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Dr. Steven Clark Bradley

EP42 - Courtesy of President Catastrophe, Joe Biden, America is Surrounded by Crises on Every Side

By Dr. Steven Clark Bradley, 09/22/2021

THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - Courtesy of President Catastrophe, Joe Biden, America is Surrounded by Crises on Every Side


My fellow patriotic brothers and sisters, the Taliban Spoils of Victory are now being paraded by the new masters of Kandahar and the whole national prison of Afghanistan. That is an utterly disastrous sight, courtesy of President Catastrophe. In the city, of Kandahar, where the Taliban movement began, and where they now bask in their triumph, over the most powerful nation in history. We can know that the Taliban is anxious to play with their new 85 Billion dollar toys, in Kabul, courtesy of President Catastrophe, Joe Biden.


Meanwhile, back at home here, my Patriotic brothers and sisters, We are surrounded by traitors and Buffoons. President Trump hater, General Milley, sought to undercut Trump and promised China that if Trump were to order a strike, against China, He would give China a heads up. That is outright treason! He must be court-martialed, right alongside of President Catastrophe, Joe Biden, too!


Also, General McKenzie took responsibility for their crazy strike against what they said was ISIS K, but instead they killed 7 children and 3 adults who were completely unattached to ISIS K or the Taliban. Let’s talk about it all together, on the Above-Ground Underground Podcast.


This is Dr. Steven's show from Tuesday, September 21, 2021 ...

Song – The Battle Cry of Freedom

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