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  1. Agreed— the only thing in our favor is they won’t be able to arrest/kill all of us right away. Some are bound to remain free for at least a while.
  2. Would you assist? That’s the issue I got asked.
  3. Got a peculiar question to ask here... if the Government passes laws “we” don’t like ; but they do it within the framework of the legal process that’s on the books right now— say for a moment the the assault weapons ban gets passed and the US Supreme court says it is legal under the Constitution and can be implemented— if the Governor deputized the Militia to help enforce that law and support the state in some way would not Militia personnel be obligated to help? A friend asked because he thinks that the Militia guys here will only support laws they like — not ones they don’t believe in or support. Any lawyers/legal scholars here.
  4. Agreed—. Mentioned this before about the Patriot movement. When all goes to hell and shooting starts in the streets I am all in; but for the life of me I don’t want to just be ostracized by the community I live and the job I need just for waving a sign. Just recently 2 white people were arrested for yelling “white lives matter “ to a black person— how do you think it will effect them In the job market even if they get no jail time. Yeah I know it is a b.s charge — but these are the times we live in !!!!! (for now)— until the country goes to pieces we need to walk that fine line and keep our noses clean... after that scores will need to be settled!!
  5. So true— can’t run as fast as I used too; but I can still shoot and am willing to do what’s necessary to keep our country great.
  6. I agree with what was said in the article— “IF” the far left is smart (notice the IF) ...Let’s say Biden wins and democrats take majority in both houses of Congress; they will start small at first with their socialist legislation —and If they can buy off people and get a super-majority in 2022 or by 2024 at the latest... then you will see them make major moves. IMHO—in the near future I expect to see much larger and more violent protests by which will include targeted shootings and assault of conservatives and their supporters—targeted prosecution for hate crimes and/or ethic intimidating of persons of color. So while their supporters are “peacefully protesting” you can expect the other leftists to wage a campaign of Downright terrorism which will be designed to keep us off balance and intimidated. WE are outmanned and outgunned now and the future only holds a bigger problem looming. Just my 2 cents.
  7. just breaks my heart to see the future of this country supporting groups that actively want the US government to fail and be replaced with some socialist/communist version of “shangra la”. Within 5-10 years we will probably be a third world country at best.
  8. This is the country you get when you take God and Patriotism out of the classroom. It’s been turned over to the “me-me-me” crowd. This is why communists have to force conscription to have a military and then run gulags to keep everyone in line. When you have to start arresting poets and songwriters as traitors— you got issues with stability.
  9. Agree with you on those points... after getting my ass kicked at work every day it’s hard to go to a gym. BUT I am now looking into it so I will be at least able to take care of myself in a fight.
  10. Since the liberal political elite need them out on the street — then that’s where they shall be. This b.s stopped being about police brutality a long time ago; now it’s we are going to loot and burn sh** down time.
  11. Agreed...everyone wants to appease these knuckleheads because they are “misguided”. My 2 cents on that— Don’t like the country as it is and don’t want to leave — then dirt nap time.
  12. There are no limits to how low these types of knuckleheads will go... would not surprise me if one of their supporters take it as the truth and goes out and shoots the first white person they see.
  13. Number #4 is an important issue... Antifa/blm and their supporters apparently think it’s important to be out every single night in order to get what they want— and it works a lot. Even in more conservative communities new regulations; and changes to existing laws are either in the works or gaining traction. Patriots from every organization in this country are being out fought in that respect.

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