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  2. Well done! in addition before committing to any events Remove your fingerprint/facial recognition unlock feature on your phone.
  3. Antifa and BLM have taken over a small area of a couple blocks in Seattlea day ago and are announcing it as "Free Capitol Hill" or the "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone - CHAZ". There are solid barricades on the road with "you are now leaving the USA signs" and the nearby buildings have been claimed as property of CHAZ. Local business owners have been strong armed into giving them money. The Industrial Workers of the World and The Communist Party of USA (yes really) have expressed official support. As you may expect this will be quite the show. CHAZ demands: https://medium.com/@seattleblmanon3/the-demands-of-the-collective-black-voices-at-free-capitol-hill-to-the-government-of-seattle-ddaee51d3e47 Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitol_Hill_Autonomous_Zone
  4. If you didn't already know...it is 100% legal to build your own gun at home. It has been legal since the founding of our country. There are rules and laws to follow depending on where you live but it is 100% legal in the USA.
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