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EP8 - China Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors – Part Two

By Wolfenstein, 07/03/2021

Unbelievably, even after learning and seeing China unmasked, and clearly-revealed Hitleresque policies, which are clearly known and clearly exist, the U.S. Government & the whole world, the greedy & suicidal world, has cast a blind eye & has proven the Chinese Communist Party’s belief that the West is too weak & too greedy to resist China’s money, bribes & too fearful of China’s threats…Men like Joe Biden…

China knew that there would be NO pushback against their policies of forced labor and murder of over a million innocent Uyghurs, just because of their Islamic background.

Though China’s incomprehensible practice of harvesting live human organ harvesting, of forcibly interned Christian, Falungang and Uyghur inmates’ Live human organs, which has been revealed to be true, there has been NO pushback against this crime against America.

China was right about the ultimate silence against their inhuman practices and devilish practices of the CCP. The world and especially, America has done nothing to condemn it and turned a blind eye and has nothing to quell our own deadly national suicidal tendencies.

The current virus, which is now desolating the whole world, and which has infected the world, and which clearly came from China has not changed the Democrat-Socialists’ nor the Republican Party’s political and economic support of China. It is treasonous that even though the China Virus has served to clear the smoke of lies and shattered the mirrors of deceit, of the Xi Jinping Communist Regime, America goose-steps to China’s tune.

Even though the virus has finally delivered a heretofore forbidden revelation to the world and an opportunity to take a shockingly true glimpse of President Xi’s evil objectives and the political tyranny that accentuates the backward and devastating return of the totalitarian Maoist Communist Party rule and social credit mayhem.

President Donald J. Trump set America on the path of resistance and independence, from China. Yet, the Democrat-Socialist Party and the world still wholeheartedly bow to China’s totalitarian regime. Even more disastrously, Fraudulent President Joe Biden will even deepen America’s support of the Xi Jinping’s fascist and murderous Hitleresque regime.

As I have researched, and, as I saw with my own eyes, this all became a treatise, on the evil that is now infecting the whole world, I placed myself at risk, politically and physically. Yet, I was confronted with the uncompromising choice of remaining in China, which was the more comfortable choice, and watching and living the, not-so-slow, demise and descent of this once democratically progressing people of China, before Xi Jinping, once again threw the Chinese people into the slough of totalitarian despondency leaving Xi’s China forever.

America is now on the same road as China; the road to Socialism. Listen and learn about the nation that is dedicated to destroying the United States of America. The choice is ours, America, as it was for me, to remain in China or to leave forever. I made the right decision. We must pray that America will too.

- Dr. Steven Clark Bradley PhD






THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - China Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors – Part Two

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