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  1. Max

    Fixer-Howdy.  Was looking on the My Militia site and came across a link for Texas Citizens Militia.  Where do these guys operate?  Thought they might have some groups in the Huntsville area since it said they have units all over the state.  Where would I get an application?

    1. fixer


      Check on there website for contact information 

    2. Let_Freedom_Ring
    3. Max


      Sorry I did not respond sooner, but thanks for the TSM site.  I used to train with TSM down in La Porte and the last time was about six months ago, but unfortunately, transportation problems got in the way and I couldn't get down there anymore to train with them-they were a good bunch of guys.  Anyway, the new app I submitted was for the Central East Region-Region 12 which is closer to Huntsville then La Porte, in fact it is slightly north of Walker County and includes the areas like Madison, Leon, Trinity  counties, etc..  Those places aren't too far from Huntsville and hopefully, there'll be a TSM unit(s) operating in that neck of the woods.  Hope to get back into training with a group, so thanks for the info.. 

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