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About This Militia

Welcome to the 608, the goal here is to get as many people networking that are locally to the 608. Obviously if your near by welcome as well. Please join the chat here and post your info about skills and experience

  1. What's new in this militia
  2. Status check with your people and family
  3. Ok my day got away from me! Lawful America is a group of people organizing around upholding the constitution. These people are doing amazing work especially at the moment dealing with unlawful vaccine mandates. Sending out notices to legislators, boards of education, and more and more people will be added to receive notices. It’s an amazing group, all looking to keep our rights intact. Their website is lawfulamerica.com.
  4. I will get back to you with more info in the morning 🙏
  5. What's lawful America? Yeah it will be good and we will rise above the other groups
  6. You may have seen my other reply, I’m actually north of you in Wi, that being said, I would be very interested in a meet and greet at some point, even if we had multiple area codes involved along with medical freedom activists. Anyone who wants to make a plan for moving forward. Have you heard of Lawful America? They are moving mountains! I think everyone in these militia groups would whole heartedly appreciate the moves they are making. Please ask me about them!
  7. If we can get 15 membership here we should do a meet and greet at place for breakfast. Discuss what direction we should go
  8. If your friends are on Facebook send them our link to the 608. Let's get this rolling and my goal would be to combine as much skill and training. If your in other groups then use this a joint task force.
  9. Looking to see who's around

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