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  1. I think the government is involved in our lives way to much. I know that the ones of us that believe in hunting to eat aren’t the ones that cause the problems. The people that kill animals for profit or those that kill just to kill ruin it for everyone else.
  2. I agree! I actually think that children shouldn’t have to pay to get a license. We have less and less children who understand where food comes from!
  3. I think we need to hault all immigration until we fix all of our own problems. To allow more people in that don’t have skills and care nothing for American values, language, history, etc... should not be here anyway!
  4. Even while we have troops and larger numbers of Border Patrol massed at certain ports, the invasion has been smart enough to side step and use unprotected areas. This has led to Oath Keepers to create 2 operations, Operation Linebacker and Operation Eagle Eyes. Both are open to all who wish to participate, but you will be vetted. I’m sure some of you already know this. We also are being used to protect personal property of land owners on the border. If you wish to volunteer, I can give you an email address. The border problem needs to be taken to the next level by President Trump and I seriously think he has been thinking about it.
  5. If that happens, my question is will the military and the American people & militia let that happen? While protecting our borders is allowed... where does it say the President is allowed to let an invasion force in?
  6. Definitely much faster! Pages load in a second, compared to taking 10 to 15.
  7. Nice... water a few for me, please!
  8. Yes I do. My email that is used for FB is webrunner06@gmail.com

  9. Do you have a Facebook Profile???

  10. I'm sure there are lots of weapons and things that we know nothing about. Our government has been working on things for decades and then all of the companies that work on things in secret for our government. Then you multiply those by the number of countries that are capable of paying for that type of research and you have a very large number of companies and governments doing everything possible to come up with strange new ways to destroy and destruct humans and materials of every sort. I'm surprised that man has existed as long as we have!!
  11. Since there are so many fires cropping up in the west and to the South we have hurricanes larger and stronger that ever before. I am posting a couple of videos and some ideas that may cause different reactions. I am interested in your opinions and your ideas... I have been called many names in the passed few weeks because I believe some of these things are happening because of black op departments of our government. The dark socialist led Soros regime and I am sure the Rothschild have a hand in it also. Let me know what you think, but be nice... no name calling! LOL. 1. Top Physicist talks about weather manipulation. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.antinewsnetwork.com%2Ftop-scientist-admits-live-tv-recent-hurricanes-man-made%2F&h=ATPcopFlE9zA8w0oxb7ng0uVc4zd8mw9UxwZ8h3CLp-vqqAyUmKPVrDg00q7ZsD7lfmHiaEvlgMo-OeQUk4wMY7pIQb91R5Wjv7t-fBrWMf7hOV9GtRY8zSxLy3Ixj7kCytWnypLvs8oW85w29T6fYEDXia4od7eJAucBRKJmypnf-ebrBrgwjKXkKg0lf8MLtTYFOPNhjzWOnpKciicvbnCYn51UpQ5NDvVUx4t5i3CF7qxdnZyDEqGzBRj1emReGNND55Gyf-JtfLB-TQoBPVIrF9yUzRyKdTOy-o2yzGjnw 2. Evidence that won't go away -

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