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  1. it is hard, not to want, close to impossible. i often use the meaning of this video when i start getting tunnel vision chasing things i want... when i do this important things take the back seat and when i achieve my goal it is filled with regret and not satisfaction so i try to check my self and prioritize what is important in life this helps remove the control of material things in this life over me i made this video to share with others in hopes they realize what they think is important is not
  2. the “competition” front post makes peep sights a tack driver, once i was taught how to use them i removed optics from all my “reaction” weapons not to mention dead batteries it is all a waste from my experience. i stick with tried and true and keeping it simple
  3. wouldn't the wall set it off?
  4. Not known to be the most friendly of fella are you? 😜

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