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  1. Just another part of the liberal democratic agenda... cause trouble, reduce your protection (police) and then offer their “solutions” to fix everything. When that occurs you and I (and anyone who doesn’t support them) will be on a list as agitators the will need to be dealt with. Coming soon to the good ole USA.
  2. I agree... they are literally acting like what they are doing should have no consequences.
  3. Portland is looking like Los Angeles—especially with the homeless. I guess this is America’s future.
  4. Well it’s too be expected...if the liberals don’t bail them out —then no more buildings will get burnt down. Can’t have that!!
  5. Agree... but there is an increase of “random” attacks on white people going in these days. Now most of them are ambush type of assaults (the cowardly way)...so keep aware of your surroundings--because if you get in that situation and God forbid you defend yourself— you may be the one needing legal representation... stay safe.
  6. Well said... this is the culmination of years of planning and preparation by leftists/socialists/communists and it looks to be paying off for them. Companies are jumping on board with support and money, democrats are saying next to nothing (except that they are going to continue), and now just being white and minding your own business makes you a racist. Their whole agenda is to be out every night after night causing trouble (moving now into more conservative areas)— so expect it to kick up a notch this fall/winter.
  7. Agreed... this is how it will be from now on. I can only imagine how bad things will be 5 years from now.
  8. Agree with what you’re saying; however based on some of the posts on here it seems like a lot of people are going to just wait until it at their own front door before they do anything like fight. I understand that completely; but it doesn’t do anything for the movement as a whole. I think they will just end up picking us off one small group at a time. Time and numbers are on their side unfortunately.
  9. You do realize that there are enough veterans that will fight for the democrats and their agenda. It will be a mess no matter who wins the election because the riots, looting, burning and assaults are becoming the new normal— Folks are actually learning how to adjust their lifestyle to these idiots and their marches.
  10. So what’s the plan then? we won’t win at the ballot box; and we won’t win if we fight in the streets as we will be vastly outnumbered. So any ideas?
  11. Seriously? He will be portrayed as a “hero” trying to stop the evil white supremist/terrorist who interfered with the antifa/blm peaceful protest. You can only imagine what’s going to happen Kyle if the democrats win in November. He will most probably get federal charges with a long sentence. So sad
  12. Haven’t heard any words of wisdom recently... vacation?

    1. Carl H Bludau

      Carl H Bludau

      Well, in the post of your saying 'we can't win' I guess you have already given up!  If I would have given up in the jungle I would have died there!


      82nd Airborne Division-Vietnam

  13. I agree... but it’s not that easy for some of us to just drop everything and run off to battle it out with people in another city. I, for one, am just getting by on what I make now and that may be reduced if things don’t open up more here soon. I know it’s a lousy excuse.
  14. Good lord... that’s a new level of nasty!!! Definitely going to be able to claim justifiable homicide when someone gets shot for attacking someone Else with that.

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