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  1. Different then the last for sure fighter jets tanks and rocket s were not around don't think nukes would be used at all , knowing that we'll just screw up are Homeland and radiate it
  2. Lol so no more time hat for yah😩

  3. The women here could also make themselves useful making the pamphlets or signs
  4. Vans can be rented at a rental center for day and driven by the older militia members here in this forum to training and pickup and drop off the older members can be reimbursed to a fund For rental cost
  5. there's also going to be a need for transportation since a lot of th won'tprobably don't have a vehicle and so buses or Vans are going to be needed also to take thim to train ing
  6. training has to be centrally located definitely around small towns in the country areas
  7. Country folks are poor and need to be financed maybe with a bonus to join or definitely free ammo , so what I'm saying is basically they're going to be paid mercenaries for us, sense financially they can't afford to join or even train
  8. So I say we need to focus promote like a target area of country flyers at local stores Walmarts churches on power poles apartments mailboxes
  9. That we need more country boys that are rarer then ever before sounds like they need to be a 300 group on steroids😮
  10. lol video time 2:20 crying a river of fake tears come on dude as if you not using them as propaganda
  11. so hells angel has come to breakfast i see here as Outlaw of Jimmy wales
  12. not to worry along with the funding will have some modern lannester shoulder fired anti aircraft weapons to get those pesky dragons😼
  13. so your saying things need to get a lot worse then for those in power as our country goes down the road in commie flames and becomes the wild west then before we can do that
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