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  1. welcome to the 740, im in perry county
  2. Click the forums tab to go to the forum home (if you scroll over the forums tab you can go to specific forum categories in the sub menu.) We have completely reworked the home page with new icons and layouts. Its always good to click "Mark Forums Read" when you are done browsing the site for the day so when you return you can see where all the new content is. All the forums with new content will have a full opacity icon, whereas forums with no new content for you will be shaded out. Try it out!
  3. sort default is now by name display layout default is now list militia feature are now in the sidebar and not on top View here- https://www.mymilitia.com/militias/
  4. Do not want any militias to separate, the Area Code units are to help with the networking aspect of it. In the 740 Militia I am in we send all people to local units if they do not want to join them we either help them start their own or bring them in as members of the 740. The whole reason why we started this initiative is because we have thousands of people who join our various outlets looking for a unit and seldom does someone step up and take them. This way we know exactly what to do. In this case someone joins from the 231 ... we send them here! you guys divert them where they should be or help them.
  5. It goes to the owner of the Area Code Militia
  6. Mess around with the manage militia tab in your unit and you will find you can have your own chatroom and forums ect..
  7. Introduce yourself and what you would like together from this group.
  8. The Militia Leadership Assembly - MLA Was formed in Feb 2020 in an attempt to work with the leadership structure of the many militias across the nation. To discuss leadership topics and site features on My Militia including Militia Management options and resources. Join this club if you want to learn more about how the site works and what your next step should be as a leader. This group is not for normal unit members please request that your leader join this group. JOIN HERE
  9. effective today SOLO has folded into the Ohio 740 Militia Ohio 740 Area Code Militia is in open recruitment join here https://www.mymilitia.com/militias/195-740-militia/

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