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  1. They will not take up firearms know ing militia members will counter them and the armed forces maybe ?so they will continue to do what they're doing just using bricks rocks slingshots Molotov cocktailsthat's their tactic for now keeping it just under a level of a war
  2. Another thing how will this war and insue? They're only using bricks fireworks slingshots they haven't started using firearms yet, so how are we going to look in the general public by shooting them, we are going to look horrible so what this war your talkin about ?iare we're just going to use clubs rocks and slingshots like them, that's a no-win strategy since we're outnumbered see how this goes down the rabbit hole
  3. They appear to have the the advantage at this timeline they have the logistics and communication much better than we do they can rally their troops much quicker than we can plus they have the advantage of surprise we would be lagging on our movements showing up too late for a counteroffensive
  4. at this point the sniper knows the shots had come from a hill to his left so he should of taken cover on the right side of the vehicle
  5. the spotter should of investigated the shooting scene from the get go, not the sniper he should of remained in cover and scoping out the hills close by.
  6. dont play the hero or try to save your buddy thats been hit by a sniper most of the time its a setup
  7. the smoke grenade was a good choice to cover the assault on the snipers but they bunched up? why didnt they use the v wedge formation ?
  8. why didnt the snipers use their pistols at that short range by the van? instead of there rifles?
  9. the guys that were being shot at by the sniper should of went into the corn field as cover and get off the road and try to sneak up on the sniper
  10. why wasnt the sniper on the old barns roof in the first place better position of fire
  11. again video time 4:49 they are all exposed at this time, a machine gunner could of shot all 3 the enemy will wait for this group up like this and then let them have it
  12. note video time 2:02 see the trees trunks around them they should be using them as a hopscotch as cover across the grass there a sniper could easily take 2 of them out
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