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  1. Your boy WMD is back and the first thing he does is come here and begin trolling me.  He has done nothing but lie and deliberately troll posters.  Don't expect me to be civil to the fed / federal informant.


    He will leave when I leave.  I'm a consistent poster here.  This guy is here for one reason and one reason only.  You know that I'm speaking the truth and I'm speaking facts. The POS only comes here to troll.  He has threatened me, my family and he even spoofed someone else's addy when posting here.  Why would he lie to you?


    If you screw around with him, you WILL end up in jail / prison.  My suggestion is that you tell that rotten filthy POS to leave me alone if he's going to post here.  That is all I ask of this board.  Keep that mangy fed away from me.  

  2. Welcome to the site thank you for your service, look in your state network for a unit near you
  3. Max

    Fixer:  FYI and for other militia groups: Texas National Militia and United III%'s of Texas are hosting a militia-wide FTX in Gatesville, Texas.  It will be from 1400 Friday- Oct.19, 2018 until 1700 Sunday-Oct.21, 2018.  The cost will be $15.00 per person for the three days and it will be held at the Hicksville Gun Range, 225 Dusty Lane in Gatesville, Texas.  It'll give Texas militias (and others), an oppurtunity to train with various groups.   Max

  4. ts took us a while! Finally, we have Mass Contact Available for every group... Group Leaders click Manage Militia button and select Mass PM Militia Members (PM stands for Private Message) Use this feature to reach all your members instantly
  5. We have redone the Menu to make it more intuitive MMMenu 2.mp4
  6. How can you edit posts? If the platform does not allow for editing posts why not? What is the rational for not allowing users to edit or delete posts? 


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