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  1. time 1:18 you must know when your out numbered and fight another day and chage tactics
  2. not a good day at the range but it was really nice out you can see no wind to
  3. not bad average seems like the tz75 did the best groups
  4. I had a bad feeling I was being put down here 😮
  5. I didn't lose mine there some 🐰 must have lifted it from me 😮that's my story I'm sticking to it 😜
  6. Btw great white Buffalo's are on the endangered list 🤪 and we don't want to piss off the American Indians we got enough enemies as it is 😮 putting that aside that was a great sho 🎯t by you 👍
  7. I'm just trying to lower our casu 💀alty rate 🤪
  8. Some are sucidal like some of 👆us on this thread🤪
  9. Well if standing by some ass antifa communist in that protest wants to start some real s*** with the cops or the military and he opens fires on the cops you're standing right next to him with your AR you're going to get plugged dude 💀 you're going to look in the association with the rest of the provocateurs
  10. Ok Me a 🐓and loveiy it🤪go protrest and expect communist and others to make you to look extreame thus adding to average folks that are paranoia of us
  11. yeah hes out their with those theory's ? //Pieczenik has made several appearances on InfoWars, the flagship radio program of Alex Jones, where he has promoted various conspiracy theories; he repeatedly claimed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a "false flag" operation[34] and that the September 11 attacks were conducted by CIA agents. After the 2020 United States presidential election, Pieczenik appeared on Infowars to falsely claim that the Trump administration allowed the Democratic Party to engage in election fraud as a "sting operation" facilitated by a "QFS blockchain enc
  12. i thought that name was polish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Pieczenik His father, a doctor from Dombrovicz who studied and worked in Toulouse, France,[2] fled Poland before World War II. His mother, a Russian Jew from Białystok, Poland,[2]

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