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  1. I guess I should have put "not part" of the deep state...actually honest typo, but now funny that I read it and see your reply!
  2. This is exactly right...and what a shame it cannot be discussed
  3. As long as you promise that you are part of the Deep State!!! LOL
  4. But unless medical care is needed, put me on the front line. The more we stand together, the stronger we are.
  5. MD Patriot here, in Franklin/Brentwood. Put me down for the medical unit.
  6. I sure hope we have a lot of you guys behind us when the shit hits the fan. You are exactly who we need. I don't know about the majority, but I would guess that most of us do not have that kind of experience...or any military experience for that matter. But we love our country and our constitution. We will fight when the time comes.
  7. MD Patriot checking in near Nashville TN. There seem to be a good number of central TN patriots on here, that I think we could put together a pretty effective fighting force if need be. The question is, how do we organize so we can communicate quickly and effectively. Look at Antifa all over the country. Of course they have big time backing from Soros et al, but they can put together a mob/riot/looters/anarchists in very short notice. We have to be able to do the same.
  8. Hi Doug, I understand. But the problem with saying that right now the fight is a political one, is that firstly, having a bunch of militias go out and ask everyone to vote Trump may be counter productive. I think most people already know who they are going to vote for. Second, politics are corrupt. Elections can be stolen. Democrats have no qualms about ballot harvesting, busing in illegals to vote, having dead people vote, lying, cheating or stealing to win an election. The end ALWAYS justifies the means with them. We cannot depend on politics when the machine is owned by your opponent. Trump should win in a landslide in a fair election. But if it goes the other way through mail-in ballots, the time to ready ourselves is now, not November. We must protect voting stations first and foremost. And that is something that every patriot minded person can do, since it is local to them, and only one day. It would also act as a sort of "meet and greet" for patriots in each local area. Phone numbers/emails can be exchanged while standing around which will lead to communications and thus, organization. And we need a leader. My opinion is that we need a National militia that is then comprised of the state and local militias. This would make communication a snap and we would have a head start on a coordinated strategy if things go bad.
  9. I have to agree Paul. The common man IS looking for someone to step forward and be a leader. Everyone on here, albeit the trolls, would like to do something but like you say, don't want to go it alone...cancel culture being a big reason. To be effective we need to have a strong organization. A strong organization requires a strong leader with a clear head and a patient temperament, but also knows when it's Go Time. I wasn't hoping the Cortez would get beat in NYC, but she just won by a landslide in the primary. That's not a good sign.
  10. I finally had a moment to read through this entire thread, and it makes me grateful to have guys like you Razor and like you Doug on this site and well aware of what is truly going on. Doug, this is the second time we have connected, and I must say, you are spot on with your analysis and plan for what needs to happen to save our country. My big fear right now is not the riots or looters...it is the upcoming election. The Ds along with their allies the news media, BLM and the fascist Anti-Fa will stop at absolutely nothing to steal this election. By whatever means necessary. Keeping the polls open and intimidation-free should be where we channel our efforts right now, in my opinion. If they manage to harvest ballots, claim voter suppression all the while suppressing OUR vote, Trump could lose, and then it is a whole different world we live in. BTW Doug, we talked a bit about roles that could be played, but what you mention above is something that may be necessary at some point and should be the mild-mannered, older Clark Kent type that would be above reproach with a profession such as an accountant or doctor with no military background at all.
  11. I don't get it. There is nothing wrong with being white, and there is nothing wrong with being a nationalist. The color white, you are born with, can't help that. Being a nationalist is supposed to mean you simply love your country and want to put the USA first in all things. Why does that always get equated to being a Neo-nazi? Did they say they were supporters of the Nazi philosophy? And as always, there is no push-back. Everyone scared to death of being called racist or subjected to the cancel culture. And while constructing an unregistered machine gun is illegal, it still means nothing more than they, if true, broke a federal law. I'll only believe someone to be a Nazi is they say it through their own words or waiving flags that identify them as such.
  12. Thanks! Joined 615 but don't see much activity yet. I truly hope someone out there is working on a way for us all to communicate as one. Without organization and communication our efforts, is ever needed, may fall short.
  13. Hi all, new to all of this. Have meant to join a militia for some time, but current events means the time is now. I fear for my country and cannot sit idly by. I am a medical doctor by training with ER experience many years ago. My dad taught me to shoot at 8 years old with a single shot .22. In the many years since, I have accumulated a nice collection thinking I would never have to really use it. How sad it is that I see the need to get everything out, clean and oil them up. Never thought I would see the day, but it may well be that it is 1776 all over again. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. Ok, now I've joined MyMilitia, what do I do next. I have figured out that this is a site not for just one militia but a meeting place for all militias. So I need to find a local militia to actually join correct? Anyone out there near Franklin, TN or Brentwood? I have no military experience, but that does not diminish my love for this country and constitution. Doc
  14. MD Patriot

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