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  1. will take a look tomorrow btw the current colors i used were Minnesota colors
  2. Manufacturers of colloidal silver products often claim that they are cure-alls, boosting your immune system, fighting bacteria and viruses, and treating cancer, HIV/AIDS, shingles, herpes, eye ailments and prostatitis.
  3. would there be any interest in us creating a featured militia program? how it would work is we devote some resources to you such as help you make a recruitment video make you a logo/patch announce your unit as the current featured unit assist you with the site tools assist you with positive exposure basically we will prop you up , do everything we can for you ... pound your drum then move on to another militia and rinse and repeat who is interested in this?
  4. Sums up the "Tiny9's" to me I carry a 43, doubt its the best, but hasn't shot me yet so it has that going for it

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