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  1. I3DI

    I love your work.  Are you proficient with Java, JavaEE?


    By January 1st, I want a browser, search engine, AurorEE CMS developed with a marketing platform then I want to extend to automated web hosting.  I control the servers, hardware specs, and they only are in the United States, I can allocate where they go. 


    You can guess why I am developing a browser, search engine that interacts with ICANN, and a marketing platform.  We put them out and boom, your competing with the big boys but, I love veterans, christians and conservatives.  If you want to come on board, make some money, but really, make a big difference, I need help.  


    My server has SVN, Tomcat 9, Php, JavaScript, REST, CDI, JAX-B, GPU, Bind, OpenGL, Vulkan, 2 TB Main Space, 2TB Snapshot, and I am dirt cheap.  The lawyer was paying 200.00 a month for his crap rental site.  Since I quantify, he paid 19.95 a month, owns the site, paid another 50 for the videos which I edited and I produce 3D Art, 2D Art, I develop in C/C++, Java, Basic, Assembly, I can develop for Android, I work in Substance, Speed Tree, I have Adobe Cloud, I develop for Unreal and Unity as well.


    Sky is the limit.  Interested?  My business number is posted, I am a L.L.C. and I have no problem bringing people on as partners.  Been running a year and a half now.  Still funding it, but this will change things quick.


    1. fixer


      I started in HTML coding self taught, then learned some PHP. I use crutches tho and seldom code from scratch. I am more happy in graphic and digital design. 


      I don't have the time right now to devote to another project but thanks anyway.


      we still need the terms of service you was working on for us

    2. I3DI


      Yeah, I am sorry, been just swamped.  I was in a Tornado, wiped out the building, it collapsed on me, I had to dig out, still recovering from the Subdermal hemotomah.  I have been swamped with the legal issues, studying law, I only need one more year, been meeting with WWII, Vietnam Veterans, and preparing to get this out in the open in court with the legal backing.  My drives and computer were destroyed had to rebuild. I will have to do those from scratch again, I am very sorry, life it keeping me busy.  My way of making a difference is this CMS project.  Conservatives need technology for the next election, they need a platform and protection technologically so that's one aspect I am trying to get covered.


      Spent 6 days in the hospital over the building collapsing on me and I still have swollen body parts after almost  3 months. A massive brick imploded into my abdomen when the building went.  I had ducked under something at the last second or they would have been looking for my head and body in two different places.  People have been going by, taking photos, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I should be alive, but all I had was a injured knee, swollen and bruised ankle, a massive hemotomah that went from my front abdomen to my spine, from my chest to my thigh.  Not one broken bone, and my entire shoulder area was one massive bruise from the steel, wood and cement collapsing on me.  It was a F4 only 50 mph under a F5.  Someone was looking out for me.


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