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  1. I had in mind something similar to Martin Luther King’s Million Man March. If the world sees 500,000 to a few million people marching on Washington the hear our grievances and to understand we will not let anyone continue to pick away at our FREEDOMS!
  2. New, GREEN new deal ads pushing no beef burgers! I just saw my 3rd or 4th plant based burger ad!!! This one is called lightlife burger... others - it’s was a burger made from Bam- F-ING- boo promoted by Gore the billionaire who said we are dead by 2012.... a child who said I’m a child so what I like is outstanding and super so you should love it to and then shows a skinny black man going ummm-mumph... so, good. And the other was a burger-queen (king) no meat burger.... I can’t stand this GREEN NEW DEAL PUSH against beef that this socialist media is pushing!!!!
  3. I know you did and I know about the rest of our country.... I was born in Pennsylvania, raised in Texas, spent many months training for the military in other states and lots of time in other places except sandy shitholes! Thanks for dealing with it, because I do not do heat well! I’m more into booms and deep water. If you know what I mean?
  4. I did, it’s not this particular video, I guess I did go off to soon about this particular one... but when you have multiple doctors in a program telling you your pain is on in your head and the stuff they make you listen to. I’m in California for now and quit the program because they wanted me to believe in Ted, that I’ve been everything.... including gay and a woman before, and that yoga and their mental wellness training is great for me... they don’t like my alpha male personality and I didn’t like their limp wrist BS either.
  5. I was in a bit before you, I didn’t have to go fight shit like you have had to do, but shit is still shit,I guess, no matter who pedals it. My exes have felt they had the right as well as my government to bend me over without lube more than I’ll admit, yet they both have more rights to me than I do! I’ve seen those in hear that believe woman should be able to do whatever and a man should just take it! I’ve been sitting at my desk in the past and my ex dead bitch would use a metal chair and hit me from behind! I guess I deserved it to believe everyone I see that says taxes and woman are allowed to fck you anytime. I’m disabled also brother, and I can’t stand that I fought for these people to be free and they want to give it up to A ONE WORLD ORDER.
  6. I don’t agree with anything, so far, that I’ve seen or heard from Ted ed... I was forced to listen to shit on their videos that doctors thought would help me with my fused back and pain.... I am glad some find solace or help from it and don’t have a brain, but for me to believe that they won’t fight for their rights also begs me to believe they have been drugged and brain washed . I have several degrees and spent many years in university settings, but I still think for myself and wonder about those that cannot!
  7. That’s great! And the ladies are nice to watch too! 🤣
  8. @ I3DI , I agree sir! I have felt that constitutionalists and conservatives would have done more already... but I still think that we will do something soon. I’ve traveled over 600 miles to go to 2A rallies and to provide protection for them also. I’ve seen more and more people showing up to support the Constitution and our rights. I believe that a lot of people will not just give up their rights and their family believes in America also.
  9. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia I've also reached out to Major Pauge in the 2nd Regiment. This mymilitia.com is actually quite resourceful in plugging me in with people around me. I know I'm in Los Angeles and you're all the way out up north but I'm trying to get it together and figure out what I got to do to get started.  plus I guess the more connections I make the more informed I'll be.

    1. Donald G. Hunter

      Donald G. Hunter

      @ Chadm84 , hi... I’ve asked a few times for a group near me, haven’t had a lot of luck.  I do know there are a few groups down near you in Orange and quite a few other areas.

    2. Chadm84


      Where in Orange? 

    3. Donald G. Hunter

      Donald G. Hunter

      I don’t remember.... I’ll have to see if I can get ahold of someone and they can talk to you about everything... I’m not promising anything, but I’ll try.

  10. Yeah, I agree that he hasn’t been what I wanted, but who is that is running or in office?? No one that’s a true constitutionalist is going to run... no of us feel like we will be elected or you’d see one ☝️ of us running for office!!
  11. I noticed they blame PBY & III% first and antifa is like the back story. Saying PBY & III% are far right terrorists and don’t say anything about the weaponized antifa!
  12. Where do you get your information? Every speech I hear is supports the 2nd and looking at mental health instead of taking weapons.
  13. I want to go! I’m in Santa Cruz area if anyone can give me a lift.... I have a hard time driving that far because of surgery on my back.

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