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Dr. Steven Clark Bradley

EP45 - Taliban Joe and Jihad Garland Declare Domestic Terrorist Holy War on ‘We The People’

By Dr. Steven Clark Bradley, 10/13/2021

THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - Taliban Joe & Jihad Garland Declare Domestic Terrorist Holy War on ‘We The People’


In President Catastrophe’s opinion, you and I are Domestic Terrorists, if we disagree with what our children are being taught in public schools.


A few days ago, the department of justice, under the radical attorney general, Merrick Garland announced that the National Security division has a new domestic Mission.


According to Garland, effective immediately, the National Security division will investigate intimidation and threats of violence against board members, teachers and workers, in our nation's public schools, by parents who complain about Critical Race Theory being taught to their kids in schools.


So just who is threatening these teachers and school board Members? Is it Al Qaeda? Is it the Chinese or Russian Governments? Is it Isis K? No! Attorney General Merrick Garland was not talking about any of those terrorist groups. The Attorney General was speaking out against and declaring war on American moms and dads and threatening them with FBI investigations…Parents just like you and me and accusing them of being Domestic Terrorists just because they demand to exercise their rights and their liberty in protecting their children from WOKE indoctrination.


Parents are angry – We should ALL be angry about what is being taught to our children in public schools that you and that I pay for. So just why would radical Attorney General, Merrick Garland decide that he needs to take a judgmental look at ‘We The People’ and declaring us all domestic terrorists Just because we question and dare reject Critical Race Theory Just because we reject it just because we demand the Government seek the consent of the governed? Let’s all talk about it together, on the Above-Ground Underground Podcast.


Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD

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