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  1. DM me please. Thanks

  2. Hey mates. Requesting for 585 NY. Doesn't look like there are any for the Dansville Livingston Co. area. Be happy to lead one off here. Just my 2 cents. Thx for all considerations.

  3. Give me the eyes and ears of every single legitimate leader of every single legitimate militia group on this site and around the nation and I'll do what you never thought could be done.


    I need my own section of the front page with a secure Jitsi plugin if possible and the ability to black and white list, along with you. This is going to be used a lot and be very transparent and show consistent activity. I also need a fullscreen map layout where they can geotag torrent files and search by time, date, location, etc and everyone on this site needs to be able to copy, paste, and stream opensource intelligence links by default, think Webtorrent and a high quality GIS with multiple layers...


    Set up a quick and dirty high-tier subscription plan aimed at all of the legitimate organizations you know of and only accept high payments, ie $2000 flat for the next 5 years, leave it up to the organization to pool their resources. Accept gold, silver, the most valuable cryptocurrency at the time, cash, and checks only. 


    Is this too much to ask?

  4. I have a couple of question.

    I am beginning a new journey, on You tube. Are there any requirements, talking about My Militia on Video?

    My Channel will be "Whisky Tango Foxtrot", and I will be discussing the Constitution, and how our rights are being infringed upon. Part of the time I will be advertising the site and what we are about. My email: [email protected] 

    So much crap going on out there and a lot of good stories.



  5. Hi Fixer,

    can you please tell me why my militia says "closed?"  



  6. Sending a little bit of help brother, not much but a start,, more to come. Very Very important for all of us to protect our own.

  7. KCS

    Hang in there buddy!! Will say some prayers for you....

  8. God's Speed and Thank you.

  9. as was predicted here: the article is out... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/08/lockdown-groups-far-right-links-coronavirus-protests-american-revolution Tinnitus Records was removed from our portfolio yesterday. We only built the site and did not add any of the products to the store. Once we received the report of potential racist inventory we investigated and made the determination to refund their money and remove the site from our servers.
  10. That was my stance, i told them why you contacting me? you should contact them when i looked at the site i was like wtf? And i have many clients and some new ones coming that most definitely would not want any sort of connections to something like that the people are free to sell what they want but i dont want my name or my companies name associated with it
  11. heads up we have been contacted by The Guardian and they were making some accusations about the site its members and myself i spare the details but wanted to let you know of a potential smear campaign that may be heading our way let me clear the waters right now My Militia is build on a large server in Dallas this is a VPS server that i personally manage i have 2 webspaces set up on it.. one webspace is https://www.mymilitia.com only. the other webspace is home to embrey enterprise which is my web development initiative. I am a wordpress reseller and build and host many sites for clients all the details are here www.embreyenterprise.com you can go to the websites page and see the websites i have built, i also have done freelance programing and graphic work for over 50 other websites. when it comes to e-commerce i built the site and set up the store and show the client how to use it and they upload there own inventory, i also built gateways for payments and shipping and integrate between their website and bank accounts i have no interest in the sites other than the initial set up fee (prices are listed on the site) So tonight i was contacted by a reporter for the guardian and they wanted to know the connection between ar2.0 My Militia and .... lets just call it site x they told me site x contained white supremacy audio records forsale completely blind sided me, i took a look and was not very happy with what i saw i contacted the client, offered them a full refund and to move their site to another server to show i have no connections to that at all with in the next 24 hours this site will be removed along with all webdata, i have also removed my self as admin from their facebook page (i have to be page admin in order to complete some integrations with facebook) they told me its not what it looks like and assured me they were not racists i understood but told them they have to move away from me , my clients and my properties for the wellness of us all. they understood and are cooperative so why this post? you can bet your ass that these reporters are going to twist this all up to where we has some sort of affiliation with the site x. which is not true we were not even aware of the content mostly because all the records are in german language... the album covers do not look too good and can be seen how they may be construed as being bad mojo. its all been taken care of! Racism will not be tolerated by My Militia or any clients or affiliates. Upon discovery of such content immediate action will take place thank you
  12. Happens all the time, need to make the field to where it only allows 3 digits
  13. https://www.mymilitia.com/militias/ not really a registration but more like making yourself known and taking advantage of the tools and resources
  14. Welcome to the site, we built the website you are mentioning I am in the 740 in ohio

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