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Dr. Steven Clark Bradley

EP 36 – Treasonous Democrat-Socialist ‘Progressives’ are the Real Threat to America Today

By Dr. Steven Clark Bradley, 07/28/2021

The Real Threat to America is the Socialist far-left, in America. Socialists have certainly made frightening gains in the U.S. Congress. The congresswomen known as the Squad celebrated their overwhelming victories, in their Democrat-Socialist ranks. Radical strategists are plotting to achieve their long-range goal of creating a Socialist America governed by the evil words of the Marxist group ‘Socialist Alternative’ to create “A tested Marxist leadership.” For those who say Socialism can never take over the nation, there are warning signs everywhere. Let’s talk about it on the Above-Ground Underground Podcast.
This is Dr. Steven's LIVE show from Tuesday, July 27, 2021 ...


THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - Treasonous Democrat-Socialist ‘Progressives’ are the Real Threat to America Today

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