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  1. If they can separate the sheep from the lions then they will know what possible force they will have to deal with! I fear regardless of who wins the election the fight is coming.
  2. The time is at hand. What new restrictions will we have tomorrow? Where did you get your info? Iv searched SCOTUS rullungs and dont see it !
  3. Everyone should be prepared to be a warrior regardless of your skill, position, or whatever...........being prepared to defend ones way of life is first and foremost! Im a truck driver with some engineering skills who practices his shooting skills regularly and studies tactics when i can.......but thats just me!
  4. I saw on the evening news last night NYC is initiating “ check points “ in the city. Purportedly in the name of safety regarding the COVID-19 virus. My understanding (“ and I could be wrong ) Is you have to be prepared to explain where you are going, for what reason, and for how long! I suspect this action will spread to other large metropolitan areas as well....... i fear the time is drawing closer and closer. Im hoping we can make it at least to the election.
  5. If this is the mentality we are preparing for im thinking it will probably be a short lived event!
  6. Absolutely! I’d be willing to bet there are more people talking about what to do in the event a catastrophic situation develops. Just not out in the open! Im assuming everything discussed, every post, everything in general being said here is being watched. In my navy days there was always the ever present bulletin board poster.......” beware, loose lips sink ships “
  7. I dont wear a mask. I DO wear a gun tho...openly.....no one has ever confronted me about the mask thing. I dont shop at the mall, if they want my business they will have to except me as am ( no mask ) my local grocery store hasn’t mentioned it yet, the employees there do wear the mask, bout half the time pulled down on their chin. I’m not going to be led around like a cow with a nose ring........it AINT happening!
  8. We each have our preference for preparing for the future!
  9. Yes, it will take a long time to bring this country back to what the founding fathers intended it to be. Yes, you can replace the intire Washington establishment With a conservative govt with a couple of election cycles. ( anything is possible) but if you think by doing so Will stop the attacks from the MSM or change the lefts agenda or their tactics it ain’t happening! There are to many elites who have spent way to much money and in to deep to give up now! The hatred for this current president has become an all consuming thing. We have a generation standing at the door who doesn’t know how to lead a nation, who doesn’t understand responsibility, and doesnt seem interested in learning how to. As for preparing for the worst and hoping for the best iv prepared myself to be self sufficient to the best of my ability while hoping it doesnt come to that!
  10. Im implying that the left will go all out bat crap nuts. The riots/looting, protests, we are seeing right now are just warm up sessions if he wins re-election. Consider the last 3 years of resistance to his presidency. If he wins a 2nd term what do you think will be the reaction from the losers side?
  11. Replacing corrupt politicians at this stage is a moot point! Getting this country back on the founding fathers course will take generations! Between the Washington establishment, corrupt MSM, the liberal education system, and a generation that doesn’t have a clue what it wants and no interest in earning it this nation is teetering on the brink of collapse. That will in turn cause a global collapse. This isn’t the time to debate what we need to do, it’s the time to come together and do what needs to be done. As another poster said, if trump loses it will be bad, if he wins we will make hitler look like a rookie. Im one person preparing myself for the worst while hoping for the best! We are all over the country. Gather in your groups, then gather the groups together, and be ready for what may come!
  12. Agreed.........im convinced the left sees/intends to use this covid19 as a way to rig the election with the so called “ mail in ballot” . The time is short, and there is much to do!
  13. Im in complete agreement with what you are saying. Im not out to start a fight but i do believe we as a people are being pushed into a situation where that is exactly what will happen. There has already been an accidental discharge of a weapon at the last rally the nfac group had. Imagine if a similar number of counter protesters had been there and armed what could have possibly happened. What worries me more than anything right now is seeing my way of life being taken away, not from me but from my kids and grandkids and the generations to come. I have absolutely no interest in being a part of a “ global society “ . The pot is boiling and the left seems to be turning the heat up every day.........where does it end? If trump loses the election we’re screwed, if he wins i fear what we are seeing on the streets right now will intensify 5 fold again.
  14. I had never read the “ insurection act” . Interesting. Its obvious both the local and state govt of Oregon/Washington have failed to protect its citizens so is it up to the POTUS to do the job? Up to this point he has done nothing more than protect federal property. So whos call is it now? It would have to be a state recognized group! You cant just gather a bunch of armed citizens together and go in shooting! What’s the proper procedure to quell the violence?
  15. This isn’t something 100, 200, 500 or more can win! We need EVERYONE! And right now we are scattered out so far and thin that we cant achieve anything! Iv suggested in the past having a rally somewhere. Got almost no response! I suggested local groups get together, make a plan, and then have representatives from those local groups get together to connect., again, no response. So, how do we get everyone together, come up with a plan, and then ACT?........also, an event on the scale such an event would take to bring this country back to the path we as Americans want would without question cause a total and complete shutdown of this country. It wont happen in a day or a week. Its not something you can get up in the morning, go out, squash a few left wing libtards then go home.........and i have no intentions of going to jail so for me its win or die!

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