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  1. We need to get the rest of our Conservative friends on my militia or we are going to have a MAJOR communications failure.


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    2. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      I would suggest going low tech. CB's. Its simple . Not a whole lot to it. Properly lay out a line plan and adjust your RF's get a proper size "Whip" antenna and you could get a pretty good line of site range.  On the other hand a Short Wave radio tends to talk around the world. The down side is that you need to be pushing some juice for it to work. This also means a base antenna and a place of operations. That leaves you with the one question . Can you afford to be stuck where you cant have communications because you had to bug out to "god knows only where?"  Or would you rather lose the distance and be mobile?


    3. Highlander 401

      Highlander 401

      You can talk around the world on a 5wt handheld connected to a repeater on the right linked network depending on your local FYI.


      good luck roaming beyond two miles though.



    4. Daniel Roberts

      Daniel Roberts

      This is why I am glad this site has it's own server.


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