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Dr. Steven Clark Bradley

EP44 – President Catastrophe’s Despotism Demands We Take Action to “Throw Off Such Government”

By Dr. Steven Clark Bradley, 10/05/2021

THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - President Catastrophe’s Despotism Demands We Take Action to “Throw Off Such Government”


Greeting to everyone and thank you for joining us today for the 44th Episode of the Above-Ground Underground Podcast and our 44th episode. There was so much information in this podcast that I could barely fit it all into one episode, which made it quite informative and powerful.


There are so many things that President catastrophe is destroying inside America that we need to stand up and fight back and tell the truth, I hope you go through this podcast episode and listen to all the devilish things that the Democrat socialist are trying to do to America and how they're seeking to impoverish us and to break us financially, how they're seeking to abort babies and kill them with impunity and find easier ways to kill America’s unborn children.


The Democrat-Socialists are trying to pass laws that are bigger than anything that we've ever paid for in America and it's all for the infrastructure of socialism. So I asked you to this podcast carefully and to take it to heart and to find ways in your heart, and in your life that you can support and defend our great nation, the United States of America against all of her DOMESTIC ENEMIES.


Together, you and I and millions of others can stand up and say we are not going to take this lying down. We are not going to allow Socialism to rule and ruin our Constitutional Republic. We're going to fight back, and we are going to bring America back and restore the US Constitution. So let's talk about it all together. On the above ground underground podcast.

– Dr. Steven Clark Bradley


Song: ‘Am I The Only One’ – Arron Lewis - He is Such A Patriot!
Song: ‘Don’t Tread On Us’ - Gianluca Zanna - So Powerful Patriotism!


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