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  1. I have no idea how it is now, but when I was active duty USMC (86-92) we PT'd every Mon/Wed/Fri and cleaned weapons every Thurs EVERY WEEK! The Friday PT would be a Battalion hump once a month.
  2. I am up for that. Anyone in Raleigh Co want to meet and greet?
  3. During the Vietnam War, the CIA conducted a counter-insurgency program called the Phoenix Program using US Special Forces and other resources. The idea was to target Viet Cong leadership within South Vietnam in order to hamper guerrilla operations against US and Allied forces. as I watch these ANTIFA/BLM interviews on tv, where their leadership is openly calling for violence and destruction within the US I think of things like this.
  4. Anyone who agreed with my original post here should look up the definitions of "total war" and "Fabian strategy" and study them.
  5. Agreed. There may well be a time for offensive operations, but if a group isn't properly prepared or trained, they have no hope of real or lasting success. My original post was intended to spur peoples thoughts into the direction of having a well prepared organization. If you have no defense, you will eventually have no offense.
  6. I may be way off here, but I really don't think so. In my opinion our groups should not be focused on any kind of offensive operations or anything like that at this point. To many have a glorified view of making a big stand and being a low rent version of Rambo. I think any group should be focused on preps and organization with dividing up responsibilities so that no one individual has to bear the burden of breaking the bank to be ready. I personally feel that instead of trying to organize as an Infantry group, we would be better served to organize as a logistics group first. Identify group members skill sets and assign duties based on the needs. The best way to do this is like a HQ company in Army/USMC. Have an S-1(Admin), S-2(Intel/Comms) S-3 (Training) S-4 (Supply/Transportation) with sub units under each to plan, train, stock, and deploy only when the situation calls for it for safety. Develop plans with an assembly area, where everyone knows to go in a SHTF situation where comms may be down. Strength in numbers. Practice moving as a unit with defensive perimeter security, whether on foot or mobile/mechanized. Eat meals in shifts so that you always have 360 degree security when stopped. Train for noise and light discipline. Blend in. Know the difference between cover and concealment. How will you transport essential supplies if needed? Military doctrine says never to assault a fortified position unless you have a minimum of 3 to 1 advantage in numbers, so choose wisely. A well thought out defensive perimeter will have the advantages of high ground, observation, fortifications (fixed or mobile), interlocking fields of fire, pre-cleared lanes of fire, interior lines for faster reinforcement at a point of attack, etc. Make it difficult and costly for a mob to overtake you and they will most likely pass you by for softer targets. IF offensive operations, for defensive purposes, such as patrolling an area for intel or to disrupt an opposing force organizing against your group, or even setting up ambushes, become necessary, there is plenty of time for that type of thinking later. Plan the work and work the plan. These are just my opinions, and there is a lot more I could say, but basically, be defensive minded and reality based.
  7. Austin Stanley, I see you last posted in March. Any progress developing a reliable group? I am in Beckley.
  8. Preston Brooks

    Preston Brooks

  9. Beckley, WV USMC vet and VA DOC Strike Force (Western Region) US DCJS certified in riot control tactics, weapons, and restraints. Looking for like minded individuals in Raleigh Co to join or help create a group.
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