife and I go to Medford every now and then. I do not have that busy of a schedule so maybe we could work something out. I would love to meet fellow patriots around the area.
  11. Just wanted say hello and introduce myself. Steve aka skuba, Central Point/Medford area, would like to get a contact list going and maybe a possible meeting for existing members. The internet goes down, we are screwed and would hate to find myself in that position. Plus would like to shake hands with my countrymen and get to know each other. I will make time whenever is most convient for y’all. Thanks for your support and god bless. ~~one of the people~~~

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