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  1. welcome back

  2.  Game of thrones time !

    1. KillBird


      Is it any good? Never seen it.

    2. jacklegg


      some one spoted a starbucks cup in the movie

    3. fixer


      its awesome we all love it , only 2 episodes left tho

  3. Use the national network for national militias

  4. Cheesecake Addict

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      me' sashimi addict, so sorry...NOT

    2. AR Maghsoudi

      AR Maghsoudi

      Hello who are u to charming.

    3. KillBird


      Fixer you silver tongue devil you

      django unchained dr. schultz GIF

  5. had a great 39th birthday with friends last night at the brewery , drunk too much 🥴

    1. KillBird


      Happy birthday brother.


    2. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      Happy too much birthday brewery great night 39 friends with had**

  6. Game of thrones and End Game .... both this weekend can't wait!

    1. Scott Pierce

      Scott Pierce

      i saw end game, great movie!

  7. thanks for putting us in the loop of all the happenings , add your events to the community calendar 



    1. Anvil


      Copy that. 

  8. im in perry county :) 

  9. Made you a militia logo



  10. Made you a militia image, please check on your pending members



  11. This user has been permanently restricted from using this site. The sites leadership believe this user to be AWOL and not in the right of mind, We advise any and all to avoid him and consider him to be destructive to himself and possibly others.

  12. i often wonder where you have gone 😥

  13. Really dig your profile background

  14. you only needed to post in the state network ...https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/20-wisconsin-militias/


    please do not post it anywhere else

    1. J Morris

      J Morris

      Oh.  Shit, I posted it every place I could... I really need to help Rob with this Event.
      We've got Heavy Hitters like Pastor Dan Fisher and Coach Dave Daubenmire as well
      as Bradlee Dean (Sons of Liberty Media Coming!  PLEASE!  We need to get everyone on the same
      page here in Wisconsin and THIS will be a unifying event!
      How can I get all the other one off Militia's to Join our Wisconsin Black Robe Regiment so I
      Don't have to post to everyone I can find?

  15. here is a white one if you like better...



    1. KillBird


      I will save this one Thank you.


  16. A good way to browse the site is using the All Activity tab at the top - https://www.mymilitia.com/discover/


    it will show you whats going on in all the different areas 

  17. Where you been ? we miss your jokes in your forum

    1. Scott Lance Smith

      Scott Lance Smith

      Have not received much feedback/comments.

  18. got your activity button back bud :)

    1. Ripcannon


      haha heck yeah bro I seen it earlier ...that's awesome...both ways are efficient.

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