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  1. I’m looking for a change I’m tired of the great big bulky wallet that I have. (Tri-fold style) I was looking at the grip six wallets but still hesitant because they’re 70 something dollars and sometimes I carry quite a bit of cash. (A bunch of one's, no I’m not leaving the strip club, lol) https://grip6.com/collections/top-sellers/products/wallet-builder?variant=32484502962250 So if you would chime in here please and tell me what you use and share a link if you can. Thanks in advance
  2. And at this point with the elections being rigged there may never be turning back point to fair honest elections. But other than that it’s a good plan.
  3. Please do not go to the capital this weekend! It is nothing but a trap and it will accomplish nothing! The legislators aren’t even in the building! I’ve already spoke to a couple other COs and they stated they and their team are not going and I applaud them and their team for making the right decision! https://redstate.com/streiff/2021/01/13/fbi-armed-protesters-inauguration-day-n309221 Sully
  4. I would actually like to observe that he did a great job of showing the American people how deep the swamp is and what he was up against and for the most part brought us together. There is no way we can rely on just one person to correct years worth of attacks and changes against this country. Hopefully many folks sitting on their hands see what’s happening in this country and be more active in local and state government levels. (Even though it’s probably rigged at this point to be honest)
  5. Checking in while I still can on this website, before they try to take it down. I wish more people in the state would come together and get on the same level and be prepared for what’s about to take place.
  6. I shared this on another post I’ll bring it over here as well. This is not my quote, this is just a quote I saw on YouTube yesterday however this person is spot on.
  7. I saw this comment on YouTube yesterday and it hit the spot so I thought I’d share.
  8. The problem is the election system is rigged! We are done for! There will never be a fair election moving forward! Period! They (the left) cheated right in front of our eyes and everyone knows it!

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