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    fixer got a reaction from AshTrees in My Militia Super Bowl Ad 1   
    not as a real superbowl ad, that would have been like 10 million, if we had 10 million dollars we wouldnt buy a superbowl ad
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    fixer got a reaction from NightMaster in The Candace Owens Show: Maj Toure   
    @ NightMaster  Thanks for taking the time to comment, we are always very appreciative of being afforded the benefit of reading different perspectives to our cause, even if it's from a level headed liberal lol there is still knowledge and information that is needed to help us grow together and not apart. 
    If you are a YouTuber we can auto import your content if you wish just let me know your channel and what category your content should post in.
    As for the push back, i am white so i can not speak towards any type of treatment associated with/because of my race really, I may be being appropriated myself and to be honest i am just willfully ignorant to it. but anyway please know that no matter your race, height, weight or favorite food... there is going to be push back to our niche here because of unfair negative stereotypes as the vast majority of people have used the extreme majority of our people to define the lot. 
    When this site started it had a very elegant and simple mission statement... "to change the worlds perception of the word militia" as we set off to campaign for community service... we wanted militia people to be welcomed beacons of hope for their communities and work hand in hard with local authorities. 
    This is still where we are targeting as we continue to excommunicate individuals and units that do not align with a constructive and progressive ideology ... to separate ourselves from the negative, hidden in shadows, tin foil hat types who maintain delusions of grandeur while pushing the Like-Minded to the spotlight and empowering them by re-enforcing their membership and providing them with tools and resources to become effective.
    We are faced daily with pointing fingers and laughing punchable faces... that is OK really... because when we succeed it will come with an extreme level of accomplishment to see the looks on their faces ... taking the highroad and doing whats right because that is the only way to do it. remembering the wise words of Mark Twain ...
    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”
    Stand tall and proud and know we do not stand in front or behind you, we will remain always at your side.
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    fixer reacted to NightMaster in The Candace Owens Show: Maj Toure   
    as a blk man I'm tired of the bk community following things like an ignorant obsessive cult, blk ppl follow what the masses of the blk community say to, so he's acting like he's this revolutionary meanwhile all the knowledge is out there for free. I'm a little tight watching this because as a @A patriot I make guns vids on youtube and get ridiculous amount of hate from blk and white but from blk because "its not cool " to be a patriot, or "you a weak nxgga, cause you trya act white". while the white hate i get is "you'rea mumble rapping ghetto low iq etc". Just buy guns and learn how to use them, learn laws, and be a decent human being. idgf who says i cant have guns i will regardless of if the constituion says so or not, and if any one comes for my guns i will take more of them out than they will me. I'm tired of the whole "im blk and a victim" mentality meanwhile we've as a whole destroyed all morality and spiritual righteousness of our ppl.
    Just tired of my ppl seeing ignorance as the way to be while shunning those who dont aspire to the number "nxgga in the hood". For example I do gun vids and milita vids and im seen as a complete joke among blks, but let one blk celeb do it or say it now its a complete 180. That being said I always get shxt from ppl saying you're not a real patriot simply due to the color of my skin, with 0 support to the point of I'm literally living behind enemy lines and still i stand taller and speak louder than most of these so called youtube patriots. IDK i might just be ranting but im just so sick of the "if its not hood its not cool" and "if its not cool then you're white" which in my community in this day n age means I'm an outcast and shunned and essentially worthless.
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    fixer got a reaction from SecurityGuy42 in What's Inside A Military Jerry Can?   
    Makes sense , i really enjoy this guys videos hope by sharing here other people will also be entertained and maybe learn something.
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    fixer reacted to SecurityGuy42 in What's Inside A Military Jerry Can?   
    I use military surplus plastic Scepter 5 gal Fuel Cans.  Very heavy duty plastic and you can toss them around and don't seem to crack.  When they puff up because of temperature differences they don't burst.  The reason I use plastic is because metal fuel cans rubbing against each other over time causes metal fatigue.  The metal literally rubs thru creating holes.  We had to watch a video on fuel cans when the US military transitioned to plastic only.  They showed in the video pictures of cans that cracked and developed holes spilling fuel because of metal fatigue.  And also pictures and video of vehicles burning because of that leaked fuel.
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    fixer got a reaction from Dav Harzin in Rant, Random Thoughts Ep. 6- Gun Control, Congress, Nov 9th   
    Awesome thanks for the shoutout!
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    fixer reacted to SecurityGuy42 in WW2 German Grenade Bundle   
    I posted this video because I believe it is fairly easy to produce stick grenades in a SHTF situation.  Hell the VC made them in jungle workshops.  Here in the USA you can find a metal shop or at least someone with a half way decent workshop that would have the tools to start cranking them out small production scale.

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    fixer got a reaction from LetFreedomRing in World Population and Muslim Demographics   
    We only have 1 child he is 16 ... i'm 39 years old, Not ruling out having another kid with a 20 year old super model
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    fixer reacted to LetFreedomRing in World Population and Muslim Demographics   
    My Dad was the youngest of 9, my Mom the youngest of 4.  My parents had 2 and replaced themselves.  My sister and her husband had 4 and my wife and I had 3, it can be done.  I'm not saying it's possible for everyone but there are ways to stretch a dollar.  There is a saying "everything is cheaper by the dozen".   ?
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    fixer reacted to Dav Harzin in Johnny Cash - Hurt   
    always loved Johnny Cash
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    fixer reacted to Headhunter in MM Shout Out - Raven Tactical Prepper Channel   
    Well-done, Raven!
    When I describe mymilita on other websites, and in person, I call it a "Clearinghouse for Constitutional militias in each of the 50 states, with many resources available."  I always make sure that I emphasize that the website does not represent a "national militia", because that would be considered an illegal military force by the government.  Also, I tell people that there is no "command structure".  There are many "prepper" websites available, and such information is also available at mymilita.  But we are not, specifically, a prepper website.  Then, I ask them to look up definitions of militias, in the United States, and they will see that the website does not go beyond those legal definitions.

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