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About This Militia

This is a group of people who swear to try to teach our youth to be patriotic and pass on the lessons that we as Americans have learned. If you join this group, you are openly saying that you want to create a smart and all american next generation. By joining this, you will support the patriotic growth of everyone, whether on this site, in your home, or in public.

Loyalty Oath - By joining our unit you hereby confirm you will abide to and be bound by the following oath...

I solemnly swear as a member of this group to protect, help, and encourage the patriotic ideals fostered in today's youth to preserve America's patriot movement. I swear that I will pass down the wisdom and knowledge bestowed on me and help bless america's next generation so help me god.
  1. What's new in this militia
  2. No, I'm on staff at a Christian ranch and boarding school for boys who have gotten themselves into trouble. It's a great place. We're patriots, pro 2A and Christian.
  3. I might of got them mixed up. Is proverbs the one that is mostly songs by david? I am not best with chapters of the bible
  4. I like the book of Proverbs, it truly is the book of wisdom for the youth.
  5. Psalms is a good chapter for advice. If they get into the bible than maybe you could tell them to read one Psalm a week. I know it has improved my outlook at life.
  6. This past week I was teaching a bunch of kids to skateboard, they seemed to enjoy it alot and it could be the one thing in there young life that can keep them off the drugs that this town is infested with. Also teaching them the truths that their schools are not teaching them as well as the bible seeing they had known nothing about it but what they are taught by the world, they seemed to be quite intrested.
  7. I know that I joined a Marine Youth Program. I am still a youth so I guess it counts. I also am trying to lead one of my miss lead brother's of god to christ. He is a Hindu and I am trying to the best of my ability to show him the true path to Christ. By the way, If you can please pray that I can show him the light, I would be very grateful
  8. Yes and hopefully the San Andreas fault would kick in right after that and break them off and push them a couple hundred miles offshore. 😉
  9. I work professionally with teen age boys teaching, mentoring and trying to be a positive example to them. It is my prayer that they become men of valor, loving God, our country and their families.
  10. I think we should turn California into a separate country, make it Socialist, kick all the Democrat Socialist out of USA and ship to CA. They can have their dream & leave us alone!
  11. Don't worry, the liberals will start dying off when there aren't enough conservatives to support them, house them and feed them. Somebody has to work to pay for their socially sponging and government wasteful programs. This will bring things back to equilibrium. Rule number 1, never believe anything told to you from main stream media or SJW sources. Rule number 2, if ever in doubt about something reported, refer to rule number 1. Never say never and it's never too late. Rule number 3, how can you tell if a liberal or SJW is lying? Their lips move. 😉
  12. Don't give up hope there is a lot you can do to show them the truth. Stay strong in your convictions, they will see that in you.
  13. I was given this book years ago, I'm a bit of a book collector.
  14. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/03/new-survey-young-staying-liberal-conservatives-dying-off.html?scrlybrkr=712f3b08 Maybe we will get'em next time! It is sad that the youth of america believe in socialism on other liberal ideal's!
  15. No, where did he find the actual book itself. Because he had to had known about it before he put it in in PDF form.
  16. This is one of the best books of outdoors living and survival, hope you enjoy it. the-complete-outdoorsman-s-handbook-.pdf
  17. I would like to thank Killbird for making our logo! It took him a LOT of time to make!
  18. This section is devoted to saying anything you would like about supporting our younger American's no matter how small the deed! I encourage any member's to post in here when they can and to encourage other member's to do more! Your best, Scandinavia
  19. If you are a member, It would be appreciated if you use the good deed of the week page where you can show how you supported the growth of our Youth. It is not required, but it will help show active membership and bring this group together. You can post anything you want in the topic's section and I encourage it. It will strengthen this group more! Your best, Scandinavia
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Who we are

We are a community of concerned patriots who are not overly confident in the current direction of our society, from the wild political climate to what can be summed up as a lack of morals or a complete void of integrity and pretty much a blatant disregard of respect..... Respect for our past, respect for our future and respect for each other. In order to protect our constitution and life as we know it, we decided to not be the silent majority anymore and pull our selves up by the bootstraps and make the world a better place. This website is to unite people like us, people who want to make a difference ... and do it the right way, Little did we know that in doing so we would create the number one militia community online. Here we are. Enjoy.


We require all members to think before they post. We understand the issues raised on this site may lead to heated debate, but we still require all users to maintain a respectful environment. My Militia website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of anyone's comments and will bear no responsibility or legal liability for any discussion postings. We reserve the right to remove posts without notice, and the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the rules. All content is posted live with no moderation. If you see something that you think shouldn't be here please report it so we can handle it accordingly. Always respect the privacy of others if something is shared with you in a private fashion such as real names, emails or phone numbers. Please keep them private.
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