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Dr. Steven Clark Bradley

EP 34 – Restore the U.S. Constitution in 2022 or Liberty Will Be Lost in 2023

By Dr. Steven Clark Bradley, 07/13/2021

THE ABOVE-GROUND UNDEWRGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - Restore the U.S. Constitution in 2022 or Liberty Will Be Lost in 2023


My fellow patriotic Americans. It is a clear and indisputable proof that America has reached critical mass. If we do not restore the US Constitution in 2022, in the midterm elections, it is for sure that Liberty will have died in 2023. It is vital that each of us, who love the United States of America, stand firm, stand up and even be willing to fall to save the nation for our children and our grandchildren. All must give some. Some must give all. God Will Save America if we turn back to Him today. If we refuse, America, will only be recorded, as a failed nation, relegated to ash-heap of history. Let us stop the National Suicide and Make America Great Again. Let's talk about it, as we meet together, on the above ground underground podcast…
This is Dr. Steven's LIVE show from Tuesday, July 13, 2021 ...

Song 1: ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ 
Song 2: ‘Some Gave All’ – Billy Ray Cyrus

Only the soul of a patriot could pen or even conceive of such a righteous, patriotic tribute to the men and women who have kept us free. God Bless you Billy Ray Cyrus.
Song 3: ‘In God We Trust’ – Fourth Watch - Rocking for the Rock

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