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  1. We are asking that you no longer contact staff for username changes. All users can change their usernames once per year at this link - https://www.mymilitia.com/settings/username/ NOTE: VIP users can change usernames once a month. You can show your support for the site by upgrading to a VIP here - https://www.mymilitia.com/vip/ Thank You
  2. This will be taking place April 3rd @ 9AM EST
  3. TL;DR We are creating this topic so we can provide a bit more information about the migration of My Militia to a new datacenter. In the next couple days we will be preparing servers in new datacenter where we will be migrated. There may be some downtime associated to this After 4 years operating from Equnix Secaucus (New York City Metro), we have decided that it is time for us to migrate to a new data center that is more suitable we will be relocating to a more centralized location at Dallas, TX. We have chosen Carrier-1 carrier neutral data center. This 24/365 secured data center boats more than 106,000 square feet and is fully equipped with redundant diverse path utility feeds (expandable to 10 MW), 2x2 MW redundant backup generators, 3x600 KVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration, and air cooled with 12x30-ton Liebert in N+2 configuration. In addition, we are utilizing Psychz.Net network with redundant BGP network consisting of three global backbone providers, NTT, GTT, and TI Sparkle. Psychz.Net operates 5 Tbps of global network with multiple data centers around the world. And going with Psychz network allows us to offer DDOS protection to our customers up to 20 Gbps per IP. We will continue to leverage from Cloudflare DNS services.

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