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EP11 - Is China the Only True Sovereign Nation on Earth?

By Wolfenstein, 07/03/2021

Xi’s words are more than a hint of the fascist dictator’s dreams of world domination and clearly demonstrate that Xi is determined to build and rule over a world void of independent nations and a world, in which China is the only sovereign state. Xi is current rubbing his hands together, with glee. He’s got a U.S. President who is so twisted around Xi’s finger, he needn’t have a worry in the world.

The words that Xi Jinping employed should serve as a dire warning that the China he is constructing is one that he neither intends to live within the confines of the treaty of Westphalia or even to amend it. Xi dreams of deposing the current global world system and completely replacing it with a system of total Chinese domination and control.

Today, with Joe Biden in the White House, Xi Jinping could well accomplish his goal. God Save America from ourselves and from China. Thank you for being with us for the Above-Ground Under-Ground Podcast

Dr. Steven Clark Bradley





THE ABOVE-GROUND - UNDERGROUND PODCAST - Dr. Steven Clark Bradley - Is China the Only True Sovereign Nation on Earth?

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