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    As a citizen of the United States, you are a member of the Constitutionally guaranteed unorganized militia. 

    Everything you have heard about militias from the media is likely wrong. Main stream news has primarily reported on the negative stereotypes and criminal activity of groups that have nothing to do with militia. The true militia has exactly the opposite purpose; to uphold the law and the Constitution.  

    We are a growing community of Americans that believe that the supreme laws of our Constitution must be diligently protected and upheld. Fostering the lawful rebirth of State militia is a crucial step in preserving the Republic. 

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About This Militia

Area code militias formed in 2020 and are coordinated and commanded by members within the locale. They are independent and not directed by a national command and are forbidden to operate beyond state lines. These militias are not intended to replace local units but too instead supplement them by identifying "points of contact" across the United States to establish and enhance area militia units. The leaders of the First Regiments will take the members in under their Unit, point members to already established units in their area or help them organize. These leaders will be people in good standing on the site and in their communities and must not possess any sort of blind aggression or delusions of grandeur. They must be aligned with the My Militia sites overall standards and mission.

  1. What's new in this militia
  2. Thank you smokey, I completely concur. I'm still trying to get used to this platform as I'm really not a comms savvy dude but a lil more down and dirty run & gun. I feel strongly we need to get a PACE plan in gear. Anyone in the AO here's my direct line 989-278-7434
  3. Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself and ask a few questions. First off my name is Ken. I live in Alcona County. Im from Oscoda County. I'm a Networking Specialist for NET Inc. Recently I have been laid off do to the Covid BS. I was wondering if and when we will have meetings/training sessions? If not how can we move forward in doing so? I have looked over our member numbers in this group. They are small but they can grow with some dedication. Also no matter how small we are we should meet up to train or talk about events that are currently happening around us. The only way to be prepared is to be ahead of the game. With all the chaos going on right now we need to be ready to move if we need to go active.
  4. Ok thanks brother I might have to look them up as well
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    Established Groups

    I remember a militia over there. Northeast Michigan Volunteer Militia-Iosco County. They had a fb page and a decent number of members... but haven't heard hide nor hair from them in some time.
  6. Over here on the east coast, but I'll travel if need be. It's time to get rolling
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    Established Groups

    I'm a member of the North West Lower Michigan Civil Defense Militia (NWLMCDM). It straddles the 231 and 989 border. Who else and what other groups are over on the "eastside" of the Lower Penn?

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