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By KALISHNIKITTY, 09/28/2021

 THis podcast was made after a long conversation with some friends that I've known for a long time.


They are veterans and Patriots and true Americans.



It highlights the frustration  I think a lot of patriots  find especially those of us that support militias and support the Constitution, but just can't seem to figure out why groups fail.


 I have seen Group after group and organization after organization fail.   In fighting and lies and just hatred.


It seems that the closer we get to what may be coming. we really need to be planning not dividing.


The bigger problem is what is a militia today?


Some  think it's building compounds and waiting for it to hit the fan. For some they are Weekend Warriors and have no real concrete plans for survival in worst-case scenarios.  For others it seems like they feel they are doing something but in reality I don't see anything being done.


 My personal Vision in today's society is ....next time they try to shut down the schools and the churches and the businesses and tell people to put muzzles on their children..... we need to say no!!!!

and defend our communities!


Organizations need to start in the small towns  in the Counties and go back to the basics  the way the founding fathers envisioned it.






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