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  1. The new footer should make it easier to direct traffic 


  2. 452464210_nightshade.jpg.1aa2c64742b68dc2ebd8c8bd4a8d5aa6.jpg

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    2. Night Shade

      Night Shade

      Wow!! That looks GREAT, @ fixer !! Thank you!! 😮 ! 

    3. fixer


      Should be perfect size for facebook group header

    4. Night Shade

      Night Shade

      Yeah! WOW!! 😮 Thanks!! 

  3. How do we say your name?

    1. Obbop


      Ohhhh  Bee   Bop


      My screen name since jumping into the Web in 1995.




  4. Thanks for your support


  5. Avatar



  6. RT2header.thumb.jpg.4928b9337ad7591ebaed2706c7096eb3.jpg

    1. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      Love that its perfect 

  7. do not repost the facebook staff intel

  8. Daniel facebook lawyers contacted us, you need to delete this information about facebook you have posted on your profile. we have 24 hrs to comply you rattled some cages here. we will hide the content. please do not react as if we are part of the problem here. we have to do what’s right. Do not repost this sort of intel. Not sure where the best place is to share it but not here. Thanks

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    2. fixer


      im surprised they have not already

    3. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      What is the name of the lawyer that contacted you ? 


    4. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      They are not facebook lawyers . They committed wire fraud if they proclaimed to be lawyers in any way fashion or form . 

  9. fixer

    User Banned

  10. We lost, ran out of time was on the final clue

  11. Going to an escape room today

  12. welcome back

  13.  Game of thrones time !

    1. KillBird


      Is it any good? Never seen it.

    2. jacklegg


      some one spoted a starbucks cup in the movie

    3. fixer


      its awesome we all love it , only 2 episodes left tho

  14. Use the national network for national militias

  15. Cheesecake Addict

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      me' sashimi addict, so sorry...NOT

    2. AR Maghsoudi

      AR Maghsoudi

      Hello who are u to charming.

    3. KillBird


      Fixer you silver tongue devil you

      django unchained dr. schultz GIF

  16. had a great 39th birthday with friends last night at the brewery , drunk too much 🥴

    1. KillBird


      Happy birthday brother.


    2. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      Happy too much birthday brewery great night 39 friends with had**

  17. Game of thrones and End Game .... both this weekend can't wait!

    1. Scott Pierce

      Scott Pierce

      i saw end game, great movie!

  18. thanks for putting us in the loop of all the happenings , add your events to the community calendar 



    1. Anvil


      Copy that. 

  19. im in perry county :) 

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