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  1. Nice... water a few for me, please!
  2. Yes I do. My email that is used for FB is webrunner06@gmail.com

  3. Do you have a Facebook Profile???

  4. I'm sure there are lots of weapons and things that we know nothing about. Our government has been working on things for decades and then all of the companies that work on things in secret for our government. Then you multiply those by the number of countries that are capable of paying for that type of research and you have a very large number of companies and governments doing everything possible to come up with strange new ways to destroy and destruct humans and materials of every sort. I'm surprised that man has existed as long as we have!!
  5. Since there are so many fires cropping up in the west and to the South we have hurricanes larger and stronger that ever before. I am posting a couple of videos and some ideas that may cause different reactions. I am interested in your opinions and your ideas... I have been called many names in the passed few weeks because I believe some of these things are happening because of black op departments of our government. The dark socialist led Soros regime and I am sure the Rothschild have a hand in it also. Let me know what you think, but be nice... no name calling! LOL. 1. Top Physicist talks about weather manipulation. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.antinewsnetwork.com%2Ftop-scientist-admits-live-tv-recent-hurricanes-man-made%2F&h=ATPcopFlE9zA8w0oxb7ng0uVc4zd8mw9UxwZ8h3CLp-vqqAyUmKPVrDg00q7ZsD7lfmHiaEvlgMo-OeQUk4wMY7pIQb91R5Wjv7t-fBrWMf7hOV9GtRY8zSxLy3Ixj7kCytWnypLvs8oW85w29T6fYEDXia4od7eJAucBRKJmypnf-ebrBrgwjKXkKg0lf8MLtTYFOPNhjzWOnpKciicvbnCYn51UpQ5NDvVUx4t5i3CF7qxdnZyDEqGzBRj1emReGNND55Gyf-JtfLB-TQoBPVIrF9yUzRyKdTOy-o2yzGjnw 2. Evidence that won't go away -
  6. Great pic... Nice information! I hope I can blow it up big enough to read it.
  7. I checked it out, but they didn't give any idea of what gear you get in a box... I would need to know that before I'd spend my money on a mystery box. I know what I need and its more practical to buy exactly what you need and you know what you're getting.
  8. Great. I'm disabled, so I can meet whenever. If you want to give me a call, my number is 831-566-2236... When you call, if I don't answer just leave a message.. I might be at a doctors appointment. Be sure and let me know who you are... I'm pretty careful about talking to just anyone.

    1. horsemn


      Right on, I got your number now. Delete your #. I haven't been to the site here for a while. I'll call you up. My schedule can be pretty flexible. S.M. Omerta.

  9. I just bought a digital watch that charges with the sun and has a compass built in, but doing it the above way is good to.
  10. I live in Santa Cruz. I am also disabled, so for me I pretty much stay to myself also. I am still able to get around, just much slower than I used to be. My wife calls me a nut, because I am more prepared than some small armies. I practice by myself at my pace. I would love to practice in a small group... max 6 people. That is how I was trained in the Navy. I am part of the California Militia, but I can't drive to where they practice and meet... too long of a Drive. I am surrounded by Liberal socialist lefty kooks! Hence my desire to keep to myself for the most part. I will be moving as soon as the Doctors decide my body is stationary and I can settle my case and get my money! Then you might be able to find me somewhere in the mountains of Idaho or some other place!
  11. I remember those days as a kid. My managed a roadside diner. I pretty much lived there for quite a few years and lots of people knew me. I would go by and say Hi to friends that I would see maybe once or twice a month as they were going through town. Fun times!
  12. I agree! I used to use a CB and it was always chatter city, I moved on to Ham Radio, Ham is fun and can be very useful if the SHTF... for those 2 reasons I took the time to get my license. There aren't as many people yacking as in the Hay day of the CB, but you can talk to people halfway around the world. You might check it out! You can go to arrl.com and hamtestonline.com is a great place to learn the material!

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