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  1. I just picked up the vortex 1-6 strike eagle. Has a very similar reticle to the PA accs . Very easy to use and acquisition is surprisingly easy and quick. I also have 3 vortex 4-16-44 FFP scopes on a .17HMR, a 223 DMR as well as a 308 DMR. for the $ you can’t go wrong with’em.
  2. I saw that. This has become less about myself and more about the future of my grandkids and the generations to come. In the end we will probably lose the fight ( maybe ) but its better to have tried to save what we have verses just rolling over and doing nothing. The left seems to be ready to distroy this country to get what they want, why shouldnt we ( the conservatives) be ready to do the same trying to preserve it?
  3. Now is not the time to act, but to prepare! Nothing has changed yet. Hopefully we maintain control of the senate, if thats the case we can keep a lot of his ignorance from being passed into law. There are many who feel as you do. When the time is right to act everyone will know, until then prepare prepare prepare!
  4. I stated in a previous post we need to be on the ready to defend our borders in the dems decide to dismantle the cbp. As for confiscation/registration well.........🖕🏿
  5. I didnt say it would be easy......no matter how you react to the situation it will be hard. People will suffer, people will die....on both sides. Thers no way around that, just a plain fact. Whats your freedom worth? Whats your grandchildren’s future freedoms worth? Nobody wants this. Im ex military and I will do what i feel is right morally and ethically speaking. That may well cost me everything, so be it! What i wont do is lay down and do nothing!
  6. Do what the left would do.......just shut the whole thing down! Create such a snafu that nothing can get done. Save the bullets for the blue hats. Clog hi ways, airports, sea ports. Before ya say it, yes,it would hurt a lot of people, but so would an all out shootout.
  7. On the money for sure. I use to listen to him many years ago........these days i try to catch Rush on the radio when i can. We’ve got to do something to get our moral compass back. These kids coming up today have no clue how much these govt freebies will cost them!
  8. OAN...........maybe Trump will start up a conservative network! 😎
  9. I see a lot of talk about getting folks together in a show of support. In the past I’ve suggested a few times we get together. So again I’ll suggest it. January 1st, 2021, we have a “ get together “ in Appomattox Va. in a show of support for our constitution, Trump, and our 2a rights. Appomattox seems like a fitting place for it. VA. is an open carry state so we shouldn’t have problems with arms ( provided everyone has their CCP ) I’ll stress now this should be a peaceful event, not looking to start riots. Just an opportunity to show our support for what we all know is at stake......OU
  10. I dont have any guns................but i do have a sling shot!
  11. If trump proves fraud and is re-elected the left will go out of its collective mind forcing the governors to use the national guard, thats when we will see who who stands where. The state police will be tied up protecting state’s property thus leaving it up to citizens to defend heir property, family. Id prefer not to have to fight but for the sake of my grandkids future and this country’s constitution i will not hesitate
  12. Personally i think it would look like one of the most horrible events the world may ever witness.............with that said we should organize a peaceful ( but armed ) rally ( hopefully with 10’sK ) to show our support for this country’s constitution! I would also suggest we be on the ready to protect our southern border in the event biden does get in and starts to dismantle the CPB.

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