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  1. Here's my first 'invite' to another site to be linked here. He doesn't have a list of links so he can't reciprocate, but what I would aim at doing, if we go through with this, is to get him to make a favorable mention of this site in one of his regular posts.  Here's what I wrote him:


    We at MyMilitia.com -- a clearing-house for the national militia movement -- would like to post a permanent link to your excellent site,  on our site.

    Would that be possible?

    Please have a look at our site before deciding.  We are NOT, contrary to the lies of the Left,  'anti-government' or 'extremists' but are simply patriotic Americans of all creeds and colors who love our country and its Constitution, and are alarmed at the direction the Left seem to be taking it in.  We don't tolerate racists or crazies.

    Our site provides a list of local militia groups all over the country, so that someone can quickly find a group of like-minded people in their area.  We provide information of interest to militia supporters, including but not limited to news items, and also provide a forum for them to discuss their concerns.

    We will be adding a list of recommended sites for our members to check out, and would be honored to have yours on the list.

    Thank you,
    Doug Hainline


    If you think something is wrong with what I've written, let me know and we can work on something more acceptable.  


    I have a list of several hundred websites and blogs of a conservative or libertarian nature.  It would be good if someone could go through them and just note which ones have a list of links -- i.e. which ones could reciprocate.  I can do this myself but I won't be able to get started for a couple of weeks as I've got overdue exams and courseworks to set.


    By the way, I've had a look at the Modern Militia site.  It's a pity they didn't take you up on your offer, but I suspect the real problem was -- who will be the boss?   ln an ideal theoretical world, it might be possible to run a merged site via 'Board of Directors', but as I said elsewhere, I don't think that's practical -- if you've put your blood, sweat, tears and money into this site, you're not going to want to let it get taken over by an anonymous majority ... and they probably feel the same way.  So I think we need to give some thought to how to co operate with them.   It's insane for our side to be fighting with each other, especially at the present moment. 

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