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  1. Ramer, TN. Checking in, Good morning Patriots be smart, be vigilant.
  2. Good Morning Patriots. Southwest Tennessee (Ramer, McNairy county) checking in. Family business is concluded and I am back in the fight. Anyone looking to join the fray feel free to contact me.
  3. Good morning Patriots, The nation is in turmoil, just a reminder to stay safe and stay armed and play it smart.
  4. Good Morning Patriots Ramer, TN checking in!
  5. Good morning, Ramer, Tn checking in. Oorah Patriots! Oorah!
  6. JAC we will be having another meeting on the first of next month if you are interested, let me know and I can shoot you the details
  7. Rick what part of the state are you from?
  8. Good Morning and Happy Independence day Patriots Corporal 19th Infantry, 1st Division, B Co. West Tennessee. Checking In.
  9. Welcome to the Fray brother.

  10. Thankyou Raptor, that has been suggested but my local shop isnt exactly local for some of the others. Between those that have shown interest we are looking at roughly an hour drive for everyone to meet if we find one somewhat central.
  11. Thankyou Gentlemen, hopefully tomorrow goes well and we can find a good location for our first meetup, any suggestions are welcome.
  12. Much appreciated Raptor, it feels as if its a slow go but there is definite enthusiasm amongst those I've spoken with but once this ball is rolling I'm sure the momentum will be a force to be reckoned with.
  13. Good morning, Thankyou Capt. Its an honor to receive this promotion. Corp.19th TN. Infantry, 1st Div. B Co. checking in. For those in the area interested trying to set a meet and greet up tomorrow on our Independence Day. What better time to discuss our ideals than the birthday of our great nation.

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