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  1. please check your area code, it is how we network, you appear to have an error as all area codes are 3 digits. thank you!

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    2. CaptaenFearghus


      I can't complete my profile, I want to skip the address and I'm not a service veteran but when I skip that it takes me back to my page.


    3. fixer


      just select a city if you want

    4. CaptaenFearghus


      I tried. I'm gonna try on a different device.



  2. Hey bud you have to "create a blog" then put entires in it... see how the other ones are here https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/

    1. Rkak25


      Yeah I figured out how. I'll get one done.

    2. fixer
  3. 2 accounts?

    1. Doug Nineteenfortythree

      Doug Nineteenfortythree

      NO, i DON'T want two accounts ... I just logged in to the website on a computer I seldom used, and was invited to 'Introduce myself' So I decided to do that, in part to see whether we were still asking for unnecessary personal details. But I wasn't asked for any at all. You can delete one of the accounts ... but notice it says on the new one that I registered two months ago ... instead of today ... whereas I registered last August ..  so something is funny ... if possible, I would like to preserve my introductory self-description.

  4. Quarantine Day 20

  5. Inquiring about a militia unit is not illegal, this users posts are totally within his rights.

  6. hey featuring your militia is unfair to the other units :D 

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    2. fixer



    3. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      Guess it's hard jail time

    4. fixer


      Well everyone is eligible to win the amazon card so more power to you, but the featured setting is only for staff so that is a bit unfair, it's all good good luck building up your unit

  7. fixer

    It is not advised to post your personal information, but you can do so if you like

  8. go to the forums and you will see the staff forum on the index

  9. looks like you may have been having some issues, please only one unit per group if you a national group

  10. is that your real profile photo Chad?

  11. our twitter is here - https://twitter.com/My_Militia

    1. Randi Altman

      Randi Altman

      Thanks, I’m the Twitter queen 

  12. Not known to be the most friendly of fella are you? ?

  13. The new footer should make it easier to direct traffic 


  14. 452464210_nightshade.jpg.1aa2c64742b68dc2ebd8c8bd4a8d5aa6.jpg

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    2. 631 Patriot

      631 Patriot

      Wow!! That looks GREAT, @ fixer !! Thank you!! ? ! 

    3. fixer


      Should be perfect size for facebook group header

    4. 631 Patriot

      631 Patriot

      Yeah! WOW!! ? Thanks!! 

  15. How do we say your name?

    1. Obbop


      Ohhhh  Bee   Bop


      My screen name since jumping into the Web in 1995.




  16. Thanks for your support


  17. Avatar



  18. RT2header.thumb.jpg.4928b9337ad7591ebaed2706c7096eb3.jpg

    1. Claw Hammer

      Claw Hammer

      Love that its perfect 

  19. do not repost the facebook staff intel

  20. Daniel facebook lawyers contacted us, you need to delete this information about facebook you have posted on your profile. we have 24 hrs to comply you rattled some cages here. we will hide the content. please do not react as if we are part of the problem here. we have to do what’s right. Do not repost this sort of intel. Not sure where the best place is to share it but not here. Thanks

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    2. fixer


      im surprised they have not already

    3. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      What is the name of the lawyer that contacted you ? 


    4. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      They are not facebook lawyers . They committed wire fraud if they proclaimed to be lawyers in any way fashion or form . 

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