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  1. Give me the eyes and ears of every single legitimate leader of every single legitimate militia group on this site and around the nation and I'll do what you never thought could be done.


    I need my own section of the front page with a secure Jitsi plugin if possible and the ability to black and white list, along with you. This is going to be used a lot and be very transparent and show consistent activity. I also need a fullscreen map layout where they can geotag torrent files and search by time, date, location, etc and everyone on this site needs to be able to copy, paste, and stream opensource intelligence links by default, think Webtorrent and a high quality GIS with multiple layers...


    Set up a quick and dirty high-tier subscription plan aimed at all of the legitimate organizations you know of and only accept high payments, ie $2000 flat for the next 5 years, leave it up to the organization to pool their resources. Accept gold, silver, the most valuable cryptocurrency at the time, cash, and checks only. 


    Is this too much to ask?

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